Everything GREAT About WandaVision! (Episodes 4-6)


  1. Ugle Beffus

    Ugle Beffus

    6 timer siden

    Can we talk about how good Asif Ali's acting is? Good god, I don't think I've ever seen someone go from those levels of sheer terror to unnervingly blissful comic relief like that in my LIFE. Literal chills down my spine every time I watch that scene.

  2. JaRyCu


    Dag siden

    I can't argue against the all of the "Malcolm in the Middle" references, but for me I saw more of "The Middle" in it. Maybe because I was a bigger fan of that show? Either way, it was still awesome.

  3. Lorena Martienez

    Lorena Martienez

    3 dager siden

    YES! THATS WHY I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL. The fact you mention most of hollywood doesn't qualify or even try to deal with black hair and you let it be known is incredible. Most people will straighten it or put a wig (which isnt necessarily bad cause protective styling) is frustrating. You sir are invited to the cookout. You can come.

  4. Megan Hinkle

    Megan Hinkle

    3 dager siden

    14:36 double trouble

  5. Past Life

    Past Life

    4 dager siden

    Maybe Wanda skips the 90s because she’s not as familiar with sitcoms from that time. If we assume her parents died in the late 80s then her and Pietro wouldn’t have really had time to sit back and watch Friends when they were struggling to survive as two orphaned kids in a war-torn Eastern European country. Only when she’s grown up a bit in the 2000s can she go back to watching sitcoms more regularly. Also, if Sokovia is analogous to a former Communist country like Yugoslavia, then perhaps the 90s wouldn’t be the best decade for her to remember…

  6. Mattias Roelofs

    Mattias Roelofs

    6 dager siden

    09:53 happy dom toretto noises

  7. Katie Bearne

    Katie Bearne

    8 dager siden

    Hi can you please do a video about inside by Bo burnham

  8. Natty gacha

    Natty gacha

    13 dager siden

    Who else gets kinda triggered when the guy calls vision "the vision". HES NOT A THING/ROBOT/OBJECT!! (I know technically he is and that's his name and all but still)

  9. the infant metroid

    the infant metroid

    14 dager siden

    I didnt watch the show so I dont know up to what point this was acknowledged but I love how everybody was dressed up as a cliché version of themselves? More or less? Wanda was the classic Scarlet Witch, Vision the classic Vision, hell Agnes dressed up as a witch. foreshadowing!

  10. Jack Traynor

    Jack Traynor

    19 dager siden

    Make a video about Prince of Egypt!

  11. Swaggy Potato

    Swaggy Potato

    21 dag siden

    15:28 I thought he said 69 lol

  12. juanita dark

    juanita dark

    24 dager siden

    2000s theme song sounds like L7?

  13. Shinobu Kocho

    Shinobu Kocho

    25 dager siden

    What if Wanda just made a mini hex surrounding vision by like only a little bit. Then, vision would survive anywhere and Wanda would be fine :)

  14. Karen Page

    Karen Page

    25 dager siden

    15:24 Someone went out for Halloween as Johnny Lawrence.



    26 dager siden

    As a guy who has seen to much Boundary Break, when I saw the looping people on the edge of town, it reminded me of how games render NPCs. NPCs near the main characters are rendered fully and have much attention and detail, but when you start leaving the area you are supposed to remain in, you start finding the characters movements and appearance are less detailed and more robotic or simply just looped Animations. Then in the furthest edge of the map they are basically just cardboard cutouts. Also the kids were stored away like games do ready for their cutscene. Imagine how funny it would be if those kids were just stored in T-poses. Anyways, genius writing by unintentionaly comparing Wanda to a games animator.

  16. Andy Hernandez

    Andy Hernandez

    Måned siden

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  17. ScottWasHere


    Måned siden

    Anytime I watch one scene from endgame I get distracted and end up watching the whole movie

  18. Lissy Andrea

    Lissy Andrea

    Måned siden

    I just realized that Wanda is looking at Monica when she says "I have what I want and no one will ever take from me" but when she says "again" she looks at Hayward referring what we see in episode 8, Hayward didn't let Wanda take Vision to bury him (maybe is kinda obvious but I just wanna put it out there)

  19. Margaret Brooks

    Margaret Brooks

    Måned siden

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    Måned siden

    Do The Princess Bride!

  21. Christoph Hermann

    Christoph Hermann

    Måned siden

    In the Making of Wand Vision they told that the casting of X men Quicksilver was deliberate to make the audience just as confused as Wand is . Any other actor and we would have known it is not Pietro . with that actor we though it could be Pietro. just as Wanda was thinking. so that should defiantly get an W

  22. JoyFlameball


    Måned siden

    Darcy called the car a clown car. S.W.O.R.D. was turned into a carnival when they entered the hex.

  23. Team Jas

    Team Jas

    Måned siden

    I wanted you to do this soooo bad

  24. Samia I

    Samia I

    Måned siden

    Also it should be stated: Wanda, Pietro, Billy, and Tommy are Romani Jewish. The first 2 have been so ever since they were introduced and the latter 2 are her children. The MCU whitewashed them all

  25. DefNot Lesi

    DefNot Lesi

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  26. Cyberjack Παλ

    Cyberjack Παλ

    Måned siden

    My friend who just saw episodes 5 and 6 so we can see this vid together:😊😊 CinemaWins: So Agness is Agatha Hark ess and thats how Wanda became the Scarlet witch!!

  27. Hi Im EOIN !

    Hi Im EOIN !

    Måned siden

    I just wanted/still want Aaron Taylor Johnson back as Quicksilver

  28. GeissRoyal15


    Måned siden

    Can we talk about just how gahtdamn gorgeous Teyonah Parris is? Cuz good LORD.

  29. Eastman Webb

    Eastman Webb

    Måned siden

    "A rare occasion where fetch happened." That was great.

  30. KayKayW 34

    KayKayW 34

    Måned siden

    The fact that he knew the fact about the twist out 🥲 , I love this guy

  31. lastudentessa


    Måned siden

    Thank you for the win for Teyonah's hair team! Hope this example becomes the industry norm.

  32. lastudentessa


    Måned siden

    The "Kickass" line wasn't in the script. It was an improvisation/ad-lib created by Elizabeth on set. Only she can say if it's actually a reference to the movie, because the director seemed unaware of the connection. He just liked it and so kept it in the final cut.

  33. brandi3981


    Måned siden

    first of all wanda didn't STEAL her husband's body it didn't belong to them tony and bruce created it & she basically took custody when she fell in love with him SWORD stole his body

  34. NonsensicalVids


    Måned siden

    3:57 voodoo chile

  35. Chris Foster

    Chris Foster

    Måned siden

    I loved WandaVision. Although, I’m not 100% with Wanda having her native power enhanced. I guess it was a retcon, but it just raised the origin question for me. Still this was amazingly good, but…..can/should this be part of my superhero movie collection?! Is this considered a long movie? Eurgh….Marvel problems!

  36. Alex Davey

    Alex Davey

    Måned siden

    Exactly my thoughts on Quicksilver... a weird time to drop the ball on knowing their audience

  37. carlos rivas

    carlos rivas

    Måned siden

    Most people think captain Marvel is Rey as in mary sue, when Captain Danvers spent time in the USAF Academy, undergraduate pilot training and more than likely had to fought to get any air time with a fighter jet in a world not quite ready to let women do it. she unlike Rey had a bit more training and oh yeah, six years or more with a race of space Nazis who are good at the killing part.

  38. luckyluckyNo1love


    Måned siden

    If your going to start doing streaming series as well as movies, please may i recommend a series called Sense8! Trust me! It's absolutely amazing and kind of short since there's only 2 seasons. And frankly I would love to hear your opinions on it.

  39. Aleigha McKenzie

    Aleigha McKenzie

    Måned siden

    Why haven't you done the last ones???????

  40. a luminescent mushroom

    a luminescent mushroom

    Måned siden

    After the last episodes of wandavision it would be great to see The Falcon And The Winter Soldier video's!

  41. Christopher Souza

    Christopher Souza

    Måned siden

    Am I the only one who sees a parallel between Hayward & former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover?

  42. Lily


    Måned siden

    they really fumbled the what could have been THE BIGGEST CROSSOVER EVER

  43. Track Back

    Track Back

    Måned siden

    Gvk please

  44. Mikestion


    Måned siden

    can't wait for the final 3 episodes.

  45. PS3 Controller

    PS3 Controller

    Måned siden

    When I first watched episode 6, I thought that she turned S.W.O.R.D. agents into clowns as an insult

  46. henry hernandeez

    henry hernandeez

    Måned siden


  47. Evan Wiskerchen

    Evan Wiskerchen

    Måned siden

    The word of the week lol

  48. Zui Chiang

    Zui Chiang

    Måned siden

    so well done - where is Ep 7-9?

  49. Yannie Martin

    Yannie Martin

    Måned siden

    Cinema wins just you knowing what a twist out is, makes me very happy. 🥺

    • SiaLater


      Måned siden

      girl same

  50. CrunchyTomato 20

    CrunchyTomato 20

    2 måneder siden

    i watched it with my brother yesterday and had many questions like “what is going on with this show” “why is there a beekeeper?” and “why is there a toy helicopter in the 60s” and episode 4 basically told me “well if you would be quiet and patient we will tell you” 🤣

  51. sakura


    2 måneder siden

    vision may have had a fake mind stone but even he knew agnes was suspicious

    • sakura


      2 måneder siden

      also i am glad that the quicksilver that i do favor returns, i can tell cause of his hair but also he was technically the other quicksilver

  52. Mr Reese Rideout

    Mr Reese Rideout

    2 måneder siden

    I enjoy these; you do a good job. Eps 7-9?

  53. JustAPrayer


    2 måneder siden

    I love how Vision has never been completely under Wanda’s control. It’s a sign of how much she loves him. She could easily make him look like a human full time or get rid of his robot personality entirely to help them fit in, but instead she encourages him to be himself as much as possible (like that lovely scene where she asks him to meet his kids in his real form). She could also mind wipe him every time he gets suspicious but she never does even though it’s the obvious solution. When she can’t avoid his suspicions anymore and they argue and he vents instead of doing the obvious and erasing his memory she tries to talk her way out of it and you can see her almost break her masquerade and just tell him the truth before Quicksilver showed up and distracted them both. Or in the Halloween episode, he practically tells her point blank that he’s going to patrol the town to see what’s really going on, and it clearly irritates her but she lets him do it. So many issues could be avoided if she controlled him the way she controls everyone else but she loves him to much to do that.

  54. ryan kelly

    ryan kelly

    2 måneder siden

    7 to 8 pleas

  55. Max Dahlquist

    Max Dahlquist

    2 måneder siden

    Can you do Logan Lucky?

  56. Jaxon


    2 måneder siden

    It’s been confirmed that the commercials were actually dr strange trying to “wake up” Wanda because even he didn’t know Wanda was doing it

  57. Kyle McCormack

    Kyle McCormack

    2 måneder siden

    Do part threeeeeee

  58. 3Rayfire


    2 måneder siden

    You know Billy, Tommy, Fox Pietro, and even Zemo all kind of look alike. I guess it's a Sokovian thing.

  59. Furry Fox

    Furry Fox

    2 måneder siden

    Soooo, CinemaWins is saying that there’s NOT gonna be a multiverse?

  60. Lotie The Bunny

    Lotie The Bunny

    2 måneder siden

    Gosh Love it

  61. Trey Kennedy

    Trey Kennedy

    2 måneder siden

    Can u do Hellboy 2

  62. DelusionalDarcy


    2 måneder siden

    CinemaWins mentioning twist-out is a Mega Win for this curly girl.

  63. Anthony Flames

    Anthony Flames

    2 måneder siden

    So since you are doing WandaVision, does that mean we might get an EGA about the new superhero show Invincible on Amazon Prime?

  64. Ely Esses

    Ely Esses

    2 måneder siden

    at 17:33 you say he should fall to pieces but that's not the real vision body. The broken pieces were remade into white vision and Hex vision is being pulled back because he can't exist outside of the hex.

  65. Ely Esses

    Ely Esses

    2 måneder siden

    No win off for Wanda knowingly enslaving thousands of people?

  66. Damien Stitchman

    Damien Stitchman

    2 måneder siden

    I'd love to see you do EGA Breaking Bad if you plan to continue doing videos about shows, maybe Netflix's Daredevil as well

  67. skull Squad

    skull Squad

    2 måneder siden

    I thought the ad in 10:25 was real

  68. Kyle McCormack

    Kyle McCormack

    2 måneder siden

    *poke poke* Do Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

  69. BevBeverage


    2 måneder siden

    Hi please do the book of life!!

  70. ARandomPerson


    2 måneder siden

    I know some people find Darcy annoying but I don't mind her. Tho Jimmys probably my favorite character from the series next to Agatha.

  71. Marshal martens

    Marshal martens

    2 måneder siden

    kat denning is sooo fucking cute in this

  72. Karen Page

    Karen Page

    2 måneder siden

    If you think about it, there's a few reasons why there's no 1990s themed sitcom episode, and we jump straight from the 1980s to the 2000s. For starters, the defining sitcoms of the 1990s, like Friends and Seinfeld, were about adults in their mid-twenties to early 30s who hung out at bars and coffee shops. Those don't fit the family-oriented fantasy Wanda is recreating here. Not to mention, most of the big 1990s sitcoms like Full House, Seinfeld, Family Matters and Roseanne actually made their debuts in the late 1980s, the most notable exception being Home Improvement, which was too male-centric for Wanda's tastes. Also, Wanda probably was trying to avoid the decade that included memories of her parents' deaths in 1999 and the civil war being fought in Sokovia.

  73. Audiophile_27 Plays

    Audiophile_27 Plays

    2 måneder siden

    Supposedly, the commercials were put in by Dr strange in hopes of breaking Wanda's her. Forcing her to acknowledge her grief

  74. The Warman

    The Warman

    2 måneder siden

    It’s not fast guy movie, it’s superhero family movie and twins movie

  75. Michael Stoyles

    Michael Stoyles

    2 måneder siden

    I really liked this series and the falcon and winter soldier, there like 6- 8 hour movies

  76. Death


    2 måneder siden

    I have a feeling the talk of wether Scarlet Witch or Captain Marvel could’ve beat Thanos was written for the fans

  77. dobrisomething


    2 måneder siden

    Whats sexist and racist about "sassy best friend" comment? Its a sitcom staple cliche right?

  78. SakuraStallion


    2 måneder siden

    Video 9 of asking for "Everything GREAT About Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron"

  79. Ramen of drakons

    Ramen of drakons

    2 måneder siden

    These are the best episodes of wandavision other then 9

  80. Andrew Dembouski

    Andrew Dembouski

    2 måneder siden

    You didn’t win her accent coming back when she threatened SWORD outside the Hex??

  81. The Animation Fan

    The Animation Fan

    2 måneder siden

    I am so glad I discovered this channel 😊

  82. קובי אברהם

    קובי אברהם

    2 måneder siden

    because im from israel and israel doesnt support disny plus i couldnt watch wanda vision but one of my friends downloaded for me the episodes and three days ago ive finnished the series

  83. MrSofly2010


    2 måneder siden

    I’m glad you took a point off for the Pietro nonsense. Even the closed captions says pietro from the Xmen films. Why do this?

  84. Tom Whitworth

    Tom Whitworth

    2 måneder siden

    Please do Zack Snyder's Justice League

  85. Fetishonyoutube


    2 måneder siden

    1:24 After 5 yrs of training on earth or in the soul world, he finally did it.

  86. The Illusionist

    The Illusionist

    2 måneder siden

    Spoilers for the finale I also saw the Yo-Magic commercial as foreshadowing. Agatha tried to -snack on- steal Wanda's magic, but she couldn't, and was withered and decayed as a result - even if not to the point of death.

  87. Whitty


    2 måneder siden

    Can you do everything great about mitchels vs the machines

  88. MRbossman1982


    2 måneder siden

    Great show this way. Very happy they made it I am 💐🙏🏾🧘🏽‍♂️❤️

  89. heather wills

    heather wills

    2 måneder siden

    I know so many people are upset that casting Evan Peters feels like a bait and switch, but in my opinion, it's an amazing meta element to get the viewer to believe what Wanda believes. It's pointed out in the reveal that he doesn't even look like her brother but Wanda wanted it so bad that she bought it. By casting Evan Peters, who played Quicksilver in the Fox movies, we, as the viewers, bought it too. We wanted it so bad that by merely casting that actor, the viewers came up with explanations on how Evan Peters is the REAL Quicksilver and feel the same disappointment when it turns out he isn't.

  90. J'onn J'onzz

    J'onn J'onzz

    2 måneder siden

    As a Black person. Thanks for the hair&make up employment issue!

  91. TNT Rogue

    TNT Rogue

    2 måneder siden

    4:46 Bottem text

  92. Magnus Prime

    Magnus Prime

    2 måneder siden

    I feel like holding the lack of a 90s sitcom episode against Wandavision is kind of unfair. After all, it was very specifically targeting domestic family sitcoms, and the 90s weren’t exactly big on those. In the 2000s you at least had Malcolm in the Middle, but the 90s were dominated by Seinfeld and Friends. Sitcoms about families just weren’t popular at the time. The only exception I can think of is Fresh Prince, and that one obviously wasn’t going to work for Wandavision.

  93. Dylan Tijerina

    Dylan Tijerina

    2 måneder siden

    You have to do daredevil please 🙏🏾

  94. Nichole Evans

    Nichole Evans

    2 måneder siden

    I love your addressing her fantastic twist outs and her amazing team of stylists worked with her!

  95. Sam Maley

    Sam Maley

    2 måneder siden

    Please do everything great about hunt for the wilder people

  96. Mr. HoneyComb

    Mr. HoneyComb

    2 måneder siden

    No mention of the Back To The Future town square?

  97. Nabil Ahmad

    Nabil Ahmad

    2 måneder siden

    He should do the show invincible but I'm not sure he will do it

  98. Sofastsam


    2 måneder siden

    Cinema wins should do a video on Earth to Echo

  99. artman2oo3


    2 måneder siden

    At first the whole skipping the 90’s thing bothered me, too. But then I realized maybe they just combined the 80’s and 90’s. Many sitcoms that started in the 80’s weren’t cancelled until the early-mid 90’s. Like “Growing Pains” and “Full House” just for two examples.

  100. MerlinandMurdoch 783

    MerlinandMurdoch 783

    2 måneder siden

    Do the peanuts movie next