Everything GREAT About WandaVision! (Episodes 1-3)

WandaVision! Trying a thing. You look me in the eye tell me this isn't cinema. Or whatever, who cares, you wanted it, here it is. Here's everything right with the first 3 episodes of WandaVision! Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience, Don't Touch That Dial, and Now in Color!

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  1. Alina W.

    Alina W.

    6 timer siden

    I love you so much for the Buffy reference 🥰

  2. Theodore Harvey

    Theodore Harvey

    Dag siden

    R.I.P. Anya

  3. Starlight Melody

    Starlight Melody

    2 dager siden

    5:52-6:04 Also 90% of the time, you’re always going to get the answer, “We’re just not ready for kids yet”.

  4. Simudzo Chitondo

    Simudzo Chitondo

    4 dager siden


  5. Angel McGarvey

    Angel McGarvey

    4 dager siden

    I've been watching reviews and stuff just waiting for someone to bring up Anya! Thank you!

  6. Future rapper Mimicry Z

    Future rapper Mimicry Z

    4 dager siden

    That little helmet I think was galactice I don’t know how to spell it

  7. Carole Daigle

    Carole Daigle

    5 dager siden

    Fun Fact: My student teacher Marrine Yoshida sister plays Bev or as I like to call her Horse Lady in WandaVision.

  8. DemonAlchemist


    6 dager siden

    Really hope you do Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki as well.

  9. Katie Bearne

    Katie Bearne

    8 dager siden

    Hi can you please do a video about inside by Bo burnham

  10. MrTheCamel


    11 dager siden

    I think Herman and Lilly Munster shared a bed first....

  11. Infinivoid Gaming

    Infinivoid Gaming

    12 dager siden

    I like how disney+ creates these shows to allow some of our favorite side characters in previous marvel movies to get more screentime considering all they did was to help propel the plot forward but here they are allowed to improve their own characters and allow us to learn more about them and love them more.

  12. what


    13 dager siden

    I would love a video on Infinity Train. That show has so many great details.

  13. Kiki C

    Kiki C

    17 dager siden

    Totally not disagreeing about Darcy, but I’d humbly like to add Jimmy Wu and tell you that I think they’re tied for the spot :D Tbh, there are probably other characters that I’m forgetting who are just as totally awesome lol But your knee jerk reaction was Darcy, and my knee jerk reaction was to agree, but add Jimmy Wu lol. So I think we’re on the same page :D

    • Kiki C

      Kiki C

      17 dager siden

      Oooh! I remembered one!! Luis!!!!

  14. Sóley Alexandra Valbergsdóttir

    Sóley Alexandra Valbergsdóttir

    17 dager siden

    Two great tv shows to win would be Merlin (it's old, but I like it) and Brooklyn nine-nine

  15. P Hearn

    P Hearn

    20 dager siden

    You need to give us the lowdown of when best to watch these. Started watching after having seen only these episodes and realised quickly youd be full of spoilers for the whole series. As such not coming back to this until i have seen the series in full

  16. KathrynAnne


    20 dager siden

    Ugh I want to go back to watching this show for the first time

  17. massis cool

    massis cool

    22 dager siden

    Hey cinema wins can you do astro boy the animated movie please uts a throw back for me

  18. Brittany Legg

    Brittany Legg

    26 dager siden

    So glad you brought in a Buffy reference! Thank you! Anya is a stellar character

  19. YoshiBob


    26 dager siden


  20. CompactWood


    27 dager siden

    episode 2 intro is interesting, black panther's purple blast PLUS a foreshadowing of the color of Agnes's power color as well.

  21. Jess Birnie

    Jess Birnie

    27 dager siden

    15:39 I will finish it for you CRIB AS... damn you wanda

  22. Ana Lucia Flier, van der

    Ana Lucia Flier, van der

    Måned siden

    can you make a video about wish dragon?

  23. Khodexus


    Måned siden

    I don't know if you made this before the last episodes streamed. But technically they did NOT steal the house.

  24. Part Stupid

    Part Stupid

    Måned siden

    They own the land and the house that is on it is made from whole cloth with the Hex. So they did not steal that house... but she did steal the town.

  25. Kelsey Jordan

    Kelsey Jordan

    Måned siden

    Do "Rango" 2011 it's a great animated film pretty please

  26. Cynthia Silcott

    Cynthia Silcott

    Måned siden

    Episode 2's " Wandavision, Wa-Wanda-VISION" song is almost always playing in my head still today. If it isnt that, it's "it was Agatha all alonnnnnggg"

  27. Jordi Vanderwaal

    Jordi Vanderwaal

    Måned siden

    I was enjoying this a lot already, and then you slipped a Buffy The Vampire Slayer reference. Well let's just say I'm loving this a lot more now. And yes, everytime I see Emma Caulfield playing some role, I think of Anya.

  28. benji ashido

    benji ashido

    Måned siden

    Teyonah parris is always a win Paul Bettany is always a win Elizabeth Olsen is always a win Kathryn Hahn is always a win

  29. Sofiya Sharova

    Sofiya Sharova

    Måned siden

    I feel like Wanda is a victim turned unintentional villian

  30. Kelum Don

    Kelum Don

    Måned siden


  31. Wyatt Villalobos

    Wyatt Villalobos

    Måned siden

    watching this because i dont know anything about marvel and its too late for me now. wish me luck!

  32. Infinity


    Måned siden

    8:50 I feel like that's Galactius? The guy that eats planets?

  33. ν fσя νιяgιl

    ν fσя νιяgιl

    Måned siden

    Fun fact... well dark fact actually- at 8:49, that's not Magnito's helmet... It's Reaper's. In the 1995 miniseries The Last Avengers Story (comic), William Maximoff, the son of the Vision and Scarlet Witch, grew up to be known as the Grim Reaper. He allied with Kang and Ultron against the Avengers. He used magic and had a scythe. The Grim Reaper is a key player in Tom King's comic book run on Vision, which WandaVision is partially inspired by. The comic book storyline follows Vision with his own robotic family, as they try to adapt to living a suburban lifestyle. He had a wife named Virginia,a son named Vin, and a daughter named Viv Vision who later on became an established hero beside Miles Morales, Nova, Ironheart, and Miss Marvel. So yeah, reference to a not-so-happy story in the comics ^^ edit; didn't think dude already knew about the reference and wrote this impulsively-

  34. Lock ness

    Lock ness

    Måned siden

    I seriously absolutely and totally LOVE this show. I think it may just be one of my favorite shows of all time. The composition of themes of trauma on display here really tug at my heart strings more than anything else. It's a beautiful journey through the emotions associated with grief and trauma adding much needed depth to characters that have largely been easily dismissed within the MCU as well as making me fall in love with Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany and their characters.

  35. Samia I

    Samia I

    Måned siden

    Also it should be stated: Wanda, Pietro, Billy, and Tommy are Romani Jewish. The first 2 have been so ever since they were introduced and the latter 2 are her children. The MCU whitewashed them all

  36. prideling


    Måned siden

    It's so clever that when Vision talks about naming Billy after William Shakespeare the quote he chooses is "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players" He says it so casually you could almost miss it but it gave me chills

  37. BlaiseTM


    Måned siden

    Us Star Wars fans got the biggest grin when we found out you cover TV shows. Mando, TCW, Rebels, Bad Batch. Its all Great! Except Resistance..... we dont talk about that.

  38. Olivia Davis

    Olivia Davis

    Måned siden

    I loved this! Looks like others did too ❤️ will you be doing this with The Falcon And The Winter Soldier?

  39. WaffleEBay12


    Måned siden

    Good point that the definition of cinema has changed after the events of 2020. It's really becoming much more accepted for movies to be released straight to VOD or streaming. Plus the quality of some Disney+, HBOMax, and (yes even) Netflix shows is increasing to point where these shows have production values equal to some high budget major motion pictures.

  40. VenomSnake1984


    Måned siden

    wow i really didnt expect you to just hit me in the face with hank green's "is butt legs?" like that

  41. Aiden Marie

    Aiden Marie

    Måned siden

    The toaster is an in-joke for comic readers too. The show has similar vibes to King's run on the vision and the toaster thing showed up a lot.

  42. Podrick Targaryen

    Podrick Targaryen

    Måned siden

    I loved this, please continue doing TV!!

  43. Jason Hatt

    Jason Hatt

    Måned siden

    This is giving me flash backs to Fallout 3

  44. Cavan Holdsworth

    Cavan Holdsworth

    Måned siden

    Is good

  45. The Wanderer of the Ghost

    The Wanderer of the Ghost

    Måned siden

    CW: Crib...A- Editor: NOPE!

  46. Isaiah OConnor

    Isaiah OConnor

    Måned siden

    It took my wife and I 9 years to have our first due to physiological reasons. We hated the do you why don't you have kids question....

  47. Channel Crystal

    Channel Crystal

    Måned siden

    2 months ago.... ugh... time wasted.. thank you

  48. Tina Zellers

    Tina Zellers

    Måned siden

    And now the third time, since the third part of this series has come out

  49. Deadpan


    Måned siden

    "My wife once made me so dense I feel through the floor!" 🤣🤣🤣 That was gold!

  50. Total War Timelapses

    Total War Timelapses

    Måned siden

    I'm just realizing now that the reason people love this channel isn't simply because it points out things to be liked about the show, it's because it also tells you about all the hidden details you missed Wish CinemaWins would do a video on either Triangle or Coherence

  51. Chris Foster

    Chris Foster

    Måned siden

    Finally…..Tv Wins! Thank you, commented a few times about it…I’m so happy! Also it blows my mind that visions head piece covering his ears is completely CG….everytime you’ve seen it in any film or tv show. It’s flawless, so much so I thought it was ‘just’ practical cosmetic effects….unreal! Also, also….Elisabeth Olsen isn’t my wife, and I’m furious about that!

  52. Izay Kayma

    Izay Kayma

    Måned siden

    i have no idea what you said in the first 23 seconds of the video but. win

  53. Brady Church

    Brady Church

    Måned siden

    Bruh I’m watching this on June 2nd

  54. Aleigha McKenzie

    Aleigha McKenzie

    Måned siden

    Please do invincible cinemasins did it and I want to see everything greatt

  55. Commitment-0%


    Måned siden

    11:56 This gives me powerpuff girls vibes for some reason

  56. Amanda Haitch

    Amanda Haitch

    Måned siden

    I adored this series and the first episodes were amazing. Their acting chops really came out to be characters also being characters and all the little details... I would have loved this to have been really stretched out and milked for dozens of episodes.

  57. Kamron Brown

    Kamron Brown

    Måned siden

    I just realized that when Agatha says that her husband’s name is Ralph she’s talking about Ralph Bohner

  58. Montey Balloo

    Montey Balloo

    Måned siden

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  59. Montey Balloo

    Montey Balloo

    Måned siden

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  60. Montey Balloo

    Montey Balloo

    Måned siden

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  61. Yosh Knight

    Yosh Knight

    Måned siden

    I like how with each episode being in a different decade for sitcoms, the ideologies also change as well. It’s a neat little touch and I really enjoy.

  62. Isis Jenkins

    Isis Jenkins

    Måned siden


  63. PheydraSunstar


    Måned siden

    No one in my household who enjoys your channel gives a single darn about the type of media you’re winning. I’m thrilled you did WandaVision as it took the place of Thor Ragnarok as my favorite Marvel property, and it’s manage to beat the Little Mermaid as my favorite Disney property of all time as well. Keep on doing what you’re doing, friend. We’ll keep on watching! At least in my home we will.

  64. Tyler The Undead

    Tyler The Undead

    2 måneder siden


  65. CainCrow


    2 måneder siden

    I have to agree, I love Darcy!!!

  66. the BEANS

    the BEANS

    2 måneder siden

    I just noticed the dick van Dike ish living room and I clicked on this video just to comment that and then he mentioned it I'm pissed

  67. Vivi W

    Vivi W

    2 måneder siden

    I would love to see videos like this from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

  68. chaotea


    2 måneder siden

    Didnt steal the house though right? Vision bought the land i though?

  69. Kenny Lee

    Kenny Lee

    2 måneder siden

    Do The Sandlot!

  70. Lil BerzyTV

    Lil BerzyTV

    2 måneder siden

    When he said “Amazing moves from Kitty” immediate smile cause god damn That 70’s Show is so good (at least I think so)

  71. Casidhe Gerish

    Casidhe Gerish

    2 måneder siden

    i loved having no clue what was happening

  72. Karen Page

    Karen Page

    2 måneder siden

    10:20 Senor Scratchy is named for Nicholas Scratch.

  73. EloquentTroll


    2 måneder siden

    This is great, hope you cover Falcon and Winter Soldier too

  74. Kyle McCormack

    Kyle McCormack

    2 måneder siden

    By the way, it's since been revealed that the commercials were in fact messages from Doctor Strange, but the cameo was removed because they thought it would overshadow Wanda. It's canon as far as I am concerned.

  75. Adam Bram

    Adam Bram

    2 måneder siden

    I think since WV and FatWS are supposed to be 100% MCU (as opposed to shows like AoS and the various Netflix Defenders series which were supposed to take place in the MCU timeline but not really effect the overall MCU story all that much), that these are acceptible exceptions.

  76. Karen Page

    Karen Page

    2 måneder siden

    The Sokovia references are a bit more painful when Falcon and the Winter Soldier revealed that Sokovia no longer exists. Wanda's inserting references to her home country in her sitcom world to keep her home country alive in any way she can think of, no matter how small or insignificant it might be.

  77. Your Favorite Emo Theater Kid

    Your Favorite Emo Theater Kid

    2 måneder siden

    The 2nd episode was so funny

  78. DieBoss Eyyy

    DieBoss Eyyy

    2 måneder siden

    Noone gonna talk about how Vision, who is originally just a very good AI with feelings, not only takes a long time to estimate the twins time of birth but also gets is totally wrong? J.A.R.V.I.S. would never.

    • DieBoss Eyyy

      DieBoss Eyyy

      2 måneder siden

      Yeah no I think its because its her series and her writing. And its just the plot that the babies have to come unexpected. Same woth how Vision forgets what the heart means when he, as he states himself, isnt capable of forgetting. Granted, Mr Hart inviting himself for dinner never happened, technically, but still also how Vision is like 'oh yeah I remember now'... hes just really a character in jer play, at least in the beginning

    • Ash Z

      Ash Z

      2 måneder siden

      I mean he calculated based on the assumption that the time intervals between the stages of birth would not be sporadic so I think it’s very much understandable. It’s chaos magic, not much calculation can be done

  79. Mohammad Ali

    Mohammad Ali

    2 måneder siden


  80. Noah J Kinzley

    Noah J Kinzley

    2 måneder siden

    I love how the last "AAH" in the intro matched up PERFECTLY with the wandavison ending!

  81. maneoj46


    2 måneder siden

    I just realized, Vision in the second episode pretty much "gummed up his systems." I hate that it took me this long to get that. On another note, I literally said "Best show on television." When the first "episode" ended.

  82. 15fruiits


    2 måneder siden

    omg the sanview westershire reference.... I GET IT!!!

  83. Cult of Nate the Magnificent

    Cult of Nate the Magnificent

    2 måneder siden

    no win for dead vision?

  84. Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises

    Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises

    2 måneder siden

    No disrespect to Darcy, but NO, she is not the most adorable person in the MCU. *That is Agent Jimmy Woo.* 🥰🤗🥰

  85. Adrian Ornelas

    Adrian Ornelas

    2 måneder siden

    Win for the editor for matching the pitch on the final note of Wandavision and the Choir at the beginning.

  86. Dylan Perez

    Dylan Perez

    2 måneder siden


  87. Joel Mills

    Joel Mills

    2 måneder siden

    More shows!

  88. Amy Reynolds

    Amy Reynolds

    2 måneder siden

    Ohmygosh I’m so excited! Thanks for expanding and doing a show!



    2 måneder siden

    Due Falcon and the Winter soldier

  90. Flynn


    2 måneder siden

    This was great!! Can’t wait for more shows

  91. ImAPerson597


    2 måneder siden

    The more I find out and notice about this show, the more I love it, which I didn’t think was humanly possible

  92. Karen Page

    Karen Page

    2 måneder siden

    1:21 The Hackensack reference in the next episode would've been more likely to cue viewers in.

  93. laura


    2 måneder siden

    Please boycott Disney, they’re complicit with the Uyghur Genocide

  94. Wheek Warrior

    Wheek Warrior

    2 måneder siden

    Pls do this for the mandolorian

  95. PixlPlayer


    2 måneder siden

    You gotta do one for falcon and winter soldier too

  96. Eli G

    Eli G

    2 måneder siden

    Oh, we're doing shows now? Hopefully you can get to some longer ones, like Avatar or Netflix's Daredevil Maybe some shorter anime like FLCL and Made in Abyss, tho ik some anime are copyright claim magnets

  97. •GalaxyFloofy•


    2 måneder siden


  98. Joey Robbins

    Joey Robbins

    2 måneder siden

    really enjoying this style of cinema wins, in this decade cinema involves lots of a what we see outside of the room itself, why not expand the repertoire

  99. MountCeleste


    2 måneder siden

    "There is no good reason to ask because the answer could be anything from "we hate children" to "we can't have children" Thank you! People are so damn nosey, and when you to tell them to stuff it they get all offended like they weren't basically asking what you two do in the bedroom if you're not making babies...

  100. Roberta Barboza

    Roberta Barboza

    2 måneder siden

    Please do the same with Captain America and the Winter Soldier!