Everything GREAT About The World's End! (Part 2)

And finally the second half of The World's End! This is the one with all the fun Edgary stuff.

If you missed EGA The World's End PART 1: nonet.info/glo/video/qJqMnHyNrdJ2tGY

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  1. Dirt Polish

    Dirt Polish

    2 dager siden

    Nice thumbnail. Pete and O-Man are bathed in blue once again showing that they will become Blanks. Cool detail.

  2. Joe W

    Joe W

    4 dager siden

    A great two videos, man. I love this movie and all of the clever connections it has.

  3. Katie Bearne

    Katie Bearne

    8 dager siden

    Hi can you please do a video about inside by Bo burnham

  4. Scipio


    9 dager siden

    Doom bar is a real beer by the way. damn good

  5. Big Dog

    Big Dog

    9 dager siden

    Doombar is not only an awesome placement but a bloody good beer aswell

  6. Sept77


    9 dager siden

    I think that, while bittersweet, it's ultimately a good ending, or at least the best we could've got. The Network, whatever its intentions, was ultimately evil in my opinion, and not necessary for us as a civilization- it only showed up in the 90s, we were already at the start of the information age by then. Now we can develop without a genocidal lamp breathing down our neck, and join the universe on our terms.

  7. Lewis Marriott

    Lewis Marriott

    10 dager siden

    I feel like the idea of a good old proper pub crawl is lost on American's

  8. Maverick Jones

    Maverick Jones

    11 dager siden

    Doombar is a great beer actually, you can find it in pubs all over the westcountry :)

  9. Retr0 UK

    Retr0 UK

    13 dager siden

    5:56 nope, that’s a £20, if a pint cost a quid I’d be running to the city and drink in every pub

  10. Charlie Woolnough

    Charlie Woolnough

    20 dager siden

    The “5” scene the note Garry holds is a twenty not a 5 pound note but good job other wise 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  11. flavorytub 3139

    flavorytub 3139

    23 dager siden

    Ok bro where is everything great about Paul it needs to happen simen pegg nick frost and Seth rogen like come on man

  12. TheOneMerlin


    25 dager siden

    Doom bar is genuinely a beer in the UK

  13. Duppy


    25 dager siden

    Bad news... thats a 20 pound note cinema wins 5:55

  14. FalloutJack


    29 dager siden

    6:20 "Nah." I wanna give you an extra bit of funny which maybe wasn't intended when they made the movie, but here it goes: The all-powerful system known as The Network is tempting the main character, offering him power, glory, etc. in an attempt to gain his cooperation. The MC looks it over for a second, and then just goes "Nah.", and takes it all down. System Shock 2.

  15. Eamon Tiernan

    Eamon Tiernan

    Måned siden

    *£20 note

  16. Captain Cook

    Captain Cook

    Måned siden

    Funny thing is when Gary starts talking about the beast and how he took so many parts out of it but it's still the same old motor. Is kinda like how the network takes out almost everything from inside a human. And keeps the outside the same like the "same old motor"

  17. Cluckmyster


    Måned siden

    5:55 thats a £20 note, just to let you know.

  18. emil hoberg

    emil hoberg

    Måned siden

    13:47 what horror rules are he talking about? does he normally not do horror movies?

  19. Joel Mole

    Joel Mole

    Måned siden

    There IS a hidden 8 in The Mermaid. The 'School Disco' sign has two os perfectly positioned on top of each other.

  20. Good Boye

    Good Boye

    Måned siden

    4:49 ayyy on the left there's mary the drunk cashier zombie from shaun of the dead

  21. Good Boye

    Good Boye

    Måned siden

    13:11 relax dude you're blanks is showing

  22. Floris Bastiaansen

    Floris Bastiaansen

    Måned siden

    I love the "OH F*CK OFF YOU BIG LAMP!"

  23. katyusha pravda

    katyusha pravda

    Måned siden

    I would definitely watch a show about Gary and his adventures with the blank squad

  24. Joe Bloggs

    Joe Bloggs

    Måned siden

    Hey if you love this you should do Attack The Block, it’s a great British take on your American alien invasion

  25. Floyd Freeman

    Floyd Freeman

    Måned siden

    5:55 that was a £20 note not a five

  26. Badgerman494


    Måned siden

    Doom Bar is a type of ale, usually, on tap in pubs... if they're decent pubs at any rate.

  27. Atfund Surnama

    Atfund Surnama

    Måned siden

    It was strange to see Simon Pegg as the messed up character. I love all three movies. I hope they get together a no make at least one more.

  28. LeeLee Sheward

    LeeLee Sheward

    Måned siden

    That's a 20 note, mate. Not a fiver.

  29. Dan Rich

    Dan Rich

    Måned siden

    "Oh, crumbs!" is the catchphrase of Dangermouse's sidekick, Penfold (played by Terry Smith). Watch Dqangermouse...Edgar did. ;o)-

  30. Cornetto Trilogy ShaunFUZZworld

    Cornetto Trilogy ShaunFUZZworld

    Måned siden

    Its also a metaphor for globalisation and despite all the progress and thus also inevitable corruption Liberty is an essential and shown as yes flawed, but despite all the alien and big tech progress Choice is still rely important

  31. Cornetto Trilogy ShaunFUZZworld

    Cornetto Trilogy ShaunFUZZworld

    Måned siden

    At the end of the film Gary is now a father figure Its like what shauns step father told him in Shaun of the dead about fatherhood Gary is now a sober leader and father figure instead of being in adult adolescence

  32. Atlas With an at sign.

    Atlas With an at sign.

    Måned siden

    Something I noticed that you kind of touched on was that yeah, Gary caused all 4 of his friends physical injuries, and years later ended up physically injuring himself as well. It’s not a good thing. But I felt a common theme in the movie was the other 4 had a lot in common after high school, having moved on with their lives, having problems that they’re for the most part up front about, and having sustained injuries from Gary, so Gary had turned into an outcast to friends, not moving on, seeming happy, and to their knowledge physically unscathed by the shenanigans Gary had been causing. They didn’t know that he was more like them than they thought. Having sustained an self imposed injury, being miserable in his day to day life, and despite how he seems he did move on with his life, just not in the same direction as the others, which is why he was so keen on reliving what he considered the glory days. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but if that’s what Mr. Pegg and Mr. Wright intended, than I have to say bravo.

  33. Furz Nugget

    Furz Nugget

    Måned siden

    5:55 that is a £20 note

  34. The Phaneron

    The Phaneron

    Måned siden

    9:03 I love the visual symbolism here with Gary surrounded by blue glowing eyes- the spotlight literally on him. It suggests that Gary was so over the top outrageous and unique that the entire intergalactic network developed enough respect for Gary to back him all the way. The interplanetary community probably dissolved and assigned Gary their leader in the new world :D The blanks probably see Gary as an instrument to conquer planet earth after their initial attempt failed. Hilariously... While it appears that Gary has overcome his addiction by ordering water, what's the bet water wasn't the first choice of beverage for the blanks. Gary most likely persuaded them to get on board with his sobriety against their wishes, further fuelling his narcissism. In this way he can still be the "King" of something, in this case Teetotalism. And if there's anything we've learned from The Walking Dead is that psychos, nihilists, sociopaths and narcissists tend to fare better as survivors :D

  35. H Hj

    H Hj

    Måned siden

    The 5th wasn't a £5 not it was a 20

  36. rc0ll1


    Måned siden

    I remember someone observing that in all three Cornetto films the main character fails to learn the lesson of the film. Shaun of the Dead: Liz breaks up with Shaun because he's not growing up and taking responsibility and spending every night in the Winchester. By the end of the film they're living together at Shaun's place planning a lazy Sunday followed by Shaun spending time in the shed gaming with Ed. Hot Fuzz: Nicholas drills into Danny that good police work is about listening, observing, notetaking and all the diligent little things that make up 90% of the job. But in the end they roll through town killing all of the NWA. The World's End: Gary is shown as a sad loser stuck in the past, and even though he redeems himself by the end he still ends up living in his own glory days

  37. Gabe Emm

    Gabe Emm

    Måned siden

    I love how he made the 2 who become blanks blue in the thumbnail, just like the other blanks in the back.

  38. Grizzly Lumberr

    Grizzly Lumberr

    Måned siden

    Notice how the same Vauxhall is used when they enter Newton Heavon when it was advertised on the billboard behind them in the introduction of the Ford Grenada scene

  39. Brandon gaming TV

    Brandon gaming TV

    Måned siden

    1:31 "never taken a shortcut before?"

  40. Deez Nuts • 23 years ago

    Deez Nuts • 23 years ago

    Måned siden

    The best part that you never noticed was that all the cars were the same in Newton haven Watch the background and all cars will be the same hybrid car of petrol and electric, huh natural being understated by the electric

  41. Anthony Holroyd

    Anthony Holroyd

    Måned siden

    Doombar is actually a genuine beer over here in the UK I'm also quite partial to it 🤣🤣

  42. Andrew Rivera

    Andrew Rivera

    2 måneder siden

    The fact that The Worlds End has two parts just goes to show they put a ton of thought into this movie.

  43. Harry Dean

    Harry Dean

    2 måneder siden

    It's not a 5 pound note man

  44. TheDct88


    2 måneder siden

    Err that's a 20 pound note

  45. Casidhe Gerish

    Casidhe Gerish

    2 måneder siden

    the 12th pub is also the 12th hour like on the doomsday clock

  46. innit


    2 måneder siden

    The details in Edgar's works and in your works are remarkable, astonishing and magnificent.

  47. Quickflash2 Studios

    Quickflash2 Studios

    2 måneder siden

    Doombar is a real beer

  48. Yuval Miodownik

    Yuval Miodownik

    2 måneder siden

    Also, there’s a song that’s used in the soundtrack that has the line “I’m free to do what I want and have a good time”, and then Gary says the same line many times throughout the movie

  49. larry hayek

    larry hayek

    2 måneder siden

    he does now that doom bar is an actual drink

  50. Benedict Oneill

    Benedict Oneill

    2 måneder siden

    I'm sorry to say but that's a twenty pound note not a fiver

  51. Aaron Williamson

    Aaron Williamson

    2 måneder siden

    I never got what is up with Gary's arm what it mean?

  52. Bullidom


    2 måneder siden

    That good sir is a £20 note.

  53. Colin Smith

    Colin Smith

    2 måneder siden

    Hehe, me and my partner watched all three of the Cornetto trilogy on a NYE several years ago. And we each had a three-pack of Cornettos to accompany the watching, cracked one open for each film... 😊🍦

  54. Joseph Peoples

    Joseph Peoples

    2 måneder siden

    6:02 Did you mean to say "1 in the 1st"?

  55. Bigbobaz


    2 måneder siden

    5:55 that’s a £20 note ;-;

  56. The Dark Cat

    The Dark Cat

    2 måneder siden

    That was a £20 note mate

  57. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu

    2 måneder siden

    I'm gonna watch this movie now lol

  58. Jmans


    2 måneder siden

    Is everyone going to ignore the fact that he called a 20 pound note a fiver?

  59. Connor


    2 måneder siden

    The cornetto trilogy is the only thing that the UK's society stands on

  60. Brian Wieden

    Brian Wieden

    2 måneder siden

    That movie has points it makes on several levels, as someone who loves Simon & Nick collaborations, I have also had my own battles with mental illness, sometimes the class clown is the one hurting the most. But on a lighter note you can still survive & have fun with life, grandchildren are a great place to start, my Pop had a fridge magnet that read, " live long enough to be a problem to your children ", guess who has grandchildren.

  61. Jake Cannanite

    Jake Cannanite

    2 måneder siden

    I'm gonna be honest brother, I do a double take each time you should yourself because you look a lot like my buddy from work

  62. Noob G

    Noob G

    2 måneder siden


  63. Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylor

    2 måneder siden

    Doom Bar is a real cask ale.

  64. Games For Cykits

    Games For Cykits

    3 måneder siden

    Ah would have gotten what your doing next week from that clue lol so obvious

  65. DragonActive


    3 måneder siden

    Anyone else notice in the thumbnail how Oliver and Peter, who died, are shaded out?

  66. anwar bojorges

    anwar bojorges

    3 måneder siden

    Watch all 3 of the Cornetto Trilogy in one sitting... It is both fun and weird

  67. anwar bojorges

    anwar bojorges

    3 måneder siden

    Paul is not a reference to the movie "Paul" were Simon and Nick take part of???

  68. Massid


    3 måneder siden

    please make everything great about bolt

  69. Mick Crummey

    Mick Crummey

    3 måneder siden

    Ummmm that was a £20 note not a £5 note. Purple colour is 20, a green colour is for a fiver

  70. Chris Wilson

    Chris Wilson

    3 måneder siden

    The reason Gary says he still owes Paul is due to a British saying "Rob Peter to pay paul" the saying means to basically fix something through stealing parts from a identical item, even though he stole Peters identity to drive his cortina it never really fixed his life hence he stole off Peter but never got round to paying paul

  71. Neil Philip

    Neil Philip

    3 måneder siden

    I’m surprised that he didn’t grab a pint and wait for this to all blow over

  72. Animated by Nimitya

    Animated by Nimitya

    3 måneder siden


  73. Animated by Nimitya

    Animated by Nimitya

    3 måneder siden


  74. BrontoSmilodon1


    3 måneder siden

    So do you think you can handle the Cornetto's estranged cousin "Paul"?

  75. JMP


    3 måneder siden

    5:55 thats £20

  76. Big Ferg

    Big Ferg

    3 måneder siden

    Also, the royal familiar was a group of government officials and armed soldiers who followed the king everywhere he went

  77. I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that

    I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that

    3 måneder siden

    Shaun of the Dead: 157 wins The World's End: 195 wins CinemaWins: I don't love this one as much as the other 2

  78. Its Avis

    Its Avis

    3 måneder siden

    At 5:54 it is a twenty-pound note actually.

  79. ZaneyB05


    3 måneder siden

    5:56 that’s a £20 note

  80. Austin Le

    Austin Le

    3 måneder siden

    your videos give me so much joy thanks so much :)

  81. AaroMotive Studio

    AaroMotive Studio

    3 måneder siden

    Talk about Everything Great About The Iron Giant

  82. Grant Davis

    Grant Davis

    3 måneder siden

    its a £20 note

  83. Bonnke Gg

    Bonnke Gg

    3 måneder siden

    please do guardians of ga'hoole thanks

  84. Bhobia RXR

    Bhobia RXR

    3 måneder siden

    Def my favourite of the trilogy

  85. Sebastian Sejr

    Sebastian Sejr

    3 måneder siden

    How about a Everything great about JoJo rabbit?

  86. Ken Adams

    Ken Adams

    3 måneder siden

    How come O-man never gets a new head?

  87. Mustang318


    3 måneder siden

    Just a comment on your mention of colour and foreshadowing. In the beginning they mention that they "painted the town red" and when the world ends the whole sky goes red. Little tiny thing but another little thing in the larger tapestry they always create.

  88. agentdragon9


    3 måneder siden

    Minor correction, Gary is holding a £20 note not a £5 note

  89. Haze Metz

    Haze Metz

    3 måneder siden

    Doom bar is a real beer btw

  90. Haze Metz

    Haze Metz

    3 måneder siden

    5.55 that is not a 5 pound note it's a 20 I know this coz I live in the U.k and it always says 20 on it....

  91. Musings of a Homeschooler

    Musings of a Homeschooler

    3 måneder siden

    You should do Spies in Disguise, it’s an underrated film, and probably Blue Sky’s last.

  92. charlie foot

    charlie foot

    3 måneder siden

    Hate to nit pick but he pays with a 20 pound note in the 5th pub so I guess his five fingers shows it more

  93. Jack Howe

    Jack Howe

    3 måneder siden

    He’s actually holding a 20 pound note in the 5th how do you expect him to buy 5 pints with a fiver.

  94. kenopsia


    3 måneder siden

    oh fuck i’m going to end up like gary

  95. 171QA


    3 måneder siden


  96. sleep-drive-play


    3 måneder siden

    Oh snap I just watched this movie today. And then I looked for a cinema win or sin. Such a win

  97. sleep-drive-play


    3 måneder siden

    Failure to launch....oof That hurts a little

  98. Connor Donaldson

    Connor Donaldson

    3 måneder siden

    The 13rd pub i think the ordering seen is a reference to inbetweeners

  99. Alex Holwell

    Alex Holwell

    3 måneder siden

    5:55 that’s clearly a £20 note

    • Matt C

      Matt C

      3 måneder siden

      I was gonna comment the same

  100. Asad Ullah Ahmed

    Asad Ullah Ahmed

    3 måneder siden

    I like to think that when Gary says “I still owe Paul” He’s talking about Paul the alien from Paul(2011) who is his buddy.