Everything GREAT About The World's End! (Part 1)

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The World's End! The final movie in Edgar Wright's Cornetto Trilogy and one I like waaaaaay more now that I've spend some time with it. Don't discount it! Anyway, here's everything right with The World's End!

EGA The World's End PART 2: nonet.info/glo/video/mZN6kY-YabV40qE

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  1. I forget

    I forget

    Dag siden

    3:32 this could be foreshadowing about the blanks, the outside is the same but the inside is completely difference

  2. Jude Stappard

    Jude Stappard

    Dag siden

    Hot fuzz > worlds end > Shawn of the dead just my opinion but I like all these films



    Dag siden

    Another good thing about it: Many scenes were filmed in Welwyn Garden City, my home town!

  4. Allan Tidgwell

    Allan Tidgwell

    2 dager siden

    You also missed the part of where the chamberlain was the first to fall and thus the chambers were lost while the king was away

  5. George Page

    George Page

    6 dager siden

    Gary can be short for gareth i think

  6. O Plus

    O Plus

    8 dager siden

    11:41 O Man winks. He literally keeps “an eye out”

  7. Lethal Fumes

    Lethal Fumes

    10 dager siden


  8. rezaka116


    14 dager siden

    I watched this movie without knowing anything about it, not even a single trailer. The alien reveal was one of the best things i've experienced in movies.

  9. niallsmw2


    24 dager siden

    Reference to Spaced, arguably where the Edgar, Pegg and Frost trio started. Would love you to win Spaced series pleased!!!

  10. Nathaniel Foga

    Nathaniel Foga

    28 dager siden

    The part of the cornetto trilogy that need more love .

  11. KayAechBee


    29 dager siden

    My 👏 favourite 👏 movie 👏 ever! 👏

  12. Aaron Hawkins

    Aaron Hawkins

    Måned siden

    I would've wined Wright's perfect use of Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) by The Doors

  13. Alex


    Måned siden

    Actually! A whitey is when you drink and then smoke and you can't handle it. Although i guess it could be with any mix of drugs

  14. Good Boye

    Good Boye

    Måned siden

    so how did o-man turn into blank? is he blank from the beginning?

  15. Logan Scofield

    Logan Scofield

    Måned siden

    Time out is that you at the beginning? You're a handsome man.

    • Mason


      26 dager siden

      Nah, its a flash back of Gary King. although i think it is him at 12:41

  16. RaistliniltsiaR


    Måned siden

    Missed note on the Beast: All the parts were replaced except the body. "Other than than, it's the same car!" Kinda like Gary's group at the end of the movie.

  17. XexcellX


    Måned siden

    This movie is so great, I love the "soccer/football" part if your know what I mean

  18. hello world

    hello world

    Måned siden

    You know it's a good movie when CinemaWins has more than one part.

  19. Random Anthem

    Random Anthem

    Måned siden

    I thought you were younger looking.

  20. George Allen

    George Allen

    Måned siden

    Gary King is a sad character. Even if he's hard to relate to for what he does and how he acts, I think anyone can relate to trying to capture feelings of nostalgia and re-live the good old days. His life never got better after the best night of his life as a teenager, so he desperately tried to re-live it. That's just depressing.

  21. Trinnychops


    Måned siden

    This is my favorite one of the trilogy. No shame.

  22. Cornetto Trilogy ShaunFUZZworld

    Cornetto Trilogy ShaunFUZZworld

    Måned siden

    The only critique of this film Should have had at least two more actual Cornettos in the film As well as the colour blue for the light in faces of blanks and blue blood should have been Green Green is the colour of alien and thus green Cornetto But green is also envy Envy of Gary Envy of marmalade sandwich and other characters giving into temptation The reverend green As well as nature colour Organic at the end

  23. Cornetto Trilogy ShaunFUZZworld

    Cornetto Trilogy ShaunFUZZworld

    Måned siden

    One beginning forshadow missed The ones left at the end in the beginning are the only humans left in the end of the film The other two who quit after a certain number of pubs Happen in the same order as well as number of pubs that they turned into blanks later on

  24. PimpMacSlickBac


    Måned siden

    Gary may be a play on Garibaldi, who was an Italian General who led bravely to unite two worlds... If anyone meets Edgar Wright, ask him for me.

  25. Three Out Of Four

    Three Out Of Four

    Måned siden

    Not sure this is covered but after rewatching this 2 parter (for 5th time probably, great videos) The nicknames thing is interesting but actually Gary could have a longer name as gary is often short for Gareth or Garrett. I expect Edgar Wright chose not to show it because of the point made in the video which is excellent, but also it would be out of character of the film itself since it's from gary's and of course our perspective.

  26. Jacob Meyer

    Jacob Meyer

    Måned siden

    "Hey now the light fixtures are different"

  27. Joshua Chen

    Joshua Chen

    Måned siden

    Fantastic movie, totally enjoyed it

  28. John Scola

    John Scola

    Måned siden

    I love this movie

  29. Sku11 B0y

    Sku11 B0y

    Måned siden

    no one mentions the fact that they're told they aren't "Robotnik's" and one of the proposed alternative names is "Eggman"

  30. Jamie Sutherland

    Jamie Sutherland

    2 måneder siden

    At 5:10. The shooting was around Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. It is well known to have plenty of pubs in the area. Places like Weare and Hertford are full of them. How do i know, I live there.

  31. Massid


    2 måneder siden

    still waiting for everything great about bolt

  32. Hockley


    2 måneder siden

    Reepicheep is an underrated reference

  33. Josh Paul

    Josh Paul

    2 måneder siden

    I DONT KNOW WHY BUT EVERY TIME Nick Frost says your mum i cry with laughter

  34. Obscure Occultist

    Obscure Occultist

    2 måneder siden

    Glad to see that your also a into the badlands fan

  35. Weeaboo Trash

    Weeaboo Trash

    2 måneder siden

    Not that it has to be, but Gary Can be a shortening of Gareth or Garrett.

  36. Oliver Swanick

    Oliver Swanick

    2 måneder siden

    This is the pub crawl I want to go on when lockdown is over.

  37. haza baza

    haza baza

    2 måneder siden

    This really speaks to the writing and directing of this film for me it's the worst in the trilogy but it's still an amazingly fun movie and something I can watch again and again

  38. Noob G

    Noob G

    2 måneder siden


  39. Games For Cykits

    Games For Cykits

    3 måneder siden

    Yeeees the trilogy is complete lol love these movies

  40. anwar bojorges

    anwar bojorges

    3 måneder siden

    Been waiting this for a really long time... just to see that a I came to this video a month later

  41. Lister of Smeg

    Lister of Smeg

    3 måneder siden

    11:30 the action scenes were inspired by 'Drunken Boxer' so...

  42. Lister of Smeg

    Lister of Smeg

    3 måneder siden

    Never knew the house viewing lady was Tina!

  43. Grey Thomas

    Grey Thomas

    3 måneder siden

    This wasn't my favourite of the trilogy but its still good

  44. Cameron Hodge

    Cameron Hodge

    3 måneder siden

    The first two pubs might be different on the outside but it’s actually just the first pub (real name the Pear tree) on the inside both times. Perks or living where it was filmed.

  45. Jay Poirier

    Jay Poirier

    3 måneder siden

    Beautiful beard win for the EGA Voiceover Gent 🍻

  46. Animated by Nimitya

    Animated by Nimitya

    3 måneder siden


  47. Orange Taxi

    Orange Taxi

    3 måneder siden

    What takes this movie down a notch is the sub plot of Steven and Sam. The ending was a bit weak as well. Still really liked the movie, but I wish it was less clichè.

  48. Animated by Nimitya

    Animated by Nimitya

    3 måneder siden


  49. Karen Page

    Karen Page

    3 måneder siden

    You having to break this and Hot Fuzz up into two-parters tells you just how much of a genius Edgar Wright is as a director.

  50. Maulana Razaq

    Maulana Razaq

    3 måneder siden

    He said "but tonight we paint it red" because at the end, the town's whole sky became red

  51. Beelzebub Crumpethorn

    Beelzebub Crumpethorn

    3 måneder siden


  52. Fox Gorl

    Fox Gorl

    3 måneder siden

    Fun fact:the second bar being the same as the first one is actually a reference to how places like weatherspoons forced bars to become standardised

  53. Ken Adams

    Ken Adams

    3 måneder siden

    Thor: I'm Thor! Mike Tyson: Here are a couple aspirin.

  54. Ken Adams

    Ken Adams

    3 måneder siden

    How come O-man doesnt get a new head? All the other robots who were busted up came back as new. How come he didnt? Thought cuz they blew up everything prior, but when he got his head busted there is tons of time to get redone.

  55. DragonActive


    3 måneder siden

    12:50 Have I mentioned beautiful beard win? *DING*

  56. Achilles


    3 måneder siden

    4:11 its not a reference to the blue blood, but the fiery, red hellhole the city turns into, by the end of the movie

  57. Massid


    3 måneder siden

    Please make everything great about bolt

  58. Shush


    3 måneder siden

    No one is gonna mention how cinema wins knows who Jake Livermore is???

  59. Ethan Warren

    Ethan Warren

    3 måneder siden

    I've been able to prove to mates of mine why this film is such a good cornetto movie. Its my favourite out of the three. Also I had no idea that Bill Nighy was in this cast let alone how key of a role he plays.

  60. Greedier -

    Greedier -

    3 måneder siden

    This women with legs for arms is Kickpuncher from arcadum world :D

  61. A Iguana with Internet

    A Iguana with Internet

    3 måneder siden

    10:30 SHALOM

  62. MR MISM


    3 måneder siden

    Video 25 of asking for Jurassic Park. We are a quarter way to 100

  63. JGaming


    3 måneder siden

    It's such a well made movie. Everything just feels so deliberate. Like there's nothing that wasn't intentional.

  64. Johnny Lee

    Johnny Lee

    3 måneder siden

    One of Jackie CHan's former Stuntmen worked on this film Brad Allan who used to be in Sing Ga Ban has done wonderful fight scenes around different films

  65. Nighpaw


    3 måneder siden

    "I enjoy that sam has the most random catch-phrase" it ain't that random here in England

  66. イん乇 ムのり

    イん乇 ムのり

    3 måneder siden

    Could u cover the "The shadow in the sky" aka the flying fortress

  67. Ben Holmes

    Ben Holmes

    3 måneder siden

    Gary is short for Gareth so i'm gonna presume that's his actual full name.

  68. Elijah Gemmill

    Elijah Gemmill

    3 måneder siden

    What about when Gary says a really bad joke, and a bell rings on close-ups of everyone's face to highlight how cringey it is, then Gary says "Well, come on you BELL-ENDS, let's go!"

  69. FilmedIt Studios

    FilmedIt Studios

    3 måneder siden

    if you like those transitions, you will LOVE the Speed Racer movie transitions

  70. RaptorNX01


    3 måneder siden

    When I first saw this movie, I saw it blind. I hadn't seen any trailers or tv commercials, hadn't read any synopsis. i just knew it was part of the blood and ice cream trilogy with simon, edgar, and nick and thats all i needed to know to watch it. I say this so you have an understanding of how much of a WHAT THE FUCK moment that bathroom scene was. I have never been so blind sided by the genre a film was in in my life. lol

  71. Djed Vartanes

    Djed Vartanes

    3 måneder siden

    Gotta admit, those Raycons do as they say on the tin.

  72. shatterwood


    3 måneder siden

    you look like Tim Messenger (Adam Buxton) from Hot Fuzz.

  73. BarbarossaVR


    3 måneder siden

    Simon Pegg and Nick Frost together is at least +10 by itself

  74. Veredius


    3 måneder siden

    You think that low a number of beers smashes someone? Boi in germany the beer would drink you.



    3 måneder siden

    hey sick beard dude

  76. Joe


    4 måneder siden

    Truman Truman Show Show Show. Truman Truman Show Show Show

  77. Rose Linhardt

    Rose Linhardt

    4 måneder siden

    Can you please do Hamilton

  78. Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation

    Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation

    4 måneder siden

    Everything Great About Willow?

  79. Lee Scott

    Lee Scott

    4 måneder siden

    Why does he know who West Broms midfielder is

  80. Brydon


    4 måneder siden

    Spaced is an absolutely amazing series, if folks haven't seen it yet go and watch it!!!!!!!!

  81. Christian Allen

    Christian Allen

    4 måneder siden

    Quick note. The 2 towns they filmed I are within a 10 minuet train ride. And so you can just about do the golden mile. I should know, I live 5 minuets from the world's end.

  82. Cameron Collins

    Cameron Collins

    4 måneder siden

    5:09 Weird fact here, but I'm from the town this was mostly filmed in (Letchworth Garden City - the other was Welwyn Garden City) and actually, neither of the towns were designed by Quakers. However, Ebeneezer Howard (the towns' lead designer) had to stop drinking and remove pubs from his plans to appease the previous settlements' mostly Quaker population. Somehow the idea of someone having the completely change his lifestyle to fit in with other people who are set in their ways fits the film even more.

  83. fournierman


    4 måneder siden

    I remember learning that Nick Frost was not supposed to break through the glass door as he exits The Two-Headed Dog. But since it worked for the character and scene, they kept it in.

  84. evan nielsen

    evan nielsen

    4 måneder siden

    I love the cornato trilogy. Also Paul is just as good. Oh and all the actors from the other movies in it too.

  85. BringSomeNoise


    4 måneder siden

    All those Spaced call backs and you didn’t mention that Brian gave up his art to become a barman?

    • Joe Selness

      Joe Selness

      4 måneder siden

      And he seems to have gotten rid of all the anger, pain, fear, and aggression

  86. Coleman Muzrim

    Coleman Muzrim

    4 måneder siden

    Hey have watched all videos been a big fan, I would love to see you do either Wanted with James Mcavoy or Shoot em up with Clive Owen

  87. Sam K

    Sam K

    4 måneder siden

    How did i miss you doing this one. Not many agree, but the worlds end is my favorite of the cornettos

  88. Furious George

    Furious George

    4 måneder siden

    That.... has to be the most creative ad-insert in the history of YT ad-inserts.

  89. Brandon Harrold

    Brandon Harrold

    4 måneder siden

    Why didn't they finish the movie so you're telling me there was nothing great to comment on during the amazing ending to that movie

  90. wetophatass


    4 måneder siden

    nice beard.

  91. Josie Poulter

    Josie Poulter

    4 måneder siden

    I like the little detail at the beginning where young Gary shoves Pete's bully away. Shows that he had his kinder moments (I know we could chalk it up to Gary's selective memory, but I like to think it really happened. He must have had at least one or two redeeming qualities for the other kids to hang around with him so much, and he is the impulsive/confrontational type.)

  92. mira edorays

    mira edorays

    4 måneder siden

    The medical thailand worrisomely unfasten because sneeze italy continue aboard a imported flock. abrasive, finicky lunge

  93. IamSkippy


    4 måneder siden

    12:53 _A well timed commercial is __#TheBestWay_ to get a ✅ *#BeautifulBeardWIN** ✅ **#BeautifulDogWIN* and a ✅ *#GoodParentingWIN* This is my first time in the comments saying _CONGRATS TO YOU AND __#JULIA_ *on your upcoming child.* ❤️🤰🏼❤️ The World isn’t Ending... it’s getting another WIN bigger. _Celebrating family ties 👨‍👩‍👦🦮➡️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🦮 with one of your favorite NOnet channels_ is *#AlwaysAWin* ❣️❣️❣️

  94. David Burton

    David Burton

    4 måneder siden

    'after as many as they've had, you wouldnt care....'' Other than the accent, this is the biggest giveaway that you are not British lol

  95. Tom Krys

    Tom Krys

    4 måneder siden

    3:14 Gary is short for Gareth man!

  96. Ben Starkey

    Ben Starkey

    4 måneder siden

    I love this film... until the half way point. I love the idea but to be honest as soon as the alien stuff is introduced I lose interest now that I’ve watched it a few times

  97. Channel 4 Ripoff company

    Channel 4 Ripoff company

    4 måneder siden

    This film is so underrated, it is definitely different to its predecessors as it focuses more on character and plot but still just as good (if not better) than Shaun of The Dead or Hot Fuzz

  98. Ned D.

    Ned D.

    4 måneder siden

    My all time favourite film.

  99. Matthew Saverton

    Matthew Saverton

    4 måneder siden

    Please do knights tale

  100. Trickshotss


    4 måneder siden