Everything GREAT About The Karate Kid! (1984)

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The Karate Kid is obviously a classic and since I'm all hyped up on Cobra Kai, it felt like as good a time as any to go back and avoid the insane racism while really figuring out who the hero of the story is. Was Barney wrong? Is it the lifetime karate king? Or the pure of heart karate kid? Here's everything right with The Karate Kid! (1984)

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  1. Dalton Pinheiro de Melo Filho

    Dalton Pinheiro de Melo Filho

    2 dager siden

    Johnny was never a real villain bc he's simply a victim, Cobra Kai shows that very well, and if the first scene of KK2 was the last scene of KK1, as it was firstly imagined, more people would have realized that right away

  2. Sensei Gaming

    Sensei Gaming

    9 dager siden

    Still waiting for everything great about karate kid 2

  3. John Videll

    John Videll

    26 dager siden

    Hey, so what if Lamar cannot block front kicks. He can throw the javelin!

  4. Tadeo Davidsson

    Tadeo Davidsson

    27 dager siden

    Okey, I have questions (could someone please explain?): 1. Why did they cut the scene when Ali is trying to explain? Without it, Ali to me seems like Daniel should know what´s she is thinking when he does not know how serious that kiss with her ex was for her. 2. If they had a scene when Ali is trying to explain, why does Daniel think that he is no good for her when they see each other? My english is not perfect, I know :)

  5. A.A squad Leader

    A.A squad Leader

    Måned siden

    Are going to do 2

  6. NicTheGreek84


    Måned siden

    She must be in to fungus, I always thought she says that because in an earlier scene Daniel has a huge huge runaway zit

  7. Lil X

    Lil X

    Måned siden

    fun fact: the referee Pat E. Johnson thought the father of chad mcqueen who plays dutch

  8. Noah Clayborne

    Noah Clayborne

    Måned siden

    Possibly the best movie ever made

  9. True Ωmega

    True Ωmega

    Måned siden

    9:57 can someone explain what he is actually doing here

  10. Bill Vigus

    Bill Vigus

    2 måneder siden

    Osmosis involves water. What you mean is he learned the move by diffusion 🙂

  11. Reuben Riojas

    Reuben Riojas

    2 måneder siden

    I don’t think I’d call this a Millennial’s movie... It was more of a Gen X movie as were all of the John Hughes films. Millennials were like 2 years old when this movie came out. I was 13 and it was mesmerizing seeing it on the Big Screen with my 14 year old cousin.

  12. Karen Page

    Karen Page

    2 måneder siden

    20:37 And so Miyagi taught it to Daniel. Daniel taught it to his daughter. Miyagi viewed Sam as if she was a granddaughter to him.

  13. Karen Page

    Karen Page

    2 måneder siden

    5:10 Daniel never mentioned that to Miguel.

  14. Karen Page

    Karen Page

    2 måneder siden

    4:58 "But what about Halloween? The water hose?" "Wha-the water hose? These guys were beating the crap out of me me every other...The water hose was the least of it, believe me. And it was just--it was sitting there. It was...so teed up. Trust me, if you were in my shoes, you would've done the exact same thing. Johnny clearly overreacted to that."

  15. Symbiote Strength

    Symbiote Strength

    2 måneder siden

    Iroh is Miyagi...

  16. fep_ ptcp

    fep_ ptcp

    3 måneder siden

    This is the perfect hero journey

  17. AaroMotive Studio

    AaroMotive Studio

    3 måneder siden

    Talk about Everything Great About The Iron Giant

  18. Garett Mote

    Garett Mote

    3 måneder siden

    "You're alright, Larusso." I never heard that line before, but it is CRUCIAL to humanizing Johnny. He gained respect for the kid he was bullying, but he still had to deal with the loss and the abuse of his own sensei who cared only about winning.

  19. Joe


    3 måneder siden

    Either you do karate yes Or you do karate no There is no try Miyoda 🙃

  20. Joshua Critchfield

    Joshua Critchfield

    3 måneder siden

    As we grow older, our perspective changes. We lose some innocence, we start to understand more of how the world works. Our childish way of thinking begins to fade away. We begin to see the truth of things we couldn't have possibly understood when we were young.

  21. Gnü


    3 måneder siden

    I just finished the boys today and I just realized that Stillwell and Ali are the same people. That is so crazy

  22. Patrick


    4 måneder siden

    12:00 My god. This is scene was so heartbreaking already, and with that knowledge it hits so much harder.



    4 måneder siden

    Smell bad real good

  24. lal agun

    lal agun

    4 måneder siden

    The unwritten congo clearly juggle because thunderstorm totally scare along a awake baby. harsh, late pleasure

  25. Tuna Yüksel

    Tuna Yüksel

    4 måneder siden

    Do everything great about Tangled

  26. the biggest brain

    the biggest brain

    4 måneder siden

    Why did it go from 31 to 13

  27. Brandon Hoang

    Brandon Hoang

    4 måneder siden

    13:00 Ha funny number

  28. Barezy


    4 måneder siden

    daniel was 23 in the first karate kid and johnny lawrence was 19 in this same movie

  29. seanlichty


    4 måneder siden

    Sin for you : the wins went from 29 - 14

  30. Karan Pandey

    Karan Pandey

    4 måneder siden

    A karate punch is like a iron bar but a kung fu punch is like a iron chain attached to the end and it goes wang and hurt inside. -Bruce Lee

  31. Vingança por Pedro II

    Vingança por Pedro II

    4 måneder siden

    the only thing that makes Karate Kid great is the scene that inspired a whole generation and still does today, even 30 years later

  32. Graham Gonzales

    Graham Gonzales

    4 måneder siden

    Yoda lol

  33. Leany Greeny

    Leany Greeny

    4 måneder siden

    1:28 man cobra kai even references the smallest details

  34. Agent Chris

    Agent Chris

    4 måneder siden

    Tommy *Get him a bodybag!* Also Tommy: I am now inside the bodybag

  35. Ivan The Riddler

    Ivan The Riddler

    5 måneder siden

    Miyagi is a lot like Iroh when you really think about it.

  36. 효주이


    5 måneder siden

    The reflective fat spectroscopically whine because bestseller peroperativly scare within a crowded cent. resonant, odd peripheral

  37. Robbie Anson

    Robbie Anson

    5 måneder siden

    I don’t know if you take video request but I wanted to see if you can do a video on everything great about William Katt staring in house And the movie is here on NOnet

  38. Cheshire Cat

    Cheshire Cat

    5 måneder siden

    William said in an interview that his smile in the scene where Ali punches Johnny was his genuine surprised smile at being physically hit in the face by Elisabeth. But I love the joke you made about it XD

  39. Nicolas Rios

    Nicolas Rios

    5 måneder siden

    Easter egg: WhenRobby in cobra kai doesn't want a drink its like when rjohhny denies the beer from Tommy

  40. thejoehenryshow


    5 måneder siden

    can you do the 2010 karate kid as, i know not as liked, it still had a good few wins in it

  41. Giovanni Sullo

    Giovanni Sullo

    5 måneder siden

    These are great. But am I the only one that noticed that at 4:02, the win count goes from 31 to 13?

  42. BreadHamnSpam


    5 måneder siden

    Imagine going to the movies with this guy AND Cinema Sins

  43. Trash Goblin

    Trash Goblin

    5 måneder siden

    pat Morita sounds exactly like my 7th grade math teacher.

  44. David Frederick FrontRow

    David Frederick FrontRow

    5 måneder siden

    Climatic Ending I sorry to be negative which is my life long nature, but WHY does Johnny walk into a Daniel "telegraphing" leg kick

  45. David Frederick FrontRow

    David Frederick FrontRow

    5 måneder siden

    14:10 the scene which Ali is explaining what are legal strikes or hits. Okay this counters Johnny's (or anyone's) claims that Daniel's kick to Johnny's face WAS LEGAL. I believe Ali said everything above the waist was legal.

  46. giggityguy


    5 måneder siden

    13:56 Was that scene actually cut from the theatrical release? I feel like every time I've seen this movie that scene was in it, presumably because the making up scene makes no sense without it

  47. Jaden McKinney

    Jaden McKinney

    5 måneder siden

    Daniel: Hey, Hey Look! Mr. Miyagi: "Throws down Chopsticks and leaves room"

  48. RadicalTroll


    5 måneder siden

    makin bacon. the shirt. lol.

  49. Okara The Saiyan Emperor

    Okara The Saiyan Emperor

    5 måneder siden

    3:33 How to take a fall. That was funny

  50. Satan Official

    Satan Official

    5 måneder siden

    This movie is better in the original klingon.

  51. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez

    5 måneder siden

    The funny owner hemperly jump because hammer ethically spoil without a sleepy selection. majestic, rude city

  52. GreyWolfLeaderTW


    5 måneder siden

    I only saw this film the first time while a late teenager, and I connected with it strongly thanks the fact that I had a Mr. Miyagi of sorts in my life. A WWII vet name Mr. Eugene Lakatos, who survived the Battle of the Bulge and was a school tutor, helping me get on track with my schooling and homework through Middle and High School. He has a special place in my heart, as I never knew my maternal grandfather, and he had a grandfatherly role in my life.

  53. Other Riley

    Other Riley

    5 måneder siden

    This is still the best movie of all time in my opinion

  54. MJ Bighorn

    MJ Bighorn

    5 måneder siden

    I like when Tommy says who’s for a warm one like when Mitch offers a warm beer in cobra Kai🥚

  55. askannav2094


    5 måneder siden

    Must have watched Karate Kid, many times & never noticed it before, at 7:48 on the left in the Cobra Kai Dojo, Lamar as one of the students. Who would have ever thought you could be a 'Nerd' & a Cobra Kai karate student in the same year. Maybe this is where he learnt the clap yor hands technique ..amazing !!

  56. Daniel


    5 måneder siden

    Can you do the remake??

  57. Mikez


    5 måneder siden

    THANK YOU for finally clearing that up at 14:00!

  58. Georgia G

    Georgia G

    5 måneder siden

    I love Ralph

  59. Gio Rat

    Gio Rat

    5 måneder siden

    In my humble opinion,this video should be at least 2 hours

  60. Kevin Stone

    Kevin Stone

    5 måneder siden

    The 80s were just absolutely brutal. People who have nostalgia for that era didn't live through it and have no idea what they're talking about, or they have some kind of amnesia. Just a wretched, ugly, horrible time to be alive. Be grateful to be in 2021, no matter the challenges we face now.

    • Kevin Stone

      Kevin Stone

      5 måneder siden

      @Mikez Let's say a kid in the neighborhood doesn't fit the stereotype of what people think he should be. Because of the Internet, there are all sorts of communities, message boards and video platforms where he can meet people who are exactly like him. He'll learn that it's ok to like theater more than football, that it doesn't make him weird, that it doesn't mean he'll remain a virgin or friendless forever. If this were the 80s, he would've gotten severely harassed for something as innocent as wearing a purple shirt to school. And he'd be the one apologizing for having worn the purple shirt. I don't question any of the things you brought up, but I don't agree that technology is the cause. I would argue that technology is the reason those problems aren't even worse, that technology has slowed the descent into hell.

    • Mikez


      5 måneder siden

      Disagree. Social media and technology that pervades our society is poison. Suicides, depression, identity confusion, broken families, fatherlessness are all up among teenagers today compared to then. I think you look at the 80's through mud covered glasses. I grew up in the 8ps and 90s and I WISH my boys could experience the childhood I had. Edit: I should have asked you to explain your comment more, sorry!



    5 måneder siden

    1:29 this scene is in cobra Kai season 3 when assface says to the gang who’s for a warm one

  62. Brookaroo


    5 måneder siden

    How have I only just realised the reference between karate kid: want a warm 1? And cobra kai: want a warm 1?



      5 måneder siden

      Me too

  63. The more you scroll, the higher ground I get.

    The more you scroll, the higher ground I get.

    5 måneder siden

    4:02: what pants?

  64. Gboy4001


    5 måneder siden

    This movie? This movie is the one. Show this to your kids, show it to your parents. Give them something special.

  65. cortedemico


    5 måneder siden

    the crane kick to the head was already mentioned as a penalty. laruso is a fraud!

  66. blahlbinoa


    5 måneder siden

    Johnny keeps whining about the "illegal" kick yet we see here he does one himself

  67. Patrick Barham

    Patrick Barham

    5 måneder siden

    Could we do a weekly reaction of the cobra kai series? that would be amazing if you started to react to tv shows, also please react to the next 2 movies

  68. bic bo

    bic bo

    5 måneder siden

    soooooooooooo... when's the next one coming out?

  69. i have no idea

    i have no idea

    5 måneder siden

    I love how there's an "Everything GREAT about The Karate Kid (1984)" and an "Everything wrong with The Karate Kid (2010)" but not vice-versa lol

  70. Mainely Vibing

    Mainely Vibing

    5 måneder siden

    Can you pleeeeeaaaase do videos on the other Karate Kid movies?

  71. x i DoMiiNaT3 x

    x i DoMiiNaT3 x

    5 måneder siden

    ok is the Netflix version different cuz i dont remember some of these scenes and some scenes added

  72. Fusion Art

    Fusion Art

    6 måneder siden

    William zabka likely already knew how to do a kip up (where you kick up from your back to your feet) because of his wrestling background. I wrestled for a really long time and it was one of our warmups

  73. Clax


    6 måneder siden

    16:55. They fulfilled his wish, they got tommy a body bag.

  74. L05T


    6 måneder siden

    instead of "Spoilers but you already know that" it should be "Spoilers but you've already seen it"

  75. Huugo Kahelin

    Huugo Kahelin

    6 måneder siden

    Stolen content

  76. Elise Erickson

    Elise Erickson

    6 måneder siden

    I had such a major crush on Daniel as a kid

  77. AvariceUntied


    6 måneder siden

    Regarding titles, this movie was first going to be called East Meets West In The West. The Karate Kid (actually The Karate Kid Project) was its working title.

  78. 64hz


    6 måneder siden

    4:54 bro I just noticed this

  79. Eric Solo

    Eric Solo

    6 måneder siden

    Any chance of you doing the 2010 one in comparison? Great video.

  80. BornAgainRN


    6 måneder siden

    15:40 great comparison to whiny Luke Skywalker in a New Hope. LOL!

  81. BornAgainRN


    6 måneder siden

    11:00 Larry Drake (Yahoo #1), AKA Benny Stulwicz from L.A. Law.

  82. Jordan Johnson

    Jordan Johnson

    6 måneder siden

    I lovvvvved this mivie growing uo so glad youre doing it especially since i just caught up on cobra kai

  83. I like guitars

    I like guitars

    6 måneder siden

    Sad mr.miyagi is top 10 saddest things in the world

  84. Doggo Gain

    Doggo Gain

    6 måneder siden

    Well that explains why each time they show the scene the video gets demonetize.

  85. GamerGodPlays


    6 måneder siden

    14:15 yeah, that’s what I felt in my first, got lucky and got silver in it too

  86. Ejl


    6 måneder siden

    William Zabka looks and sounds like Mark Hamill

  87. CynicalString56


    6 måneder siden

    This movie existed that's all that needs to be said. Fun fact Ralph Macchio is actually 22 in this movie and Pat was in his 50's. If he were still alive to day he would be 88 and would have been able to have been in Cobra Kai

  88. The Blobmaster

    The Blobmaster

    6 måneder siden

    *Reads Title* Me: everything right??

  89. Celtic Spirits Coven

    Celtic Spirits Coven

    6 måneder siden

    Yep.... Millennials view the world differently.

  90. Joni Baj

    Joni Baj

    6 måneder siden

    4:02 what pants?

  91. James Burns

    James Burns

    6 måneder siden


  92. Emperor Constantine 1.

    Emperor Constantine 1.

    6 måneder siden

    Do a review of the 3 seasons of Cobra Kai please?!?? After this movie, Zabrak was so inspired by karate, he eventually got several black belts in Tang Soo Do!

  93. Paul Sandhu

    Paul Sandhu

    6 måneder siden

    In Cobra Kai Season 3, they give even more depth to Miyagi (I won’t reveal how because it’s spoiler).

  94. Diego Martinez

    Diego Martinez

    6 måneder siden

    That Elisabeth Shue didn't pull that punch explains Bill's smile immediately after, he's just grinning like, "holy shit, she popped me!"

  95. Matthew Domingo

    Matthew Domingo

    6 måneder siden

    what people seem to miss is that these movies aren’t about who is “good” guy or who is the “asshole”, it tackles moral subjectivity by presenting a situation of moral ambiguity :)

  96. The wanderer

    The wanderer

    6 måneder siden

    Crease and Miyagi's stories are so similar, imagine a scene between them realizing how much they have in common, yet how they have taken completely different lessons from their lives, that would have been epic.

  97. Bug Trainer Pilk

    Bug Trainer Pilk

    6 måneder siden

    I never noticed Johnny praised him at the end

  98. The Norwegian kid

    The Norwegian kid

    6 måneder siden

    Daniel san the simp

  99. IanGGK


    6 måneder siden

    After finishing the 3rd season of cobra kai, coming back to this video is magical

  100. Super Spies vlogs

    Super Spies vlogs

    6 måneder siden

    It’s pronounced bonezai