Everything GREAT About The Invisible Man! (2020)

Happy Halloween from The Invisible Man! Feelings on this one somewhat mixed, but even those who didn't love it still liked it. It's a new take on the 1933 classic which itself is based on H.G. Wells' book. Here's everything right with The Invisible Man! (2020)

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  1. Rekyrro 96

    Rekyrro 96

    16 dager siden

    It feels so weird hearing this and it sounds kinda weird after watching Cinemasins for years

  2. Kyle


    19 dager siden

    Another film your videos have forced me to watch, and I loved it.

  3. Dayton Huth

    Dayton Huth

    23 dager siden

    “That hurt my blood” As you said that, my mind comprehended what happened and my wrist began to like, I don’t know tighten? “That hurt my blood” is such a good description of what just happened.

  4. LateNightSwitch


    24 dager siden

    The Invisible Man is a masterpiece of storytelling, character development,tension, & crafted finer than a german clocks gears & cog inners when it comes to story telling. This is what a true cinema experience should be many studios should invest in the formula the film used simply put. We need more films like this brilliant not over the top films with excessive gore, sleeze or predictable story & character plots. Sadly enough it seems like the Hollywood Cinema scene isn't paying attention neither are writers nor director's because till this day as I assure you many more are to come Hollywood pushes these garbage film's. Guess I should be fortunate this gem was made sure it may have flaws but what a ride it was. Hopefully we will see more classic era monsters re vamped as Universal was planning on doing with The Dark Universe (But the Mummy with Tom Cruise) came and destroyed that plan when it floped. Besides this film the only studio attempting to do justice with films is Blumhouse who has a extensive catalog of great overlooked film's take Sweetheart for example they use great story telling build on the climax conceal the villian/monster/creature until the essential moment. Enough of my pointless ranting this film is great no matter how you shake a stick at it.

  5. lonely lovely

    lonely lovely

    25 dager siden

    I can't be the only one who thinks Elizabeth Moss is more than worthy of "always a win" status after this movie.

  6. Ana Lucia Flier, van der

    Ana Lucia Flier, van der

    Måned siden

    can you make a video about wish dragon?

  7. Kross


    Måned siden

    Wouldn’t the suit still cast a shadow?

  8. Nightmare1398


    Måned siden

    Ever since the movie came out, I've heard people make jokes or insult the villain that he's a advanced suit that turns him invisible but doesn't use it to rule the world or anything like that. Honestly to take care of that situation is just remake the "Invisible Agent" where it's set in WWII and a man has the power to become invisible and fights Nazis. Granted if you want to set it now, it can't have Nazis but you can still use modern threats in the world and make someone wear the suit and stop them.

  9. Gamer's Theater

    Gamer's Theater

    Måned siden

    Fun Fact: The OG Invisible man was a reference to how toxic people can be if they had something to hide behind which is the internet

  10. Gamer's Theater

    Gamer's Theater

    Måned siden

    The only problem is that we would question if he is real, if they didn't show it in the trailer

  11. Lulu Mae

    Lulu Mae

    Måned siden

    I saw on another video this movie that stated when Adrian has Cee over from dinner, he serves steak and sushi, two things you’re not supposed to eat while pregnant, especially when newly pregnant, showing that Adrian didn’t care about having a child with Cee, just that he wanted her. Again, creeds to the other person, and I don’t know if Adrian even knew, but it’s interesting regardless.

  12. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus

    Måned siden

    Fun fact: the original one killed 140 people.

  13. Mockingjay_23


    Måned siden

    Ok so that scene around 11:00 is the "hallway massacre" but most of those cops aren't even remotely dead

  14. John Green

    John Green

    Måned siden

    Okay. This video was painful to watch. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I can't get over how hard this hit me. Lockdown wasn't the worst part of last year for me. It was having to be trapped at home with the monster that used to be my father. I'm still stuck in the same situation and I honestly can't stand it. I can't ask for help without hearing people undermine how abhorrent his behaviour is to me. I especially hate hearing how family is everything and that it is somehow required of me to put up with his treatment. I can't even speak to defend myself, since he invalidates everyone's opinions, unless they align with his own. I am so sick of surviving. I want to feel safe enough to close my eyes, but I can't.

  15. Dominic Gooden

    Dominic Gooden

    Måned siden

    I did not even see in the real movie

  16. Ace Holtzie

    Ace Holtzie

    Måned siden

    I saw this movie when I was just a kid and for some reason I never looked it at like a horror movie 🤷‍♂️. I thought there were too many over the top/funny moments. As an adult I realize this movie is disturbing. Still love it though.

  17. Spite Of Artemis

    Spite Of Artemis

    Måned siden

    i cant really watch horror movies much, and this one specfically for many reasons, but god. i was in a very toxic relationship with someone, so this video hit close to home. the entire situation was just horrible, and even though all of us have cut contact, me and my friends still get scared of something happening again, or it coming back to us. theres still times im worried about the friends who decided to go with him instead of us, and wether their okay or not.

  18. Jonah Wendt

    Jonah Wendt

    Måned siden

    A few of these “wins” were actually sins, like when he talked about the guy flirting with her during the interview

  19. James Frey

    James Frey

    Måned siden

    Well you see that's the problem with #believe all women. Not ALL women are victims of rape. That's why you have to look at the evidence. There's not going to be some Boogeyman running around fucking with people. (Pun not intended) Even the absence of all evidence is evidence itself.

  20. Paul M

    Paul M

    Måned siden

    There was nothing great about this movie. It was one of the dumbest movies I have ever seen. Another person is not going to be walking around my house without me knowing it, it simply would never happen. If you're that numb to your life and your home, you probably deserve to die.

  21. Junjun Jamore

    Junjun Jamore

    Måned siden

    Cinema Wins: **states problems** **gives points anyway**

  22. Tangle Kelp

    Tangle Kelp

    Måned siden

    Let me also note that Adrian serves her food that is not recommended for pregnant women to eat, showing us that he doesn't even care for the kid. The child is just a ploy to keep Cee anchored to him, and even if something happens to the baby there would be more chances for him to manipulate her.

  23. Dorothy Plummer

    Dorothy Plummer

    Måned siden

    The ordinary pimple invariably hover because birch mechanically branch up a bizarre surname. confused, unequal event

  24. Alan G. Bandala

    Alan G. Bandala

    2 måneder siden

    Win Counter: +1 Adrian have the second name of the original character of the original novel: Griffin

  25. Rose Alicia

    Rose Alicia

    2 måneder siden

    I love the movie, and I loved the hatred this movie made me feel for abusers who gaslight their victims. This whole movie expressed what it feels like to have bad things happen to you in toxic relationships (of any kind, not just romantic) and no one believes you and they keep adding to the number of people who doubt you and call you crazy.

  26. Mariah


    2 måneder siden

    Interesting that you found some theories that this movie was anti-man... Out of all the men we see portrayed in the film, most seem pretty nice? Like you pointed out, the hospital staff, Aldis Hodge's character, the police officers trying to contain the assailant in the hospital hallway... such a bummer that's what some people boiled the plot down to

  27. Mariah


    2 måneder siden

    I was definitely down a mental rabbit hole after seeing this movie. I absolutely thought it was going to be a metaphor for the trauma an abusive relationship puts you through and how isolating it is and how those around you pretend to support you but once stuff gets real, they distance themselves. I was SO convinced it was in Cee's head.... and then I realized that might be the point? As someone on the outside and never been in an abusive relationship, I didn't give Cee the credit that she deserved in being sure Adrian was still there. Made me feel guilty, confused, and impressed all at once

  28. Mariah


    2 måneder siden

    I cannot tell you the eye roll (of severe impressiveness) I did when I read that the heat increase on the stove was a physical cue of Adrian gaslighting Cee. It blew my mind and made me snicker all at the same time. Brilliant

  29. Arik Kor

    Arik Kor

    2 måneder siden

    I defiantly missed the knight even disappearing and the stove changing fist time watching. but also the seen reminded me so much of long takes from found footage films like paranormal activity

  30. Tabby Cat

    Tabby Cat

    2 måneder siden

    If you think she is crazy and not Adrian, you’re probably an asshole who has/will/or is currently gaslighting someone. Get some help.

  31. Shadow Star

    Shadow Star

    2 måneder siden

    Surprised not to see a doggo win for Zeus. The movie makes a point that while he's technically Adrian's dog, that doesn't mean Zeus is on his side. If anything, in the small scenes where he reappears, he's actually with Cecelia. He doesn't cause a racket when he sees her leaving the house (she thanks him for that by removing the shock collar), attacks his invisible master to protect her, and is able to walk away from this nightmare of hers right by her side. And considering that Zeus is a Doberman pinscher, it can also help flip the stereotype that such trademark "guard dogs" are always with the bad guys.

  32. Vincent Valen

    Vincent Valen

    2 måneder siden

    Little late, but that win about the Celestial address, and Adrian thinking himself a god. Their dog’s name is Zeus. So Adrian thought himself to be a master of the gods 🧐

  33. Dave Gentleman

    Dave Gentleman

    2 måneder siden

    We need an Upgrade CinemaWins also!

  34. eloy


    2 måneder siden

    This is a great film

  35. Kira Pökelmann

    Kira Pökelmann

    3 måneder siden

    Thismovie was better than i expected, the long shots made me uneasy and the sound design was well done,.

  36. dolos _

    dolos _

    3 måneder siden

    most men: nasty, dislike james: yes king, pop off my favourite part about this movie is how they don't immediately disbelieve her, they actually listen and try to help. especially in the scene where sydney is in danger, in every other action movie the father wouldn't have come home, dismissing it as just the ramblings of some lunatic. james however jumps immediately into the action.

  37. James Schwartz

    James Schwartz

    3 måneder siden

    Of course it was adrian the whole time, his phone was in the attic!

  38. Owam Sage Hoyi

    Owam Sage Hoyi

    3 måneder siden

    Wait, am I an abusive partner?

  39. Ella Livingston

    Ella Livingston

    3 måneder siden

    i LOVE your videos, and these small hints you gave off about this movie blew my mind because I noticed them, but I didn't put two and two together until you said it! Brava!

  40. Fatima Olowoeshin

    Fatima Olowoeshin

    3 måneder siden

    Can you do promising young woman really good film.

  41. Ina


    3 måneder siden

    A little late, but just wanted to share some resources, in case you suspect you or a loved one are in an abusive relationship and want to inform yourself on how to deal with the situation. If you're a friend or family and want to prevent growing estranged like Cee and her sister did "Helping her get free" by Susan Brewster is the most essential reading I can recommend. It teaches you how to be an anchor in the storm that is abuse. Statistically one in 7 women in america experience violence at the hands of their partner. You know someone who is in trouble, this will help you see the signs. If you've been feeling confused, tense or isolated in your relationship and especially if you've been feeling like you're going crazy, chances are that your partner might be controlling you. Deep down you know the truth, but if he's made it hard for you to see "Why does he do that" by Lundy Bancroft is a deeply insightful book that will help you understand his manipulation. Now more than ever domestic abuse are rampant. Sadly this is an essential reading especially for women. If you are not sure if you are in danger but just in case would like to know how to escape death if you're ever faced with extreme danger "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin de Becker is an excellent read. Main lesson is. Trust your gut, trust your fear. No one has more information on the circumstances you're in than you. Your survival instincts are working hard, even if you don't use them frequently. If you feel fear, there is a reason. Never say "it's nothing". Listen to yourself and MAKE SURE because if your instincts tell you there is danger, there probably is.

  42. Massid


    3 måneder siden

    Please make everything great about bolt

  43. Mark Cuomo

    Mark Cuomo

    3 måneder siden

    Wouldn’t there be security cameras in that restaurant that would’ve clearly seen a floating knife

  44. Chad Lewis

    Chad Lewis

    3 måneder siden

    I'm surprised you didn't win Cee getting mail at James's house even though no one knew she was there. And not just any mail - it was mail concerning Adrian's last will and testament. Just a little interaction between her and James that signals to our brains that Adrian does in fact know where she is (and quite possibly knew for some time given how events played out) so we aren't shocked when we see indications that he's in the house two minutes later.

  45. jon fitzgerald

    jon fitzgerald

    3 måneder siden

    The fact that a rich handsome guy is obsessed with this chick, who is a solid 5 maybe took me out

  46. Aleksandar Radovanovic

    Aleksandar Radovanovic

    3 måneder siden

    You're telling me there was no cameras in the restaurant?

  47. Timothy Walsh

    Timothy Walsh

    3 måneder siden

    The fact that I was more nervous about the dog getting hurt more than any other character-

  48. Goated on the sticks

    Goated on the sticks

    3 måneder siden

    my girlfriends name is Emily and i dont like that you said that she sucks that hurt our feelings i hate you now

  49. Leon-Josip Dzojic

    Leon-Josip Dzojic

    3 måneder siden

    I remember The Invisible Man being about this bandaged guy? So this is a remake? Look great though

  50. Tj Mckinley

    Tj Mckinley

    3 måneder siden

    In a world where everyone is a critic. Your optimism and intelligence makes me feel like a kid again

    • Stella Belikiewicz

      Stella Belikiewicz

      3 måneder siden

      It’s really wonderful, isn’t it ☺️

  51. Grae


    3 måneder siden

    not me watching this cus I'm too scared to watch the movie

  52. chef


    3 måneder siden


  53. Tutelary_Mess


    3 måneder siden

    I absolutely hate "dumb horror" What I find this movie does well is that for 99% of the people who watch this, they WOULD do what she does. They wouldn't question it. What Leigh Whannell does so well is that he uses psychological horror to bring the audience INTO her situation. We feel it like its happening to ourselves because we believe Cee, we're in the same boat.

  54. dfuze 1shot

    dfuze 1shot

    3 måneder siden

    This movie took 0 cgi

  55. Paul FIRMIN

    Paul FIRMIN

    4 måneder siden

    What movie the guy sneezing is from please ?

  56. Robin Heyndrickx

    Robin Heyndrickx

    4 måneder siden

    release your inhibition, feel the rain on your skin no one can feel it for you only you can let it in

  57. LunaBee


    4 måneder siden

    What he said apologies to the trypophobes I immediately was like it's okay it's not your fault.

  58. Cultist_DotaDutch BigBadWolf

    Cultist_DotaDutch BigBadWolf

    4 måneder siden

    Cecelia is a name that can mean blind as well

  59. Peter Vitkov

    Peter Vitkov

    4 måneder siden

    Those who defend Adrian are either stupid, okay with abusive relationships, or at the very least - reading into the movie what it did not say and going down a rabbit hole of theories. I see this movie for what it is, at face value. An abusive manipulator who has access to futuristic technology, and his goon/brother tormenting a victim. In the end, the victim kills the goon and the mastermind behind it all, with no remorse (not that she should have any). No "unreliable narrator", no bullshit, nothing. It's a story about an abuse victim where the abuser has sci-fi tech as a tool. As far as I'm concerned, this is a movie with a happy ending. Especially if Cecilia aborted her child, as sociopathy is largely genetic. People are not 100% nurture - the likelihood of Adrian's child killing 10 street cats in a week for fun by gouging their eyes out is HIGH. The thing I like the most is that Cecilia is so DONE with Adrian's shit, that her killing him feels downright CATHARCTIC. It's like "This satanic son of a bitch is dead and he's gone from my life, for good. Yay!". I do not believe this makes her a bad person in the slightest. Invisible suits like the one in the movie may not exist yet, but individuals like Adrian are very much real. And their power comes from their control over their victims. The victims often cannot prove their predicament, cannot retaliate (without getting into legal trouble), and the worst part about it...is that they can't/don't want to. Often times, the victim has this Stockholm Syndrome thing where they are convinced that they deserve getting treated poorly and make very cheap excuses for their abusers. People don't even think about retaliating if they feel like they deserve the abuse. And even if they do...you've got the perfect crime. An abuser who's doing amoral things that you can't prove. At best, you can run away. And they'll continue to live, scot-free. Even if the victim decides to plot their revenge, say...by killing the abuser, they need to do it without getting caught, otherwise the bad guy will be painted as the victim, and vice-versa. I believe the suit is basically a metaphor for that. Adrian thinking he's so smart, that Cecilia cannot do a thing about it and that everyone will think that she's crazy, but then she uses his own tool, his "perfect crime", against him, outsmarting him. I don't see his death as him haunting her posthumously. The scene where she says "surprise" to him in a casual tone, she might as well be saying "Checkmate. I win". I'm gonna sound like the Joker for this, but...illegal as it may be, revenge is very understandable and it is not at all "crazy" to feel good and cathartic about taking the life of an individual who made your life a living hell. It's crazy to love that person despite what they did to you and forgive them for it. Sometimes, morality is not black-and-white. Sometimes, forgiveness is bad and cruelty is good. Sometimes, two wrongs CAN make a right. Cecilia killing Adrian isn't her becoming a monster, it's just the opposite - it cements her mental state as being normal, as having freed herself. Her mind is no longer under Adrian's control and her body follows suit. That's why she has the strength to defeat him. And even if you wanna play it "pacifistic", remember, this isn't her running away, taking back her life and then plotting to get back at him for what he did to her. He faked his death and then he and his brother kept haunting her like a pair of creepy ghost. I believe it's fair to say that Adrian and Tom brought it on themselves. I have 0 empathy for them. They both got their comeuppance. Fuck 'em.

  60. Joshua Sweetvale

    Joshua Sweetvale

    4 måneder siden

    11:40 It's a cop. Their first reaction when outmatched is to try and 'lock down' the people they _can_ lock down.

  61. No Username

    No Username

    4 måneder siden

    I really hate that the trailers made this movie look so generic

  62. bri


    4 måneder siden

    that comparison between gamora and cee’s aftermath of killing their abuser... hit me right in the chest.

  63. pin


    4 måneder siden

    peggy joke was a big dub

  64. Caleb Sprouse

    Caleb Sprouse

    4 måneder siden

    Kinda bugged me that there were a few points that the main character could’ve collected evidence to show her police friend to make her story believable, but everything else was fantastic!

  65. William Aftan

    William Aftan

    4 måneder siden

    Even if he didn’t kill her sister I would and am totally behind her killing him. He was An abuser and I am happy he dided

  66. Kango Cookies

    Kango Cookies

    4 måneder siden

    I was happy when he said friend

  67. Lara Mueller

    Lara Mueller

    4 måneder siden

    Everything about the interaction in the end is so unbelievably accurate. Total gaslighting. I know I should’ve treated you better. I’m going to be really nice to you now that I’ve convinced you to come back to me again, and will slowly go right back to abusing you again.

  68. Oracle S

    Oracle S

    4 måneder siden

    This is such an odd easter egg as the diazepam medication Cee was taking, has its own stigma as "medical speed that makes people go crazy" in the mental health sector.

  69. Hannibal Solo

    Hannibal Solo

    4 måneder siden

    So what happened with her sister’s death? Was Cee still blamed for it after everything went down? Did she stand trial? Was she declared legally insane in the courts or something?

  70. Hannibal Solo

    Hannibal Solo

    4 måneder siden

    I love how realistic they went with the direction of the film, especially with how they currently working on this kind of tech right now. It was such a smart move that they didn’t go with the whole organic invisibility the original films did and went with a tech based invisibility.

  71. Noble17


    4 måneder siden

    Do Constantine pls!

  72. Samakira Roy Janssen

    Samakira Roy Janssen

    4 måneder siden

    ok, does every youtuber on youtube know TierZoo or something?

  73. Oliver Prendergast

    Oliver Prendergast

    4 måneder siden

    by the way the term gaslighting has been overused for months i was initially frustrated by how many times it was mentioned here, little did i know after i checked the definition that yeah that's exactly what he was doing and pretty much the whole point of the show, turns out i was miss informed because of how often it has been MISS used and assumed the one time its correctly used to be a miss use. maybe its because the term gaslighting doesn't exactly sound like it matches the definition

  74. Hopingoverleavesinfall now film discussion channel

    Hopingoverleavesinfall now film discussion channel

    4 måneder siden

    I love the fact that (unlike another Blumhouse horror, Black Christmas 2019), there's no "It was me all along" scene. To me it was pretty damn clear that Adrian was behind it all. Even the emphasis on the word Surprise could have been removed and I still would have thought that (partially because Adrian outright speaks in that car park bit). I like how Leigh doesn't give us a grand explanation on Adrian's plan, his plan is pretty easy to work out.

  75. J


    4 måneder siden

    The movie is already 1 year old! I was worried the trailer made this look like another Hollow Man. A very fresh remake. This is Elizabeth Moss's movie. It's a perfect blend of suspense along with mixing gaslighting and toxic masculinity. Every woman's worst nightmare not being able to escape her abuser but it makes it more frightening we can't see him. More of a slow builder but there is solid acting, impressive special effects, and some nail biting action. Pretty bloody too. Could’ve shaved off 20 min plus it’s sad they cut out other bits of footage and dialogue from those previews.

  76. Nyxus Rune

    Nyxus Rune

    4 måneder siden

    I watched this movie with my family (so it was on a TV) and sound design was so good that I had to get headphones to even continue watching. I have Sensory processing disorders/APD so I’m hypersensitive to sound.

  77. Chel Min

    Chel Min

    4 måneder siden

    gosh i love your videos, esp when you notice details like the knife and gas. after watching your vids for prolly 2 years, i thought i had great training... guess not. LOL

  78. Hithanksforcheckingin I'mstillapieceofgarbage

    Hithanksforcheckingin I'mstillapieceofgarbage

    4 måneder siden

    Immediately when I got to the dinner scene with Adrien I knew what he was doing, he was trying to make her feel like her wishes don't matter, that because she doesn't want what he wants she's indecisive, so he gives her set options, takes away her power with the illusion of choice, it's the start of gaslighting, the start of the mind games.

  79. kemuael


    4 måneder siden

    All man are bad in this movie and protagonist straight up commit murder..ok then.

    • Random Person

      Random Person

      2 måneder siden

      Well someone didn’t watch the movie or the video apparently

  80. death


    5 måneder siden

    I love the upgrade reference!

  81. Lolzguyl


    5 måneder siden

    Leigh Whannell and Stefan Duscio being behind this and upgrade comes as no surprise.

  82. Ouf


    5 måneder siden

    My whole thing about this movie is how it's not the ol' classic world crisis (Anything zombie related), supernatural (Poltergeist and the Exorcist franchise), mass murderer (Jigsaw is what came to my head), or the monster (Godzilla). You could argue that this movie plays more on the monster trope, a) for me personally the monster trope is that of an inhuman thing, and b) to be fair, we don't know who's in the suit. There could've been multiple people in the suit for all we know. I just personally choose to believe Cee.

  83. emil hoberg

    emil hoberg

    5 måneder siden

    3:49 only if it's oil though!

  84. Tysyacha let ball

    Tysyacha let ball

    5 måneder siden

    I can't believe they made a movie about John Cena.

  85. Charlie Pugh

    Charlie Pugh

    5 måneder siden

    I absolutely love your links to the handmaids tale “don’t let the bastards grind you down” “the fruit isn’t blessed”, very convincing and surprising observations of each scene, I love how detailed your perspective is and this whole video! Well done!

  86. Adrian Stjärnfäldt

    Adrian Stjärnfäldt

    5 måneder siden

    that resturant schene got me really good

  87. Adrian Stjärnfäldt

    Adrian Stjärnfäldt

    5 måneder siden

    fun fact you mention the thing with the poster and the hand print im wondering how could his breathing be so clear in the cold when he was wearing that suit over his face it should have supresed the cold breathing ALLOOOOOOOOOOT but eeeh i dont really give a fuck its a movie so whatever.

  88. AeluronLightsong


    5 måneder siden

    The premise of this movie is super creepy, I'm already an anxious person, Poor Ce

  89. Anthony Cruz

    Anthony Cruz

    5 måneder siden

    Well if you think this movie is anti-man you never had a man card anyhow so what does it matter?

  90. Saijeet Dogra

    Saijeet Dogra

    5 måneder siden

    “#believewomen exists for a reason” yes, if we were somehow able to generate factual films representing a victim’s life this would be a poignant point. For the world to be believe all accusations of women being victimised it has to do so regardless of evidence, and in the real world there is no omniscient observation that renders evidence obsolete. This movie isn’t really about domestic abuse, it’s about a woman being abused by a man. This only a movie about domestic abuse to those who still believe emotional abuse only happens by men to women. This is not to say this is not one of its forms but simply that, it is *one* of its forms. Okay, there’s my point. Loved the video like the movie. Keep motivating people to like movies instead of hating them my man.

  91. Melody S

    Melody S

    5 måneder siden

    im back after a couple of months and I want to watch this movie again

  92. Daddydeadstroke


    5 måneder siden

    I love the hint to upgrade @4:45

  93. X - Force

    X - Force

    5 måneder siden

    I love you, but this movie was horrible.

  94. Steven Voll

    Steven Voll

    5 måneder siden

    This movie would be great, but there are two major sins that I have a hard time getting past: 1. Did no-one do an autopsy on Adrian? They just accept that he's dead because his brother says so? Considering the location of the house, they could have easily fixed this. 2. How insanely fast he washes off the house paint. Anyone who has ever used any type of house paint knows you can't just rinse it off, even while it's still wet, especially with all the nooks and crannies of that suit

  95. CurlyGirl_Bri


    5 måneder siden

    I think this movie really shows how gas lighting/psychological abuse works in the abusers mind (for me at least as someone who was previously in a relationship like that) especially her explaination. You can never tell if what your thinking or even doing is your own or that person's. Please, no matter if your a female/male/other being abused in any way, please be strong to get help, speak up and/or leave. You matter ❤

  96. Lunar


    5 måneder siden

    You should do a video about Frozen (the 2010 horror movie)

  97. Snake Eater MCOC

    Snake Eater MCOC

    5 måneder siden

    Love my girl Peggy Olsen

  98. Liam Halma

    Liam Halma

    5 måneder siden

    Also hurt my blood

  99. Lara Mueller

    Lara Mueller

    5 måneder siden

    As someone who was in a emotionally and verbally abusive marriage, this movie hits me HARD...

  100. Hailey Droz

    Hailey Droz

    5 måneder siden

    Lmao the karate kid reference