Everything GREAT About Tenet! (Part 2)

TENET will brain your hurt. It mine. Here's things, good Tenet! (Part 2)

EGA Tenet PART 0 (Plot Breakdown): nonet.info/glo/video/ZaeZmZFrrdRqz4M
EGA Tenet PART 1: nonet.info/glo/video/rHSXmYyBgr6K3G4

Welby CoffeeSpill: 3D Stalsk-12 Battle - nonet.info/glo/video/Z4ePe6FqobmpxG4
Welby CoffeeSpill: 3D Oslo Freeport - nonet.info/glo/video/aKp3n6yYm9J8xGo
Welby CoffeeSpill: 3D Tallinn Car - nonet.info/glo/video/fqSBj6N6jrGouoM

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  1. R1CKSH4W


    7 timer siden

    As (apparently) one of the few that enjoyed Tenet, these two episodes were an absolute treat.

  2. Michael M

    Michael M

    10 timer siden

    This new narrator is unwatchable

  3. Iain Ronald

    Iain Ronald

    2 dager siden

    I might watch it again, but basically, my first watch once we got to Elizabeth Debicki and Kenneth Branagh made me feel like I was stoned and for the rest, I had my hands folded behind my head laughing saying "sure, why not?" at whatever plot points came next. Whenever something inverted, It felt to me like a Buster Keaton sketch which made me chuckle. I think where it really lost me is that there's a line of dialogue saying that Sator and his wife is just a side mission and then suddenly they're the crux of the story.

  4. Cornelius Random

    Cornelius Random

    2 dager siden

    Obviously Nolan is very clever. I think Nolan knew people would assume that Neil is Max. However, unless there is some sort of genetic defect.. a son is always taller than his mother. This scientifically proven rule is very very well known. Robert Pattison (Neil) is 6 feet tall. However, Elizabeth Debicki is very tall, and is 6 feet 3 inches. That would make it impossible for Neil to be her son. Unless, of course, he has some kind of birth defect.. which I don't think he has. However, I think Nolan got a very tall actress on purpose so that the audience would figure out that Neil is not Max.

  5. Zeres


    4 dager siden

    "You with me?" I was at the end but started losing you towards the start.

  6. Cliff Howe

    Cliff Howe

    5 dager siden

    Bro you are the best!

  7. Adam Scott

    Adam Scott

    7 dager siden

    It's time for you to do A Knight's Tale

  8. zact lee

    zact lee

    8 dager siden

    The bullet killing neil is backward.

  9. zact lee

    zact lee

    8 dager siden

    Am i the only who gets it on the first watch.

  10. malmoutte


    8 dager siden

    I don't understand how Neil can know he will be sacrifice himself ? Except if the protagonist tells him. Where did he know this ?

  11. Avarickan


    12 dager siden

    I really appreciate the "what's happened happened" sort of time travel. It's a very freeing way of looking at things. You can act, do the best you can, and whatever happens is the inevitable result of that. There was no way you could make things turn out different, it was always going to be like that. You just have to have faith in the way the world works. I think there's a element of absurdism to it. If you revolt against the absurd by doing something to make the world a better place then the results of that attempt is irrelevant, the important part is that you've done the decent thing.

  12. Karrde


    13 dager siden

    i dont know how long the movie is but if its 2 hours they should have made it 4 hours long and invert it half way so u just start watching the same film backwards lol

  13. Kaleena Lettich

    Kaleena Lettich

    14 dager siden

    I just got tenet it's one ten forwards and the other ten backwards it took me this long to get it my brain is killing me 🤣🤣

  14. C B

    C B

    17 dager siden

    I haven’t seen anyone comment about it or mentioned in the vid but the title could be explained. The plan at the end of the movie where red and blue are moving in different directions, one going up from zero to 10 and one going from 10 to zero. Literally ten and ten but one is inverted so it is ten and net (ten backwards) and where they meet in the middle together to succeed, they make tenet. That could be totally nonsense but I’ll take it.

  15. Felix Howell

    Felix Howell

    20 dager siden

    Wait, so you all know how Sator's watch will set off the bomb if his pulse hits a flat line right. So while the whole battle at Stalsk-12 was going on maybe Sator had INTENDED for Kat to kill him? Just a theory, or is that actually how it goes?

  16. James Smith

    James Smith

    20 dager siden

    bruh...i love cinemawins so much cause i love moviesans what makes them awesome and i love the way you kinda make the review feel the same way that film does. so this one just hurts my brain the same way the movie does. brilliant!! i think i need to go lay down for a bit lmao

  17. Nilouthpal Biswas

    Nilouthpal Biswas

    21 dag siden

    I care about this movie a lot it was an awesome experience for me,

  18. Sylvia Matias

    Sylvia Matias

    22 dager siden


  19. melvin jolliff

    melvin jolliff

    25 dager siden

    Not gonna lie.. I might be dumb as hell but I still don’t understand it 😂💀

  20. James Donald

    James Donald

    27 dager siden

    It's a Doctor and River Song relationship

  21. BS1


    27 dager siden

    Excellent Video about Tenet ➡ teneT tuoba oediV tnellecxE🔄

  22. Sebastian Rukes

    Sebastian Rukes

    27 dager siden

    I don't think an off screen scene between Kat and Neil about Neil being her son would make sense because Kat wouldn't recognize Neil since the movies version of Kat only knows her son to be a little boy. Maybe in the future as her son starts to look like Neil and the protagonist recruits him she might realize that Neil was actually her son the whole time, but that would happen after the timeline of the movie.

  23. Alpha dawg

    Alpha dawg

    28 dager siden

    I’m still fucking confused

  24. Ninja__53


    28 dager siden

    I finally watched it and I'm 1 of the 8!

  25. TheBjurn


    29 dager siden

    Fun fact: you could know that the protagonist won because the ending scene ended in the past and if everything is ment to be then if the future exists, they were going to win anyhow

  26. Broden Szetey

    Broden Szetey

    Måned siden

    My theory for max being Neil. I think at some point, some time Kat is eventually going to get killed, likely by Ives. The phone thing is a great warning but not infallible. At that point the protagonist will revel himself to Max/Neil saying that he knew his mother and is responsible for her death by not being able to save her. Max will be recruited into tenet from a young age and has his name changed to Neil (using your theory) so he can escape his old identity. I reckon as a part of training for tenet soldiers they invert on a daily cycle in order to train without losing time. The protagonist take Neil into the past (he said he has a future in the past) gradually and by the time the events of the movie come to they’ve experienced a long beautiful friendship together



    Måned siden

    What I want to know, is if the future never got the algorithm, then who made all the turnstiles, especially those which the future would have 7sed to communicate with Sator

  28. Wader boy

    Wader boy

    Måned siden

    Okay off topic but imagine drowning backwards

  29. Amy Foodietraveler

    Amy Foodietraveler

    Måned siden

    The moment where we see them say goodbye and the forwards and backness of their friendship reminded me of River and The doctor in doctor who. When we are first introduced to river she already knows the doctor but he is meeting her for the first time. It added an extra weight to her self sacrifice once realising that the whole time that she had know him he always knew she was going to die. Same for Neil as he worked out pretty quickly that was the end of the line for him but was excited for the protagonist to see it all unfold in his time line. You are left feeling empty for not being about to see those events unfold. Although the story line of River was overly complicated for what’s meant to be a kids tv show it did show the difficulties of two peoples time lines going in opposite direction and simultaneously or as the doctor would say wibbly wobbly timywhimy. Because we don’t know where exactly Neils prospective is as it is working backwards and forwards at the same time. Maybe if we were given the scene in which Neil meets the protagonist for the first time with our knowledge that the protagonist knows he’s going to die, with the nod to our direction maybe we wouldn’t be left feeling so empty. If anyone carried on to the end of my tangent thanks, hope it makes sense even if you do not understand the references

  30. Ronin


    Måned siden

    He does pull ups in the wind turbine

  31. This is where the fun begins

    This is where the fun begins

    Måned siden

    2:00 Why did the water worked like that? It didn't work similar to the gunshot. An inverted gunshot created an inverted effect in a normal wall. Here the protagonist's inverted step created a normal effect in the normal water. Why?

  32. Kévin Kirst

    Kévin Kirst

    Måned siden

    I heard about this movie through you, and oh am I glad I did! what an amazing, brain twisting experience!

  33. No Time To Explain

    No Time To Explain

    Måned siden

    Vex Mythoclast: The Movie

  34. TheGuy WhoWentThere

    TheGuy WhoWentThere

    Måned siden

    3:37 wait, what the fuck? (nvm, reached the end of the vid) also 18:24, the sequel should just be the title in reverse and they should call it "Tenet." Let Hollywood suck on THAT one!

  35. LANDL


    Måned siden

    Anyone notice that the movement of the ladder on the fire truck is reminiscent of an analogue clock with the hand sweeping clockwise and anti clockwise?

  36. Macid11


    Måned siden

    This movie broke my brain. Its 24 hours since then and I havent been able to return to normal thinking.

  37. Moc Ka

    Moc Ka

    Måned siden

    After the first time watching the film: I am a bit confused about the time. Maybe it will make more sense later After the second time watching the film: I am more confused now

  38. Josh Swartz

    Josh Swartz

    Måned siden

    I'm sorry but this film needs justification z not praise. Its batshit on a surface level, annoying on introspection and just impossibly convoluted on a deep dive. It doesn't make sense how anything works and that rips me straight out of everything. This is not being "time forward brained", this movie was not fun in my personal opinion.

  39. Andrew Marinelly

    Andrew Marinelly

    Måned siden

    you didn't mention simple things that make no sense, we see constantly people moonwalking and cars driving backwards but we also see inverted people try to interact normally with non inverted people... Jim Carrey is a great physical actor but I don't think you could ask him to walk backwards and tape it then play it backwards and look normal, let alone running a hand through the hair. The film is impressive, some ideas are impressive but this film needed a better script and more time. Interstellar doesn't hold up because it relies on a paradox to work while inception holds up because it just works on every level. Nolan is great but had to rush production or never make the film, he chose cool action scenes over character and plot, I don't go to a Nolan film expecting a Jerry Bruckheimer production I want a journey. Sound was a big part of my negativity in watching this and may have stained my views but is definitely the reason I have watched this once and 3 times for 15 minutes until realizing I'm too pissed to continue, I'm jealous anybody truly likes this film, I appreciate the directing and some scenes writing and most of the acting but the complete picture is a mess in my view and I viscerally hate this film because I want to love it but can't.

  40. Surv Call

    Surv Call

    Måned siden

    Id like the edit the movie and separate the forward and backwards scenes then play them at the same time

  41. Nicholas Factor

    Nicholas Factor

    Måned siden

    Did I hear a Mass Effect joke? 19:06

  42. PJ Larson

    PJ Larson

    Måned siden

    I’m smart as hell, I get the concept, but frustrated as shit after 2 views and NOnet help I’m still missing pieces.

  43. daxy


    Måned siden

    I didn't understand a single thing said in this video... guess it's my one direction brain :)

  44. gufio


    Måned siden

    this movie waves one HUGE question, how the fuck is he fighting himself? there isnt an answer. am i supposed to assume that the me in the past can just be gone back to? why is there 2 of me then? id just be me going backwards in time then, just the ONE me not two. the reason this movie makes no sense is bc its makes rules about time that are just silly. the past me isnt a place its just an action that i did before the present tldr this movie pisses me of with what it does with time

  45. Sean Brinker

    Sean Brinker

    Måned siden

    Watched the whole thing, in case you wonder whether anyone did. I appreciate the extra time you spent delving into the minutiae.

  46. RudiRaichura


    Måned siden

    Thank you CinemaWins for videos as entertaining as the movie. I still don’t get it and wish you further addressed the lack of audible dialogue but then again that isn’t technically a ‘win.’ :-)

  47. Will Touusignant

    Will Touusignant

    Måned siden

    i have never been so lost in my life

  48. Patrick Mulcahey

    Patrick Mulcahey

    Måned siden

    I am one of the eight.

  49. Denzel Stephen

    Denzel Stephen

    Måned siden

    Only inconsistency I see is that when u invert, your processes aren't inverted to you. So you bring along oxygen because the oxygen thats present when u invert is inverted oxygen, not carbon dioxide

  50. Henri Lessard

    Henri Lessard

    Måned siden

    I think that inverted people are actually unbreathing CO2

  51. jasonjavelin


    Måned siden

    Many I really just love the set pieces and scale of Nolan movies. They all have this feel about them and just really stand out compared to other works.

  52. Juan Suarez

    Juan Suarez

    Måned siden

    Great video! Just a question: could you tell me where I can see those behind the scenes video? They’re not from the oficial making of video.

  53. Genius Ell

    Genius Ell

    Måned siden

    An easy trick is to look at the turnstiles as temporal u-turns.

  54. Tzisorey Tigerwuf

    Tzisorey Tigerwuf

    Måned siden

    Like they say at the beginning(ish) - You didn't catch it, because you didn't drop it.

  55. MeowMita


    Måned siden

    I was thinking about it and a way that Neil could in theory go "back" in time is if there is some form of like cryogenic stasis or something similar that halts or greatly reduces aging which isn't too inconceivable considering we get technology from the future in the first place. I can get why Nolan didn't want to make it more concrete though because then there's another level of like technology stuff to maybe explain / work into lore. The one possible tie in I can think of is the protagonist's coma after the opera siege, though it's only for a sort period of time.

  56. Anonymous Ghostie

    Anonymous Ghostie

    Måned siden

    Me, having watched it 10 times: *confused screaming* i swear it makes me go insane but in a good way

  57. WitherWolf33


    Måned siden

    Bonus Win! The red and blue symbolism for different orientations in time may be a nod to red and blue shifts. An object that is moving closer while observed has a red tint and an object that is moving further away has a blue tint. The un-inverted move closer to a point in time while the inverted move further away as time progresses.

  58. jay kumor

    jay kumor

    Måned siden

    Loved it

  59. Morrigan Kingma

    Morrigan Kingma

    Måned siden

    Loved your passion for such a passionately made movie

  60. waseq shaaz

    waseq shaaz

    Måned siden

    Well, I am of those who watched it till the end if you want to know. You're just amazing. The way you've covered everything. Keep working, you'll have the subscribers you deserve.

  61. i am stupid and lazy

    i am stupid and lazy

    Måned siden

    I love how people are not paying attention to level of science involved in this film. people just want to understand the story. the science in this film is not so convincing but the vfx are impressive.

  62. Little Sushi Roll

    Little Sushi Roll

    Måned siden

    It's kinda funny how Tenet literally starts at the end (the future) and ends in the beginning (the past) Smart play Nolan

  63. Jenna Smith

    Jenna Smith

    Måned siden

    Ahhh thank you for this beautiful description and breakdown. SO many reviews for this film I saw just plain hated it and said it was just a time movie that didn't make any sense. While yes there's a ton that's confusing and hard to grasp and relies completely on your belief in the world and ability to say "what's happened happened" and believe that too its still such a good film!

  64. Xavier McNicholl

    Xavier McNicholl

    Måned siden

    mabey in a couple of years the'll make a sequal and the name of the movie will be reversed, oh wait

  65. Nymiaz


    Måned siden

    Could Neil invert multiple times to avoid the consequences of multiple inversions?

  66. Paul R

    Paul R

    Måned siden

    Did he mention how good the score was?? Is the question my inverted self will ask in part I of the breakdown

  67. East Meets West Presents

    East Meets West Presents

    Måned siden

    Another cool point to add here. If you're familiar with Doctor Who, then this movie's ending will evoke for you Whovians the episode "Forest of the Dead" which has this lovely monologue from the character River Song just before her sacrifice to save the Doctor: RIVER: Funny thing is, this means you've always known how I was going to die. All the time we've been together, you knew I was coming here. The last time I saw you, the real you, the future you, I mean, you turned up on my doorstep, with a new haircut and a suit. You took me to Darillium to see the Singing Towers. What a night that was. The Towers sang, and you cried. You wouldn't tell me why, but I suppose you knew it was time. My time. Time to come to the library. You even gave me your screwdriver. That should have been a clue. There is nothing you can do. DOCTOR: You can let me do this. RIVER: If you die here, it'll mean I've never met you. DOCTOR: Time can be rewritten. RIVER: Not those times. Not one line. Don't you dare. It's okay. It's okay. It's not over for you. You'll see me again. You've got all of that to come. You and me, time and space. You watch us run. If you know about Doctor Who, you will know what the relationship between the Doctor and River is like. It's a bit similar to this in that the first interaction for one of them is the last for the other. And then the loop is closed later on - The Protagonist will not only recruit Neil but might end up separated from Neil permanently but not before he tells that Neil from his (the Protagonist's) future a version of this exchange.

  68. East Meets West Presents

    East Meets West Presents

    Måned siden

    There's also something noteworthy as well in that final exchange between Neil and The Protagonist. Neil spills some revealing secrets of his past to the Protagonist while Ives is in the helicopter. This leads to two things: 1. This instance kinda contradicts most time travel movies in which one of the rules is that people in the past can't reveal secrets of the future lest a paradox is created. 2. Because Ives is in the helicopter and thus cannot hear the dialogue, Ives doesn't know that: a) Neil dies taking the bullet from Volkov (and heck he didn't see it because he was knocked out during the pivotal moment) and thus contributing to the endgame victory; and b) The Protagonist IS the leader behind Tenet; so his earlier dialog about killing the Protagonist and Neil if he 'ever finds them' is so ironic (because Neil will be dead anyway, and its probably treasonous to kill your boss). All the people that know that The Protagonist is the mastermind behind Tenet is either in the future or is dead in the past (except for Kat, maybe).



    Måned siden

    I should have never watched this now I'm more confused lol

    • Paul R

      Paul R

      Måned siden

      I’ve seen the movie once. Plan on watching again soon. In between wanted to watch a couple breakdowns. Kinda get it a little more. But maybe that’s just what I want to say in the future

  70. Joseph Mathes

    Joseph Mathes

    2 måneder siden

    There's actually a fairly simple, non-arguable plot hole, if you want one. If the people from the future won and inverted time for all reality, their environmental apocalypse would also invert, and it would still happen to them.

  71. Boredman567


    2 måneder siden

    Both timers are set to ten minutes, but one begins counting when the other stops, so at any point, if you add the timers together, you get 10. (eg. 8: 45 and 1: 15)

  72. Boredman567


    2 måneder siden


  73. American Chadski

    American Chadski

    2 måneder siden

    this movie, THIS MOVIE

  74. Leo Van Munching

    Leo Van Munching

    2 måneder siden

    Neil ;-;

  75. ya_boi_zach


    2 måneder siden

    I had a stroke trying to understand this

  76. Alex


    2 måneder siden

    The problem with oxygen wasn’t that the bodily function was inverted, it was that the oxygen wouldn’t pass through the lungs membranes right, therefore needing inverted oxygen

  77. Timothy Lolcats

    Timothy Lolcats

    2 måneder siden

    someone had to actually write this??? how???

  78. ChronoNeko


    2 måneder siden

    Watching these videos actually got me off my butt when it came to watching the movie!

  79. Drew DeMaio

    Drew DeMaio

    2 måneder siden

    I would hope that this is part one of a sequel. Being that there was such a lack of character development, it would be amazing to see where this all "begins", creating an actual pincer/palindrome with the two films!

  80. Therizino Saurus

    Therizino Saurus

    2 måneder siden

    the way the friend ship works reminds me of another story but I can't place it. Of course it was another time travel story... but I just can't remember enough of it to place it.

    • Therizino Saurus

      Therizino Saurus

      2 måneder siden

      I just though of it... Doctor Who... the Doctor and River Song

  81. russellcheck


    2 måneder siden

    I don't often leave comments. Here is a comment: I absolutely love your material. I love the appreciation you have for movies. I love the positive impact you leave behind on my future views of films (I say this because this is Tenet and I just saw it recently). stnemmoc evael netfo t'nod I. !senutrof suoegartuo dna stirips doog ni uoy sdnif siht epoh I

  82. mickey george

    mickey george

    2 måneder siden

    A cool scene I haven’t seen anyone mention but I caught on my third viewing was when sator caught the protagonist snooping on the yacht and when he’s interrogating the protagonist he says “we live in a twilight world” to try and out the protagonist as CIA since it’s been established as their code word for undercover agents

  83. Jacob Genzel

    Jacob Genzel

    2 måneder siden

    What if Neil decided not to sacrifice himself after all....changing his mind last second and never goes back to sacrifice himself. How could it ever have happened if there is truly free will and reality isn’t already predetermined?

  84. Jacob Genzel

    Jacob Genzel

    2 måneder siden

    How is Tenet a secret when the public sees people moving around backwards.....like the inverted car chase for example? Wouldn’t it be all over the news of regular people reporting sightings of objects and people behaving backwards??

  85. Paul B

    Paul B

    2 måneder siden

    Love your vid. Congrats on doing what ya love.

  86. SallyFishman


    2 måneder siden

    My head's hurting, even with the answer. Still need to watch it again.

  87. RockyGaming


    2 måneder siden

    NGL I was confused with this whole entire movie but I give Cinema props on explaining what's going on in the movie 😂 he must of been mind fucked on explaining everything

  88. Juan Herselman

    Juan Herselman

    2 måneder siden

    So I watched part 1, then had to watch the movie, watched the movie then watched part 2... Part 1 helped me make sense of the movie and part 2 explained the movie. Perfectly balanced

  89. MavericSun


    2 måneder siden

    So one paradox you may have missed. When Neil breaks off to steal the jeep and warn the splinter unit he is infact attracting the attention of Volkov's blue team who then inform him of the splinter team, which gives him the idea to seal them in the tunnel with the explosion, which in turn prompts Neil to intervene in the first place. Loops within loops.

  90. Kaype


    2 måneder siden

    This movie is so confusing I actually gained 2 brain cells.

  91. jonkasponkas sak

    jonkasponkas sak

    2 måneder siden

    Also the moment he says posterity the song "POSTERITY" starts

  92. Kay Cannon

    Kay Cannon

    2 måneder siden

    I know I'm late but I wanted to see this movie before I watched this. I love your work... and it is never wasted; I know its a sacrifice some time. For me, you always inspire, bring joy, and broaden my thinking and for that I'm thankful. Also Congrats on the baby on the way.

  93. Paul Stroud

    Paul Stroud

    2 måneder siden

    The last movie that I watched that got me so excited about watching it that I had to watch it 2 more times back to back was Mad Max: Fury Road. Tenet, much like Memento, is very much that kind of movie. I wish I had seen it in theaters, I would have gone three times.

  94. Fharish Ahmed

    Fharish Ahmed

    2 måneder siden

    Cool, so Batman also acted in this movie, and then went on to do Twilight? I find that a bit weird to believe ... don't you think?

  95. Samantha Izaguirre

    Samantha Izaguirre

    2 måneder siden

    I enjoyed this movie quite a bit when it came out (I'm a huge physics fan), and seeing the TACTILE time travel (they fight themselves?!?!!?) was just such a huge thrill. I felt empty at the end, too, but it was a good empty... the story happened, but also hasn't happened yet. We're only at the beginning.

  96. denyingdestruction


    2 måneder siden

    18:48 our love for him might fade if there were to be a sequel. Yeah, but then you could also watch the movies backwards and end THAT movie with loving him, or is that not reversable? Once you hate a character, can you come back to love??evol ot kcab emoc uoy nac, retcarahc a etah uoy encO

  97. Lx Sin

    Lx Sin

    2 måneder siden

    I wonder how people in 50 years will react to this. They probably are watching it right now.

  98. WhitieWu


    2 måneder siden

    I honestly didn't even put it together that Neil was shot and killed. The editing was so quick, it only looked like someone getting up quickly and blocking the shot, unlocking the door then running away. The focus on the red tag hanging from the bag only made me think of the fact that Neil has saved the protagonist at the Opera.

  99. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith

    2 måneder siden

    Could you break down the story line of just the bullet? It still doesn’t make sense. So, he dropped the bullet , fine, but then it had to have been in his hand. Wouldn’t there have to be a whole time line moving forward? Because unlike the people the bullet didn’t go through the turnstile after or before it ended up in his hand.

  100. Bry G

    Bry G

    2 måneder siden

    Can anyone explain the car door part at 2:20 seemed unnecessary and confusing?? The sound of the door represented inversion? Because of what exactly