Everything GREAT About Tenet! (Part 1)

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TENET will hurt your brain. It hurt mine. I got nuthin'. It's all in the vid, well half. Here's Part 1 of everything right with Tenet!

EGA Tenet PART 0 (Plot Breakdown): nonet.info/glo/video/ZaeZmZFrrdRqz4M
EGA Tenet PART 2: nonet.info/glo/video/m5OYqIuCd5uumKE

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  1. kenyonorama


    14 timer siden

    how dare you not mention the box grater in the kitchen fight! I was in pain just watching it!

  2. sadMod


    15 timer siden

    Imagine going into a bathroom and the toilet “flushes” to reveal a massive turd. Not a fun time to be inverted

  3. Coastfog


    4 dager siden

    Nice, I watched Tenet three times and still didn't see the secret gestures. This movie keeps on giving.

  4. alex ojideagu

    alex ojideagu

    5 dager siden

    The poor audio mixing was my biggest problem. I feel the dialogue is essential to know what's going on. I had to switch on subtitles. The inconsistent mixing drowns it out, plus the mumbling. I feel like slapping a Compressor on the audio output. I don't feel there were enough great action sequences to justify the audio issues. James bond you can watch without knowing the plot. This movie you need to know basically what's going on to enjoy the action.

  5. Sukhbir Sekhon

    Sukhbir Sekhon

    8 dager siden

    Pull up is a palindrome. Chin up isn't.

  6. zact lee

    zact lee

    8 dager siden

    666k likes. Wtf

  7. loki'd


    8 dager siden

    17:24 - I used a small compact mirror to read it and stupidly felt like I'd discovered science It was cool, still

  8. adam Crofts

    adam Crofts

    8 dager siden

    oh dear. But such is life. I made a passing joke in the bar that I work in about a lad who was asked to leave because of his attitude who was called kes. My joke, what was the bird on his wrist called. Why bother. Tumble weed et al.

  9. Jason Hunter

    Jason Hunter

    9 dager siden

    Aw, man. I wanted the "box that up for me" "Absolutely not!" to be a win. For me, it was the best bit of levity in a heady movie.

  10. CHris DV

    CHris DV

    9 dager siden

    At 15:55 he says that “if I can’t have you, then no one can”. This refers to later in the play where his inversed self contacted present self about the tenet (forward backward thingie). This is where he essentially wants the world to end once he dies, an arrogant and possessive attitude which is echoed throughout the film.

  11. Te Kaha Broadbent-King

    Te Kaha Broadbent-King

    10 dager siden


  12. chris caban

    chris caban

    11 dager siden

    7 minutes in....I have a headache

  13. Sukhbir Sekhon

    Sukhbir Sekhon

    15 dager siden

    Just watched this again and noticed he gets casual and causal mixed up in his written commentary. Not going to say where just to make him watch it again just like he made me watch the film again. Just kidding.

  14. Cayne Pandan

    Cayne Pandan

    16 dager siden

    Seeing Robert Pattinson in a police vest, I think he would make a very good Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil.

  15. JayantH Bellam

    JayantH Bellam

    17 dager siden

    The movie ends at the same time as it starts.

  16. Angelo B

    Angelo B

    19 dager siden

    11:05 what’s the name of this ost? Been trying to find it forever

  17. KlassicLoL


    19 dager siden

    8:56 “Kat and mouse game” lmao

  18. sandip paul

    sandip paul

    21 dag siden

    Christopher Nolan is far ahead of his time. why? Bcoz I don't understand any of his movies but I watch it 100 of times.

  19. kayzd


    21 dag siden

    Everything great about TENET, 1. TENET

  20. Mikael Cappelen Smith

    Mikael Cappelen Smith

    22 dager siden

    03:32 He's not doing Chin-ups, but Pull-up's, which aren't just a palindromic movement, but also a palindrome.

  21. Trang Vo Thi Huyen

    Trang Vo Thi Huyen

    22 dager siden

    The dysfunctional shell substantially decorate because wall biophysically check at a tacit body. smooth, slippery relation

  22. Sylvia Matias

    Sylvia Matias

    22 dager siden


  23. Darius Ledesma

    Darius Ledesma

    23 dager siden

    at 8:29 i thought i was watching truth or dare again

  24. Kathy Ho

    Kathy Ho

    26 dager siden

    Fun fact: twilight is both the moment before the sun rises and the moment after the sun sets. And you can't tell which it is, just like how in the movie you can't tell which direction time moves.

  25. Siggi Matti

    Siggi Matti

    29 dager siden

    8:54 “the kat and mouse game” I see what you did there😏

  26. theBurgerBox


    Måned siden

    "I'm not gonna do it, but i could" Proceeds to anyways

  27. Large Converse

    Large Converse

    Måned siden

    I hope you read this. The bullets in tenet are physically impossible and the evidence to that is the ending pincer movement. If an inverted bullet like the one we see in the beginning is capable of leaving evidence to its physicality like it did with the seat in the opera than what am I supposed to believe happens when somebody not inverted gets shot by an inverted bullet. Ultimately they are not being shot. They were already shot in the future and the bullet is waiting for its moment to go back through them in normal entropy but based off what they did with the show we know that you can be affected physically before the time of damage. When he went back to the airport the protagonist I mean he started bleeding from his fight with himself. That alone tells us that the closer you get to the interaction with an inverted object the more evident the damage and representation in general so in that simple or not so simple understanding if I’m shot in normal time with an inverted bullet I’m just walking around with a bullet hole in my body. If I’m inverted and I shoot somebody in the head who’s not does that mean they were walking around with a bullet hole in their brain? My final point of all of this is the movie makers understood this flaw and in attempt of ignoring it they shot the entire fire fight at the end with not a single person actually being seen shot except blondy. Case closed the physics was cool but made zero sense logically.

  28. Al Most

    Al Most

    Måned siden

    I feel like the cartridge catch was a nod to training day

  29. steven smith

    steven smith

    Måned siden

    The more I watch this movie, Neill's accent sounds so much like Pierce Brosnan!

  30. N


    Måned siden

    Twilight is the time both before dusk AND dawn. So, yeah... that analysis is quite forced.

  31. Praveen Akaash

    Praveen Akaash

    Måned siden

    How did you not include"I ordered my hot sauce a hour ago" Edit: Just watched part 2 so now I am okay

  32. keauxgeigh


    Måned siden

    If a Tenet video doesn't say "spoiler alert!", I don't bother watching it.

  33. kaarlssons


    Måned siden

    simping for john david washington (part 1)

  34. Richard Allen

    Richard Allen

    Måned siden

    Is it just me or is the blue and red kind of like in Atomic Blonde

  35. MJ


    Måned siden

    Some ytbers...just, ew sciolistic cringe

  36. Misha Mochalkin

    Misha Mochalkin

    Måned siden

    Jeebus! the amount of easter eggs in this movie is insane!!!! I never even noticed the hand motions ppl used to signal Tenet

  37. Sylantys


    Måned siden

    Yeah, i missed rotas too so i thought that it was the rotating time reversing machine since rotas means rotation

  38. gillbeatsisback01


    Måned siden

    so theyre living in an eternal loop just so the world doesnt get destroyed?an eternal pincer movement

  39. Paul Marchano

    Paul Marchano

    Måned siden

    After watching your part 2, I would say you've gotten most of the great things in this first video. The only one thing I would add is the plane heist guy taking a bar of gold before pushing the rest of it out the back of the plane.

  40. Filip Claesson

    Filip Claesson

    Måned siden

    I feel that Tenet will age like a fine wine. Not everyone will like it at first but eventually, more and more people will.

  41. Cristian G.

    Cristian G.

    Måned siden

    This movie has one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. I love it so much and the track "Posterity" is insanely good. I love this movie because of how well the music works. Ludwig did an amazing job

  42. Kal Ynaq

    Kal Ynaq

    Måned siden

    As much as i didn't love the flick i'm glad i eventually watched this because "88% of the audience" has to be a reference to BUCKAROO BANZAI

  43. Sin City Exotics

    Sin City Exotics

    Måned siden

    I don’t care how much is in my accounts. $900 is still _too much_ to lose unwillingly. On another note, that Stone Square 10:33 with _SATOR, AREPO, TENET, OPERA, & ROTAS_ is trippy. Watching it back, I noticed that even up and down (and of course backwards) they are palindromes. Just the amount of *Detail* _Live on time emit no eviL_

  44. i am stupid and lazy

    i am stupid and lazy

    Måned siden


  45. Sebhat Studios

    Sebhat Studios

    Måned siden

    This movie is objectively bad

  46. Lucas Pearce

    Lucas Pearce

    Måned siden

    17:34 why does nail and the protagonist sound like they’re ancient foreign guys debating who won the ping pong game?

  47. Paul B

    Paul B

    Måned siden

    I bought the BluRay just so I could fully enjoy this video but I was a bit disappointed but now I want to watch again;)

  48. Arafat Walugembe

    Arafat Walugembe

    Måned siden

    13:00 elevator signs are red and and blue...

  49. Oliver Foggin

    Oliver Foggin

    Måned siden

    RayCon are complete ass. No channel who supports them is worth watching. Bye ✌🏻

  50. Rakshay Goyal

    Rakshay Goyal

    2 måneder siden

    This video is just as annoying as the movie, in telling me I'm dumb for 2 hours. But damn the eye for detail!

  51. Danny B

    Danny B

    2 måneder siden

    okay picture this, I look at the clock and see that when I log in I'll have TEN minutes to go until I finish work. I look up at the TV and see it's paused on the protagonist's face like this at @14:52 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  52. INID Bil

    INID Bil

    2 måneder siden

    I will go to watch the movie yesterday after that when I went to buy the ticket tomorrow the movie wasn't yet released so I will go and watch it in the future and watch your break down in the past...🤪🤒🤕

  53. SagittariusStarlord


    2 måneder siden

    as john lock whould say 2:28

  54. DSAXenoN456 Krunker

    DSAXenoN456 Krunker

    2 måneder siden

    yup uhhhuh i understand that something about inverse reverse bladi bla right?

  55. Chris Moreno

    Chris Moreno

    2 måneder siden

    I’ve been watching your stuff for a couple of years now and JUST realized I wasn’t subscribed What the the heck is the matter with me?

  56. Unam-et-solum


    2 måneder siden

    I had not realised how many times they do the gestures whilst saying Tenet. Good find!

  57. serban031


    2 måneder siden

    I just noticed Amos next to the protagonist at the beginning of the video, when he's ejecting the bullet and catching it.

  58. Jonathan Choong

    Jonathan Choong

    2 måneder siden

    did anyone realize that he turned the win count for 37, rewatch 6:34

  59. LeVar Anthony

    LeVar Anthony

    2 måneder siden

    What, no win for the, "I ordered mu hot sauce an Hour ago" Joke? Lame.

  60. vaibhav thathola

    vaibhav thathola

    2 måneder siden

    This movie proves Christopher Nolan has lost his mind and should stop making films that make no meaning. And paradoxes are something which u never play with cause they raise so many questions and no explanation.. Stop this shit... And people should stop glorifying his movie cause to understand it u must have a degree in theoretical physics, and if u dont u a dumbass. This peice of shit movie raises so many questions that i bet even Nolan cant answer...

  61. Jose Rivera

    Jose Rivera

    2 måneder siden

    So are you making Interstellar? Like ever? Or are you scared the Win Counter will die?

  62. Sean


    2 måneder siden

    CinemaWins: *P A L I N D R O M E*

  63. Gia Trunzo

    Gia Trunzo

    2 måneder siden

    I love when CinemaWins talks about the score and cinematography

  64. Ryan L

    Ryan L

    2 måneder siden

    Both times I watched this I swore the guy who pushed the gold out the plane was Matthew Lillard! 😅

  65. Hari Haran

    Hari Haran

    2 måneder siden

    Around 13:25 we can see those blue and red switches in front of the door representing the inverted and uninverted sides... Woah 🤯🤯🤯

  66. Alexis Dufresne

    Alexis Dufresne

    2 måneder siden

    This movie is my favorite movie ever its so fucking mind blowing

  67. Paul Winkelmann

    Paul Winkelmann

    2 måneder siden

    The Prestige: I have a plot twist Inception: my plot is a twist Interstellar: I have a twisted plot Tenet: tsiwt tolp a evah i

  68. CJ Mayhue

    CJ Mayhue

    2 måneder siden

    15:48, I don't get it??? Someone please explain what it means

  69. earthwatcher2021


    2 måneder siden

    I love how all the characters' dialogue is mumbled and / or whispered and the score is 1 million decibels louder so you have to strain to understand it

  70. Jael PadillaReyes

    Jael PadillaReyes

    2 måneder siden

    14:36 👏🏻

  71. GC_idk


    2 måneder siden

    so your telling me both fleur delacour and cedric digory were in this movie and no one is talking about it?

  72. Sarcasm Fever

    Sarcasm Fever

    2 måneder siden

    Where is ZSJL

  73. Matthew Whisennand

    Matthew Whisennand

    2 måneder siden

    I absolutely loved the Raycon advertisement in this! Love that you walked backwards that carefully just to pull off a great advert!

  74. Shwetank Seth

    Shwetank Seth

    2 måneder siden

    what does that newspaper ad mean during 14:31 help

  75. innit


    2 måneder siden

    You're very clever. Your attention to detail is astonishing and unbelievable. I love your work.

  76. Gene Albert 13

    Gene Albert 13

    2 måneder siden

    Man you really thinks this out. But it took me 3 times to really get it. Dope ass move!!!!

  77. NazKool _Productions

    NazKool _Productions

    2 måneder siden

    correction: ‘everything in tenet is great ... in the future’

  78. sorzen


    2 måneder siden

    You know this movie has good action when my favorite action scene doesn't even have any inversion.

  79. Sirli Reintamm

    Sirli Reintamm

    2 måneder siden

    tenet is now the pride of estonia

  80. Average Random Videos

    Average Random Videos

    2 måneder siden

    And they said Interstellar is hard to understand without some idea about the universe

  81. Stephen Reed

    Stephen Reed

    2 måneder siden

    Can I express how Neil’s Theme (Forward and Inverted) is one of the most beautiful pieces of score from movies? Neil is pretty much a mysterious person who is in Tenet, and knows more than we think. His theme represents that exactly. His palindromic cords representing his life is always in a loop since his Sacrifice in Stalsk-12. Neil is stuck in a constant loop that he keeps meeting his friend, feeling that dread he feels when he took the Inverted Bullet, and just the depression to have to repeat the cycle again, and again, and again.

  82. Jonathan de Ruiter

    Jonathan de Ruiter

    2 måneder siden

    13:52 My brain started turning to mush at the sheer amount of "inverted, beginning, end, backward, forward" in those 3 sentences XD Just brutal.

  83. Ian Henefield

    Ian Henefield

    2 måneder siden

    This movie was great but I wish I understood it

  84. Nilay Didolkar

    Nilay Didolkar

    2 måneder siden

    Wth how did I miss soo muchh??

    • 15fruiits


      2 måneder siden

      ikr!!! i totally thought i got it but nope... missed over half of these fun facts

  85. Herowebcomics


    2 måneder siden

    This movie was so cool!

  86. Eduardo Savs

    Eduardo Savs

    2 måneder siden

    That subtle inclusion of "Turn Back Time" at 2:55 made me laugh more than I'd like to admit

  87. Jerreau Driessen

    Jerreau Driessen

    2 måneder siden

    why would sator die from falling in water?

  88. BladeSpark Studios

    BladeSpark Studios

    2 måneder siden

    When black suit protagonists started to look like he was having a seizure on thr floor that game me an unsettling feeling.

  89. Anass


    2 måneder siden

    The outro is inverted? Am I the only one seeing this or I just watched this too many damn times!

  90. Zeta Tetraedre

    Zeta Tetraedre

    2 måneder siden

    111 is palindromic

  91. Ruel Lindsay II

    Ruel Lindsay II

    2 måneder siden

    Key rule of a mystery story is that all parties involved have to be introduced at some point. Max is Neil

  92. Jörg Lippert

    Jörg Lippert

    2 måneder siden

    most stupid movie ever if i could invert myself to go back in time i would send me a two messages 1."not to watch it" 2. "send me this message from the future" (no grandfather paradox)

  93. Vedant Thanekar

    Vedant Thanekar

    3 måneder siden

    0:14 Holy Shit, I didn't even noticed that, Nice catch.

  94. Satan


    3 måneder siden

    That *is* a beautiful beard

  95. Samuel Dzigba

    Samuel Dzigba

    3 måneder siden

    My brain hurts 😭

  96. Lupus Canis

    Lupus Canis

    3 måneder siden

    I understood more about the movie Tenet watching this than actually watching Tenet

  97. Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn

    3 måneder siden

    Good Voice

  98. James Skifter

    James Skifter

    3 måneder siden

    I just need to add that "twilight" refers not only to the time period after sunset, but also before sunrise, thus further adding depth to the flip-flop forward/backward nature of this film. :)

  99. Mark Dugan

    Mark Dugan

    3 måneder siden

    this guy sounds like a simp

  100. Slaughter


    3 måneder siden

    Another great movie