Everything GREAT About Soul!

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Soul! Another gorgeous movie from Pixar that definitely would have done better if not for the pandemic. Here's everything right with Soul.

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  1. DJ Doodles

    DJ Doodles

    10 timer siden

    Another great thing about Soul is that it doesn’t try to enforce any sort of religious or cultural belief on the afterlife (even if they already covered that in Coco) 22 even says themself “this whole place is a hypothetical” nodding at the fact that we don’t know what really happens before or after this life Another reason to love this movie!

  2. Colin Bell

    Colin Bell

    Dag siden

    If I were to add my own wins on to this it would have got 133 wins- 1 because, for me, Richard Ayoade is always a win, and 20 for the Epiphany scene, which (and I know this will be controversial) is the best scene in any pixar movie. This isn't their best movie, it just has the best scene

  3. Steven Vogt

    Steven Vogt

    4 dager siden

    For me this is the most adult movie pixar eve4 did and might do. Not because the death but for causing some and definitely me to question their life and thinking about what I think my purpose and goals are

  4. Lily Hummel-Young

    Lily Hummel-Young

    5 dager siden

    Every time I'm feeling down, I come over and watch your vids, and it always makes me fell better to hear someone talk about what they love about something, especially if I share those feelings. Thank you for putting out this good energy. :)

  5. Keith Pixton

    Keith Pixton

    6 dager siden

    We bought this per recommendation from NC but haven't watched it yet. We were meaning to on our trip but I was too busy with my AE class.

  6. High King Trasher

    High King Trasher

    7 dager siden

    There's no one answer to a good, well lived life. That's the beauty of it but also the challenge of it. I think this movie did a great job showing that without adding any definitive advice other than not to get so caught up in a passion that it becomes an obsession. That's really the only safe bet in life, just be moderate and have a good balance so that you aren't just existing for your "purpose", but that you're living and enjoying life because of it.

  7. Summer Rose

    Summer Rose

    7 dager siden

    I love Soul.

  8. Annikamations


    8 dager siden

    Can you please do an everything great about Luca its a really good movie and the grafics are absolutely stunning

  9. Katie Bearne

    Katie Bearne

    8 dager siden

    Hi can you please do a video about inside by Bo burnham

  10. Zero luck

    Zero luck

    9 dager siden

    5:08 The fact that this guy actually can spot these out amazes me

  11. Louis Esser

    Louis Esser

    10 dager siden

    His name is "Jon Batiste", not "John Baptiste"

  12. Ren Star

    Ren Star

    12 dager siden

    8:22 Now I'm curious, how lotion equals representation?

  13. Giovanna Lisi

    Giovanna Lisi

    12 dager siden

    Something I just noticed, the bike that almost hit Joe before he falls at 1:33 is a Vespa, a foreshadowing of their next film Luca! (Is foreshadowing the right term? When Pixar put hints about the movie that's going to come next?? Well I hope I was clear enough). Can I please ask you to do the movie Luca, please? I remember in videos like Megamind or Kubo that you like to point out wins and details about the eyes and this movie has plenty of those.

  14. danicai


    13 dager siden

    As a pianist who LOVES music, I knew EXACTLY what was going when Joe talked about entering "the zone." And the visualisation of just you, your instrument, and the music, **chef's kiss** YES. Edit: something I noticed is at the concert Joe gave with Dorothea, NOT ONCE did he get lost in the music or enter "the zone." Sure he has skill, but there's a difference between playing skillfully and playing with your heart. And when you play with your heart, skill both doesn't seem to matter while simultaneously your skill sounds amplified by leaps and bounds.

  15. Leslie Fisher

    Leslie Fisher

    16 dager siden

    It’s a great and timeless masterpiece

  16. Darkinu2


    18 dager siden

    Just watched this a few minutes ago, just beautiful 🤗

  17. Jack Traynor

    Jack Traynor

    19 dager siden

    Make a video about Prince of Egypt!

  18. Christopher Elmslie

    Christopher Elmslie

    21 dag siden

    I like that I noticed Richard ayoade

  19. KireiDreamer


    21 dag siden

    It's a tiny detail but one of my favorite scenes in the movie is showing the SOUL title card at the end of the movie after Joe says he's going to start living. It's pretty symbolic since title cards typically show the start of something. Therefore, this symbolizes the start of Joe's life and it makes me so warm everytime I see this singular moment

  20. Xeyyakkenn


    22 dager siden

    I didn't realize the lady who played the mom was also who played Claire Huxtable! Nice!

  21. ミタブ・ミフレフ


    23 dager siden

    Terry and the jerrys are my favorite Characters in the movie hack i watched it just for them

  22. Phychanetic


    25 dager siden

    15:47 now that's a beard win!

  23. Lilliy Omonuwa

    Lilliy Omonuwa

    26 dager siden

    I loved this film

  24. Chairman of the Jan Kandou Fan Club

    Chairman of the Jan Kandou Fan Club

    28 dager siden

    Love or hate the film, the best thing about Soul is that you didn't have to pay to watch it.

  25. Aidan McGrath

    Aidan McGrath

    28 dager siden

    Im trying so hard to tell if this is supposed to be sarcastic or not

  26. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Expired( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Expired( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Måned siden

    I started playing instruments in age 3 stop at 5 because I got bored and return in age 11

  27. Cupson Plush Productions

    Cupson Plush Productions

    Måned siden

    Next win vid should be Luca

  28. Wolfpack


    Måned siden

    you gonna do one about Toy Story? (at least one of them. I know I could do it)

  29. Jonathan Sykes

    Jonathan Sykes

    Måned siden

    i also gotta use quiet coyote

  30. Tido Bruns

    Tido Bruns

    Måned siden

    ya like jazzzzzzzz?

  31. Ana Lucia Flier, van der

    Ana Lucia Flier, van der

    Måned siden

    can you do wish dragon?

  32. pin child

    pin child

    Måned siden

    This movie helped me outta a depression pit lmao

  33. Aman Panigrahi

    Aman Panigrahi

    Måned siden

    At 7:23, There's a A113 on the wall behind..

  34. Forbidden Pug

    Forbidden Pug

    Måned siden

    I got a lot of shit for saying this joke on a post about Soul before, but I'm brave enough to say it again. Atheist propaganda

  35. arias Aria's

    arias Aria's

    Måned siden

    1 soul 2 onward 3luca my tree favorite pixar films of this two years plus inside 0ut 2 and s0ul 2

  36. NerdyMelon21


    Måned siden

    Some other names i saw on 22s wall Johnny cash Martin luther king jr Babe ruth Pablo picasso Vincent van goh Stephen hawking Queen elizabeth

  37. Mimi Marshmallow1

    Mimi Marshmallow1

    Måned siden

    This movie hits rlly hard when your a lost soul

  38. joseph jenkins

    joseph jenkins

    Måned siden

    when did you change

  39. Hoshimaru57


    Måned siden

    This is the way I wanted to see representation. You know, people being people like the way I live and like the people I work with.

  40. End Slayer

    End Slayer

    Måned siden

    I was going to criticize then I’m like it’s not worth it and I need to stop doing that Buuuuuuut… The Terry’s and the Jerry’s don’t have genders

  41. Danekota


    Måned siden

    i just like that this movie could also explain with its own logic how DID systems can exist, more than one soul on one body, all of them have different sparks but having to share a body

  42. Tiger107


    Måned siden

    I subscribed

  43. Alonso


    Måned siden

    7:39 The arm equivalent of the kneepit is the elbowpit, which smells fine. The leg equivalent of the armpit is... Well, stinky

  44. Cyclonado Thunderclaw

    Cyclonado Thunderclaw

    Måned siden

    What I love about Soul is that it subverts the usual "pursue your dreams and don't care about anyone else" message that many, many western films have. It says that you can pursue your passions and have dreams but not being "successful" in those areas doesn't mean you've failed at life. There is no defining "purpose" or "meaning" to people's lives - all you have to do is live it.

  45. LordBloodySoul


    Måned siden

    This movie is one of my top tier choices. It was so well written, so well portrait and performed and it had Jazz in it!!

  46. emerson depew

    emerson depew

    Måned siden

    Why do I feel bad for that other barber.

  47. Pundertale Fan

    Pundertale Fan

    Måned siden

    I was wonder what the Centuries joke was referring to. That would be funny. XD Saw this movie just recently and enjoyed it.

  48. Flowey is cute if you Don’t count the murder

    Flowey is cute if you Don’t count the murder

    Måned siden

    Tina Fey killed it in this movie

  49. Myung Suk Lee

    Myung Suk Lee

    Måned siden

    I love this movie. Damn.

  50. jack the doggo

    jack the doggo

    Måned siden

    Vote But if we do but we will always Siri Siri Siri Siri Siri what is weird but we will always Siri Siri Siri Siri Siri what is will you please Siri Siri Siri Siri who Siri Siri what is real

  51. IsIs likes YoU

    IsIs likes YoU

    Måned siden

    Fetch me their souls And drag to chains -Someone I work with

  52. katie


    Måned siden

    I watched this film at a time in my life when it was actually starting to feel like I was making progress in my recovery from depression, and it hit me so hard I had to excuse myself to go sob in my room. This film really hasn't gotten enough recognition imo

  53. endi3zzz 0_0

    endi3zzz 0_0

    Måned siden

    "nothing like learning stuff from someone who doesn't even want to exist" my therapists reflecting on when they met me at 11/12 years old :D

  54. mincraft pros

    mincraft pros

    Måned siden

    *baby Karen spawns* "may i speak to your manager" the teacher "you mean God no I'm not going to get God for a new soul.

  55. Snow The Shark

    Snow The Shark

    Måned siden

    could someone please explain what 8:18 is represenation for? does the lotion mean something?

  56. Jona Matai

    Jona Matai

    Måned siden

    I’m not gonna lie. Terry. Best animated character of that year

  57. Brodie Kane

    Brodie Kane

    Måned siden

    So I'm 1 in 7 of the people who played that game? Jeez. I wonder if they even know what it is.

  58. Mr. Cheese Stick

    Mr. Cheese Stick

    Måned siden

    Nobody is born cool, except of course... (People who put sponsorships at the end of the video

  59. maliya


    Måned siden

    I will never get over Soul. The way it made me cry at the end with the meaningful message will never be forgotten. My favorite Pixar movie by far.

  60. Mr.stonks


    Måned siden

    The epiphany scene alone sold me on this movie, genuinely made me rethink my life



    Måned siden

    *its an hour long*

  62. Waffle


    Måned siden

    0:39 Those are the correct positions for a Bb trombone with those notes! It was a high C# which is played in 3rd position for the first note, for example!

  63. Adolfo Pena

    Adolfo Pena

    Måned siden

    People must've forgotten that Coco came out 3 years ago.

  64. Decearing Apple

    Decearing Apple

    Måned siden

    10:30 so dad can persue his dreams and I caリℸ ̣ ?

  65. Tom Melling

    Tom Melling

    Måned siden

    No win for graham Norton, Shame on you

  66. Fellipe Navarro

    Fellipe Navarro

    Måned siden

    A well deserved Oscar, tbh

  67. Soufian El Aiassi

    Soufian El Aiassi

    Måned siden

    4:35 That's called Musical Anhedonia (Look it up, it's really interesting) and I also do not like the music sounds

  68. Oil Rig Films

    Oil Rig Films

    Måned siden

    You should do a video about The Chosen season 1

  69. kdm313


    Måned siden


  70. Jessica Murphy

    Jessica Murphy

    Måned siden


  71. David Weston Smith

    David Weston Smith

    Måned siden

    I'm surprised there was no mention of Joe's piano playing montage where he shares 22's memories and then he finally understands her, and sees the way the world works and why she has found her spark there, zooming out to whole universe and seeing it for all its beauty. It's a stunning moment in a movie made up of them. I saw it twice this week, and would watch it again.

  72. Cassidy S

    Cassidy S

    Måned siden

    Cinemawins is one of my all time favorite channels on NOnet but you missed the mark really hard on this one. You’re usually so good at noticing the tiny hidden details that make the movie special but this video just feels like the bare minimum for me. I get that you’re not gonna be as detailed with movies you don’t like as much but there’s so much more to Soul than you give it credit for and in my opinion if you’re not gonna do a deep dive on a movie it’s almost not worth making a video. Maybe I’m biased because I’m really attached to this particular movie but idk, if you can find the good in The Last Airbender or After Earth you should be able to look more closely at Soul. Also removing a win because Joe’s mom was voiced by Clair Huxtable was dumb, I’m sorry. I wanna make it clear, I LOVE your channel and this video was still very good (like that part about 22 looking different from the other new souls because she developed a personality in her time at the you seminar-that was a genuinely excellent observation that I didn’t catch in the many times I’ve watched Soul), I just wanted to give you my feedback as a longtime fan.

  73. Pumpkin Master

    Pumpkin Master

    Måned siden

    Everything great about soul: THE MOVIE +100

  74. Nix.Silver


    Måned siden


    • Decearing Apple

      Decearing Apple

      Måned siden

      No context 22

  75. Marz the Sharkhead

    Marz the Sharkhead

    Måned siden

    the first ad i got in this video was an ad for soul on disney plus what the fuck

  76. Jurassic Chicken

    Jurassic Chicken

    Måned siden

    Fun fact: The Half note is a real place, but the real name is the Blue Note

  77. SGArrinda


    Måned siden

    suggestion for everything great about rango! also great vid as always

  78. Yosh Knight

    Yosh Knight

    Måned siden

    There is a problem with 22’s board of mentors. Queen Elizabeth is on there.

    • Bad content

      Bad content

      Måned siden

      that was before she was given another chance

  79. ItzD4rk1n


    Måned siden

    22 is the day i was born november 22nd

  80. M.H Reels

    M.H Reels

    Måned siden

    I absolutely loved this movie! 😍🙌🏻😍🙌🏻😍

  81. online skitty

    online skitty

    Måned siden

    are you eventually gonna do cars?

  82. Yato’s funny face

    Yato’s funny face

    Måned siden

    I think the take on the zone is very great but it also contrast the anime sk8 the infinities depiction with vibrant colors like a rainbow vortex while you can also enter others “zone” and share the experience.

  83. Andy Hernandez

    Andy Hernandez

    Måned siden

    The curly paint clinically listen because grandmother culturally water forenenst a unadvised puffin. endurable, aback panther

  84. Maximus ACE

    Maximus ACE

    2 måneder siden

    You really need to do the toy story franchise, please!

  85. Annalise Barrett

    Annalise Barrett

    2 måneder siden

    this was a fantastic movie, but i think the fact that the "production babies" were called "recent you seminar graduates" in the credits should have deserved a win

  86. Blade0


    2 måneder siden

    I love that there is cinema sins and cinema wins. They are polar opposites and I prefer wins.

  87. Sophia Ro

    Sophia Ro

    2 måneder siden

    As an HSP (highly sensitive person) I really felt 22's first minutes in the outside of New York. That's what big cities feel to me most of the time, or at least when I'm a little worn out and don't have all my defenses up. Sooo much overload. Love the representation ^^

  88. XbenZo Gaming and more

    XbenZo Gaming and more

    2 måneder siden

    3:42 Onion is that you?

  89. Emma Miller

    Emma Miller

    2 måneder siden

    That one scene where Terry goes to take Joe’s soul out of his body, but he accidentally takes it out of another dude, and the man has a panic attack, AND they represent having a panic attack as a out of body experience is one of my favorite parts of the movie. (That’s just how I interpreted that scene)

  90. Gecko Gaming

    Gecko Gaming

    2 måneder siden

    Can you please to Brave! I love that movie

  91. Onyxiate


    2 måneder siden

    This was probably the first time I ever actually realised the soundtrack in a film.

  92. Leaficide


    2 måneder siden

    i gotta say as someone who spent time in a mental health care program with other teenagers, 22 was spot on with the people i’ve met

  93. Eevee Fennec Fox

    Eevee Fennec Fox

    2 måneder siden


  94. Josh The Red Pen

    Josh The Red Pen

    2 måneder siden

    And by the way, my way to the zone is not playing music, but listening to music. IDK why, but it's me, so I have to accept that.

  95. Josh The Red Pen

    Josh The Red Pen

    2 måneder siden

    Mr. Mittens gets an extra win from me!

  96. TheMelonLord


    2 måneder siden

    I watched Soul with my family at home and I’m not sure about it

  97. AlphaAreus


    2 måneder siden

    Please do Wolfwalkers CinemaWins! It's incredibly, gorgiously well made and i highly recommend it.

  98. Casidhe Gerish

    Casidhe Gerish

    2 måneder siden

    i feel like i’m the opposite, not really having a purpose or a passion and it’s super scary. but this movie made me feel that we don’t need to have a big reason to live, it’s all the little things. it’s made me appreciate life more xx

    • Cassidy S

      Cassidy S

      Måned siden

      Exactly! I can’t even begin to describe how comforting Soul was for me, especially considering it came out during a super low point in my life!

  99. Someone?


    2 måneder siden

    I think it’s funny that they got Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross to do some of the soundtrack.

  100. Edward Rodriguez

    Edward Rodriguez

    2 måneder siden

    11:10 you mean Angela, right?