Everything GREAT About Raya and the Last Dragon!

Raya and Sisu! The Last Dragon and Noi The Con Baby! Been a while since I've been gone, but here's a new video. Loved this movie, here's everything right with Raya and The Last Dragon!

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  1. Calum Broomfield

    Calum Broomfield

    32 minutter siden

    Couldn’t help yourself with the inside jokes could ya?

  2. D. Scott

    D. Scott

    Time siden

    I really thought that trust montage was gonna end with "You don't trust anyone, that's your problem." "I trust my barber." Also, YES for the She-Ra reference

  3. 1447th harbinger

    1447th harbinger

    2 timer siden

    I don't care that the bad girl(I forgot her name) felt remorse for "killing" almost everyone in a kingdom, if I were aya I would have gutted that b***h like a fish after the world was saved. Being like "oh she felt bad, she nice now!" it's like sentencing a mass murderer to prison and then two days later letting him out because he felt bad, also you can't always trust a person's "emotions"

  4. nithin mahendran kanchana

    nithin mahendran kanchana

    3 timer siden

    awww i wanna live in the world wiht the dragons me to him: me too bud me too edit: everyone watned toothless as their pet now sisu too (pss dont lie to me ik u though to have one)

  5. Des Toronto

    Des Toronto

    3 timer siden

    Great vid,, please do Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri

  6. SCP-Unknown


    4 timer siden

    I was expecting the video would start and the second it does it ends So there was nothing great in it. Edit: Nvm Maybe i was wrong some things are cool in this movie

  7. Atticus Patterson

    Atticus Patterson

    5 timer siden

    I got a question, are you, Cinemasins, and Gamingwins (not sure I’m missing any others), one little group? You guys have the same type of subtitles, way you score thing, and even the same counter. Only difference really is the voices.

  8. Cutie pie 2000

    Cutie pie 2000

    7 timer siden

    Now do:”Everything great about Wish Dragon”



    8 timer siden

    I believe the kick Raya does is called a 540. Or at least that's what it looks like to me from my martial arts trick days of my youth. Before moving or sneezing too hard could throw my back out.

  10. Rickypol 007

    Rickypol 007

    8 timer siden

    Can you do luca next?

  11. Abigail O’Hara

    Abigail O’Hara

    8 timer siden

    I too am fleek savage lit

  12. Dark_Pinoy


    9 timer siden


  13. Neon Bat

    Neon Bat

    11 timer siden

    I wholeheartedly believe that this movie is one that people are just too nitpicky with. Not to say that it's flawless, but I think it's also way better than people give it credit for. Also, I searched for the word "binturi" and couldn't find anything. It seems to be a made up insult. However, "dep la" actually translates to "strangely beautiful in Vietnamese. So Raya and Namaari were basically aggressively flirting during most of the movie. And I think that's great.

  14. Aayan Khan

    Aayan Khan

    12 timer siden

    Is it possible for you to react to some disney/pixar shorts such as bao, lou, loop, purl and so on?

  15. Grilled Eel

    Grilled Eel

    12 timer siden

    Another great video. Have you considered doing an everything great about The Revenant

  16. Sunny Gill

    Sunny Gill

    12 timer siden

    @CinemaWins please do Ad Astra

  17. Kylie Robertson

    Kylie Robertson

    13 timer siden

    good luck with the children! try to get sleep

  18. Rowanheart


    13 timer siden

    Sisu gives me Jenna Marbles vibes

  19. Beluga


    13 timer siden

    Am I wrong for shipping Sisu and Raya?



    15 timer siden

    Some request 1:alien 2:tremors 3:His house 4:the final girls 5:isnt it romantic 6:run

  21. Crazllana


    17 timer siden

    Please pleaseee do Luca!!

  22. ladyariande


    18 timer siden

    Seriously feeling the "two kids now, so I have no life whatsoever" thing. We have a two year old and a four month old. Our once orderly lives are pure chaos.

  23. InsaneTacoz


    18 timer siden

    I had no idea how much that opening scene related to our current situation until you pointed it out. New drinking game: Take a shot every time someone says Trust in this movie

  24. HellFalcon Gaming

    HellFalcon Gaming

    18 timer siden

    GAK farts in its own container...

  25. Jon V.

    Jon V.

    19 timer siden

    after i saw this, i wanted a fluffy dragon friend ever since

  26. Username Username

    Username Username

    19 timer siden

    7:06 We will ignore your transgressions on humanity on the fact that you are not Cinema Sins and the fact that no one died from this

  27. Hgnth Thbbhb

    Hgnth Thbbhb

    19 timer siden

    Add 1 win for the fact that being turned to stone doesn’t mean you die so you can stop ageing and be immortal

  28. Luis Pagan

    Luis Pagan

    21 time siden

    One thing I caught in this movie that I wanted to share was that the main vehicle for getting around in the whole movie is a floating restaurant! As the adventure party gathers, they have many scenes of them interacting and becoming family in a place meant for food. I think there is a good theme of eating together brings people together thing going on, set up by Raya's dad talking about the soup made from different ingredients across the land. As the story goes on, we see the party bonding more and more over food the entire time!

  29. Dennyspuncakes


    21 time siden

    I remember when I showed the trailer to my parents they automatically pointed out the arnis (since we're Filipino) and we got immediately excited to watch this film.

  30. tolmat4411


    22 timer siden

    The attractive dragon is by far the worst part of this otherwise very interesting film and world

  31. Duker


    22 timer siden

    Tail chief did _not_ "body slam" a child, they freakin' tripped! Raya just happened to be where they fell.

  32. Mr_Sm1ley


    23 timer siden

    Apparently a lot of the movie is based on Thailand, because the one the head producers (or whatever they're called) is thai. (My home country)

  33. Eddy Sandland

    Eddy Sandland

    23 timer siden

    Nanari's Kicks are That Universe's Air Jordans!! Also after watching This, I'm going watch it!! After I've got Them Air Jordans lol Edit. Also you should Defo Do The Big Short!! Cheers

  34. Yaseen


    Dag siden

    Still waiting for the Everything Great About the Snyder Cut video.

  35. legosupreme


    Dag siden

    Id like to see him cover Lost in Space. The movie not the tv show

  36. I ам иот яսssiаи sошу

    I ам иот яսssiаи sошу

    Dag siden

    I just realized TukTuk was the weird animal Raya had. *I thought it was the baby.*

  37. I ам иот яսssiаи sошу

    I ам иот яսssiаи sошу

    Dag siden

    9:23 Is it me or that kid is like a mixed version of Alberto and Luca design ? He really reminds me of Alberto personality wise too..

  38. Logan Shaw

    Logan Shaw

    Dag siden

    Any chance of having a every thing great about "passengers"?

  39. Asil avcılar

    Asil avcılar

    Dag siden


  40. hafiz sehbaan abbasi

    hafiz sehbaan abbasi

    Dag siden

    s0 yUo westerns r3sp3ct OUR DRAGONS NOW

  41. Paul B

    Paul B

    Dag siden

    In that first scene Raya immediately reminded me of Lauren Mary Kim from the stuntmen react videos. And she was actually working on this movie :)

  42. T Y Cuber

    T Y Cuber

    Dag siden

    12:38 Me when I’m getting far in a geometry dash level

  43. T Y Cuber

    T Y Cuber

    Dag siden

    I wish they used ukemi (the art of falling) because it’s my favorite martial art

  44. Godzilla


    Dag siden

    You should do Godzilla vs Kong man really, watch it for a win win.

  45. Somanath Kopparthi

    Somanath Kopparthi

    Dag siden

    Hey with all your house of cards references, maybe you should do the videos about house of cards series

  46. MichaelDe


    Dag siden

    WAIT! "THUNDER OF DRAGONS" I ONLY EVER EVER HEARD OF THAT IN ERAGON!!! I got excited. I hope that's what you meant :P Even though a bunch of Chinese dragons probably didn't sound like thunder when they "flew" above oneself (no wings).

  47. MichaelDe


    Dag siden

    12:41 - "Bad ass good girl" *pling* Oh no! Later on we get the quote, dammit.

  48. Elise G

    Elise G

    Dag siden

    "Disney isn't big on sequels" Dude, what? *stares in Rescuers/Beauty and the Beast/Lion King/Atlantis/Fox and the Hound/Hunchback/101 Dalmatians/Goofy Movie/Stitch/Aladdin/New Groove/Lady and the Tramp/Mulan/Pocahontas/Wreck-it Ralph/Toy Story/Cars/Little Mermaid/Cinderella/Hercules/Tarzan/Jungle Book/Brother Bear/Peter Pan/Tangled/Bambi/Frozen*

  49. Noah Daglio

    Noah Daglio

    Dag siden

    As much as I enjoy this movie, I feel this would have worked so much better as a series

  50. xSpectic6722


    Dag siden

    Jeffrey? Jeffrey Bezos? Cmon Jeffrey you can do it, pave the way, put your back in to it, tell us why, show us how, look at where you came from look at you now. Zuckerberg and gates and buffet, amateurs can f*cking suck it, f*ck their wives drink their blood cmon Jeff Get him! (Epic synth plays)

  51. JJKK


    Dag siden

    “Stupid No-Dragon World”

  52. Bajirao Singham

    Bajirao Singham

    Dag siden

    Where's Luca ?

  53. Call Me Anger

    Call Me Anger

    Dag siden

    *See Tuk Tuk* *Immediately think about this video and how he will be a wife win.* Also, referencing Taram and Basil, that's my man. Glad to see you back sir and congrats.

  54. Cryomyst_


    Dag siden

    I'm just sitting here waiting for "Everything great about Steven Universe: The Movie"

  55. Wierd Willow

    Wierd Willow

    Dag siden

    Am I the only one or does CinemaWins makes the movies he reviews better?

  56. AntoineBugleboy


    Dag siden

    I went into this movie not knowing anything about it and having no expectations, and ended up loving it so much. The message about trust is incredibly timely, though it's probably falling upon deaf ears among the politically inclined adults. I hope the kids who grow up after watching this movie will remember it when they're in charge of the world.

  57. James Elbaf

    James Elbaf

    Dag siden

    I feel like the win count is really a sarcasm count.

  58. Nike Arts

    Nike Arts

    Dag siden

    Your videos always make me emotional in a way I rly can't understand. I always come out of here on the verge of tears

  59. Farres Alt

    Farres Alt

    Dag siden

    Up to eight and a half minutes I felt.. nothing. Then I decided it was wrong! And watched this movie. Because I really should've watch this before. After this, well... Felt every word you said in this video. Awesome movie! ^-^ Really great video. Hm... _Great_ video! Ah? :D

  60. J.M. Vail

    J.M. Vail

    Dag siden

    SOMEONE FINALLY SAID THAT THE SHE RA REBOOT IS VASTLY UNDERRATED he's right you know...it is. just like this movie.

  61. Jeremy Saklad

    Jeremy Saklad

    Dag siden

    I think Raya’s “doom walk” is one of the cinematic highlights of the movie for me. Especially the part where she splits a Druun *without even slowing down*, complete with a little flourish of the cape.

  62. HypeTrap


    Dag siden

    Wait so- Is it good becuz it’s a asian movie in like the first 20-30 years?

  63. Maya Loreto-Miller

    Maya Loreto-Miller

    Dag siden

    Please do Everything Great About Stardust, I've never seen a film more deserving of an in-depth review, it has so many details and continuity wins, plus the soundtrack is gorgeous!

  64. Benjamin S.

    Benjamin S.

    Dag siden

    颇有才气的 !

  65. zyzz syss

    zyzz syss

    Dag siden

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  66. Boxman


    Dag siden

    Please do the princess bride

  67. Gabero Bustos

    Gabero Bustos

    Dag siden

    FAMILY PIC! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Dag siden

    fuck you

  69. Tommy Ross

    Tommy Ross

    Dag siden

    love the last minute reference to Inside! Bo Burnham's genius co mingles with Cinema Wins! YES!!!

  70. Zoe Strope

    Zoe Strope

    Dag siden

    A lot of people see Raia and Namaari's relationship as romantic in nature, and though I have no problems doing that, I as an aromantic/asexual individual do not. I see them more as friends with a very intimate relationship (because that is possible people) or a QPR (queerplatonic relationship) at most.

  71. Paradocks


    Dag siden

    You know what I'd love to see you seriously review? Hoodwinked. Possibly the most underrated stupid movie ever

  72. the beefy boi

    the beefy boi

    Dag siden

    U should do a everything great about FURY it's a ww2 film with Brad Pitt talking bout tanks n stuff lol

  73. calum duff

    calum duff

    Dag siden

    Will you do some kind of collaboration with gaming wins like doing a video game movie together

  74. King Skeleton

    King Skeleton

    Dag siden

    Cars 2 was better

  75. Cardinal


    Dag siden

    Said this before but they absolutely NAILED Rayas character design, she just look effortlessly cool!

  76. Isabelle Amelia

    Isabelle Amelia

    Dag siden

    Everything great about Luca?

  77. Werner Dietrich

    Werner Dietrich

    Dag siden

    Would have been a better movie if the trust theme was better handled. The massage is really unrealistic. I understand and believe that we need to trust each other more, but not after we got betrayed severel times.

  78. MatiasMJK


    Dag siden

    Awesome video as always! But when are you doing Zack Snyders Justice League? 🙈😂

  79. Ethan


    2 dager siden

    Finally, someone else acknowledging the amazing score!

  80. Stephanie Hagler

    Stephanie Hagler

    2 dager siden


  81. Julian Escontrias

    Julian Escontrias

    2 dager siden

    And that’s how Karen’s were create

  82. Kya


    2 dager siden

    I'd like to add that in the intro, they called out the fact that humans would rather fight over a precious item rather than unite around it, because that's literally what we would do.

  83. BlackieLeone


    2 dager siden

    Great summary of that awesome movie. You were able to put me through the movie again remembering me of the good feelings I had watching it last week and also you were able to put into words what I only felt. Thank you for that twentyfour minutes, mate!

  84. igor staniaszek

    igor staniaszek

    2 dager siden

    these dragons look strangely fuckable

  85. Amelia Booth

    Amelia Booth

    2 dager siden


  86. Joseph Jr

    Joseph Jr

    2 dager siden

    7:08 Excuse me WHAT

  87. Alvin Brown

    Alvin Brown

    2 dager siden

    I'm like 90% sure 'Binturi' is this movies version of the word 'Bitch'

  88. SANESS


    2 dager siden

    “Ma’am, I know you’re panicked, but you just body-slammed a child.” CW: *proceeds to add one win*

  89. Richard Espino

    Richard Espino

    2 dager siden

    "Awww, i want to live in a world with dragons. Stupid no dragon world" I have said the same thing ever since i was a young boy!

  90. pluto


    2 dager siden

    Please please plesae do everything great about A Quiet Place part II, i loved it and think itll have great material for you

  91. David Holloway

    David Holloway

    2 dager siden

    19:58 A "thunder" of dragons? Oh yeah, I got that reference. Angela is such a great character.

  92. Mellie Chovexani

    Mellie Chovexani

    2 dager siden

    "I'm Fleak Savage Lit!" got me XD

  93. The Shrike

    The Shrike

    2 dager siden

    Hmm... if the Druun are repelled by water, how the hell did they ever become a problem if dragons can literally magic up some rain?

  94. Thiago Oshiro

    Thiago Oshiro

    2 dager siden

    I love your analisis of this movie, really great, I loves that movie and see you bringing it here was great. =)

  95. Chong Christine

    Chong Christine

    2 dager siden

    I don't even notice heihei was inside the movie the whole time..👁_👁

  96. Veronica R.

    Veronica R.

    2 dager siden


  97. wassup man

    wassup man

    2 dager siden

    My only problem w/ this movie is that its too dark for a disney animated film, there's only so much you can do w/ kid friendly storytelling

  98. Clumsy Weeb

    Clumsy Weeb

    2 dager siden

    I loved this movie ! You should review Invincible or young royals if you can.