Everything GREAT About Ratatouille!

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Ratatouille! A movie about rats and cooking and if you ask me, Dracula. Here's everything right with Ratatouille!

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  1. Pikachu


    9 timer siden

    ive watched this many times over and I refuse to believe that this was uploaded only 5 months ago

  2. boby roublard

    boby roublard

    17 timer siden

    what ? WHAT ? "Ratatouille is a soup" no it is not it's a...I don't know the english word for that... ...hold on a second... it's a stew (according to google translate) if you ever eat something called "ratatouille" that is so liquidy that it gives you the feeling of eating a soup...then it's a bad ratatouille but Ratatouille IS NOT A SOUP !!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤯

  3. Ewa Kosiorska

    Ewa Kosiorska

    Dag siden

    The first time i watched ratatouille is when i was eating pizza so thats a fun coincidence

  4. McCrunchy


    2 dager siden

    Ratatouille is like my favorite movie ever and I'm so glad you finally made a cinema wins on it.

  5. Liza Aquino

    Liza Aquino

    2 dager siden

    Finally someone gets me.

  6. Aaron Alkor

    Aaron Alkor

    3 dager siden

    8:25 My favorite scene

  7. Manuel Morales

    Manuel Morales

    3 dager siden

    Please do Rango

  8. Green Animator

    Green Animator

    3 dager siden

    Oh yeah my name is Remy lol

  9. Maayan Shiff

    Maayan Shiff

    4 dager siden

    9:42 maybe they are in the same universe as the incredibles

  10. Random Child42

    Random Child42

    6 dager siden

    This is my underrated favorite pixar movie. It may not be my actual favorite, but it's talked about way less than it should be.

  11. Javier Aravena

    Javier Aravena

    7 dager siden

    The movie is probably set in the 50s or 60s, since one of the cooks in the restaurant apparently was a gun smuggler for a resistance group (which one isn't known), and the guy doesn't seems that old. The cars look like 60s french cars and we even could narrow it down to 1968 because the newspapers talk about the stock market falling and workers on strike, which could be seen as a prelude to the French May.

  12. High King Trasher

    High King Trasher

    7 dager siden

    My little kid eyes always saw linguini hastily stuff remy under his hat. I always giggled at that part

  13. Cagefree


    8 dager siden

    Everything great about ratatouille… Everything.

  14. Cmorris94


    8 dager siden

    Miss you Peter o'toole

  15. Zero luck

    Zero luck

    9 dager siden


  16. El Slendermaster

    El Slendermaster

    9 dager siden

    Everything IS great about Ratatouille*

  17. Phanteon E

    Phanteon E

    10 dager siden

    We do a little bit of cooking

  18. Bamboozled Zoinkers

    Bamboozled Zoinkers

    10 dager siden

    I just realized none of the humans no what Remy’s name is. They just call him little chef or “Rat”

  19. Diva Alfirman

    Diva Alfirman

    12 dager siden

    Everyone: this movie is perfect as it is and doesn't need a follow-up prequel/sequel Me: *wants a prequel about the guy who killed a man with his thumb*

  20. Aquastic


    16 dager siden

    Still waiting for "Everything GREAT About Rise of the Guardian"

  21. Dana


    16 dager siden

    but also a smaller detail at the end, Ego looks a little less like skin and bones, and happier so maybe it changed his mind about food alltogether

  22. Sayri S Official

    Sayri S Official

    16 dager siden

    2:57 hey that doggo looks like the one from up

  23. The Diamond Kitty Gaming & More

    The Diamond Kitty Gaming & More

    17 dager siden

    2:02 So that's why granny can gun

  24. MysticalSpaceCat ストップ

    MysticalSpaceCat ストップ

    19 dager siden

    6:48 who needs to throw harmful materials in the ocean when you have these

  25. Seakay Margiadanae

    Seakay Margiadanae

    19 dager siden

    I am honestly disappointed with an argument you made. As both a chef, and a lover of this movie. I have a lot of respect for this movie because the reality of someone aspiring to be a chef through skill and facing adversity is something you come across constantly. The kitchen is a battlefield that spend very little time on where you come from. And for the ten years, which is very little, I have worked in it I am glad that has never changed. If you have skill as a chef you deserve to be in a kitchen. However, you made an argument that you felt yourself adverse against Remi as a chef because of his origin in this movie. I find that honestly disappointing, a somewhat too pessimistic view from an otherwise optemistic person I look to for a brighter side. You're closing argument is nice, enough to absolve you from that, but not enough to take the prejudice away, that easily applicable to anything else, and that is where my disappointment stems from.

  26. eric darkgoat

    eric darkgoat

    20 dager siden

    9:28 OM look at the detaill from that newspaper. You can actually read all the articles

  27. SkilvzGamin '

    SkilvzGamin '

    21 dag siden

    Cinema sims should do great things about cinema sings and vice versa

  28. Draidan Portress

    Draidan Portress

    23 dager siden

    This Film is truly Pixar's magnum opus!😊

  29. Have a banana productions

    Have a banana productions

    24 dager siden

    I think Ego is more like Noseferatu

  30. Mohadeseh Shahoseini

    Mohadeseh Shahoseini

    25 dager siden

    I think the message is the most beautiful part of this movie. Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we want. Sometimes we don’t win. And that’s okay. The literal definition of one door closing and another door opening. Btw congrats on the baby!!

  31. Arrow Games

    Arrow Games

    25 dager siden

    11:36 Wait, Ratatouille is not a soup right? Its a dish if stewed vegetables. Confit Byaldi is a variation on Ratatouille, right?

  32. Hudson Millar

    Hudson Millar

    27 dager siden

    what day?

  33. Victoria Smith

    Victoria Smith

    28 dager siden

    if you didn't know the scene where Remy is eating the cheese and the strawberry was made by an animator with synthesis( the ability to use multiple senses at once). They asked him to eat those certain foods and then he drew what we saw while eating them! The more you know!

  34. wiblr


    28 dager siden

    its so incredible to watch the cinemasins version of this and see that he basically just made all sins into wins

  35. Humpbrey Nicholas Layug

    Humpbrey Nicholas Layug

    29 dager siden

    I always go hungry whenever i rewatch this masterpiece

  36. Ethan Horn

    Ethan Horn

    Måned siden

    There is something incredibly Miyazaki about films like Ratatouille and Luca. Miyazaki famously worked backwards when making his films, where he'd start with the art and then create dialogue to justify the story. Some of his movies aren't quite as classic and perfect as his other films (like Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke) but they all the same seem to be designed to capture a feel and then tell a story. That's why shots with San on the train in Spirited Away are more memorable to me than the actual story itself. Ratatouille to me has a really great story, but the sheer emotionality and the intense love for shots of Paris makes me feel like the film was made more as a way to justify animating Paris and talking about food and then a story was written around it. This sort of backwards thinking more often than not doesn't work out... but as we see with Pixar and Miyazaki in the right hands it can be done to a degree that becomes groundbreaking and genuinely worthwhile.

  37. Ana Lucia Flier, van der

    Ana Lucia Flier, van der

    Måned siden

    can you make a video about wish dragon?

  38. streamer8633


    Måned siden

    Sccafrillas would be proud

  39. Jim Stoesz

    Jim Stoesz

    Måned siden

    Another point that would be kinda hard to know unless you've worked in the industry: the kitchen is set up with exactly the same layout and structure a real 5-star gourmet restaurant would have.

  40. ZX_Eden


    Måned siden

    This movie is pretty much a mecha anime

  41. Abbassy


    Måned siden

    The changeable wind reassuringly rush because swedish immunohistologically strip an a pumped helicopter. cool, cynical plough

  42. Parise Wellington

    Parise Wellington

    Måned siden

    It's June! Has the baby been born?

  43. Daiden Hempsey

    Daiden Hempsey

    Måned siden

    love you and your aprichaition for these moves

  44. The Train man

    The Train man

    Måned siden

    This is great movie it’s a rat that cooks, amazing

  45. Noe Angelo Dela Fuente

    Noe Angelo Dela Fuente

    Måned siden

    Disney Channel vs Nickelodeon

  46. Noe Angelo Dela Fuente

    Noe Angelo Dela Fuente

    Måned siden

    Disneyland vs Disney World

  47. Noe Angelo Dela Fuente

    Noe Angelo Dela Fuente

    Måned siden

    Okay Disneyland Is Way Better Then Disney World

  48. The mlemmers

    The mlemmers

    Måned siden

    The amount of wins is to low as it s not 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000



    Måned siden

    "You could say Emile likes.... *a meal?* " I see what you did there.



    Måned siden

    How dare you not make wins for one of the greates scores of pixar snad



    Måned siden

    Ay where is the soup scene win

  52. Musi The Kitty Cat

    Musi The Kitty Cat

    Måned siden

    I love ths channel

  53. Carina M

    Carina M

    Måned siden

    Congratulations on the baby! Wishing you and your wife the best.

  54. JohnHan


    Måned siden

    Is it just me or he kinda sounds like Remy

  55. Phase Phase

    Phase Phase

    Måned siden

    Relating back to the whole Ego being Dracula thing, If you watch 10:00 in slow motion you can see Ego sorta has fangs. Just an observation

  56. virtual game 63

    virtual game 63

    Måned siden

    Remember the soup was so bad that is made him gag and rats are physically in capable of gagging so the soap broke the laws of nature

  57. parsa navidi

    parsa navidi

    Måned siden

    Every thing great with with Ratatouille! Every thing great with with Ratatouille!😠 Ratatouille is 100 % FLAWLESS. It's the perfect animation and the best disney-pixar movie.

  58. Gpaderx


    Måned siden

    8:03, Oh my god, Colette looked at his other little chef.. AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA



    Måned siden

    perhaps we treated this guy a little too harshly.

  60. Cinnamon Toast Boi

    Cinnamon Toast Boi

    Måned siden

    Wait a second, is the person voicing remy...THE SAME AS JESSE FROM MINECRAFT STORY MODE????

    • muhammad fawwaz abhinaya

      muhammad fawwaz abhinaya

      Dag siden

      Patton Oswalt

  61. wolf eternal

    wolf eternal

    Måned siden

    Please do a video on rango

  62. Diana


    Måned siden

    Just saw this video today so you’re almost due! Congratulations to you both I hope it goes smoothly lots of love to your new family💙

  63. Jesus loves you

    Jesus loves you

    Måned siden

    8:30 i didnt even notice that last time! i got chills now...😦

  64. •Neko Cutie•

    •Neko Cutie•

    Måned siden

    I can't do anything with out my daily CinemaWins

  65. Darius


    Måned siden

    I wise man once said: "the *rodent* chef" 99!

  66. Giant Pink Cat

    Giant Pink Cat

    Måned siden

    "So you can say Emille likes a Meal-" OH NO. THE DAD JOKES ARE GETTING TO YOU ALREADY.

  67. IS-3 Shchuka

    IS-3 Shchuka

    Måned siden

    Uno reverse card of cinema sins

  68. john mike

    john mike

    Måned siden

    The material guitar mechanistically dress because pentagon externally drown concerning a abashed modem. lively, jumpy hovercraft

  69. Joseph Le Roy

    Joseph Le Roy

    Måned siden

    To be honest I NEVER noticed the spit take, but now I know that ego is never one to waste good wine

  70. TTV_Lukeiscool500


    Måned siden

    Fun fact I always watch the movie with In 3 weeks before watching ur videos on them

  71. Phoenix Nefarious

    Phoenix Nefarious

    Måned siden

    0:28 So I just wanted to point out the insane little detail of the old timey television- that ringing frequency. They captured that so damn well. My mum's still got got a new mode of that in her room- and every time I come over it just- gives me a headache :'D Props Disney. Yall did good. Attention to detail never disappoints.

  72. Scott Peltier

    Scott Peltier

    2 måneder siden

    Sir you feel movies. Which is 100% something hardly anybody does anymore

  73. craig


    2 måneder siden


  74. BrontoSmilodon1


    2 måneder siden

    You know I think the reason why Remi chose Ratatouille for Ego is that he probably smelled a hint of country air to him as he use to live in the country himself

  75. Gecko Gaming

    Gecko Gaming

    2 måneder siden

    First off thank you for doing this movie I love this movie growing up. Can you please do Brave because that is my favorite Disney princess movie

  76. Michael Rumsey

    Michael Rumsey

    2 måneder siden

    Idk if anyone has mentioned this yet but in the scenes with the strawberry and cheese tasting the animator Michel Gange has synesthesia (most often associated with seeing music but in this case seeing taste) and based the art on what he was tasting which was then handed to the composer to make music from that art. In my opinion this is filmmaking working on all cylinders to make one perfect experience!

  77. Elena Soto

    Elena Soto

    2 måneder siden

    Please do Big Fish.

  78. Chaotic Lawful

    Chaotic Lawful

    2 måneder siden

    “Everything great about ratatouille, but there's no edit and this is just piracy” All of it. All of it is great

  79. Nonsense Nonsense

    Nonsense Nonsense

    2 måneder siden

    Ce19 285

  80. astonmartinboy


    2 måneder siden


  81. Jurre van Veen

    Jurre van Veen

    2 måneder siden

    Wow congratulations on your wife’s pregnancy

  82. Elijah Lulla

    Elijah Lulla

    2 måneder siden

    7:00 Linguine becomes Jerry Seinfeld.

  83. Dawsyn Larson

    Dawsyn Larson

    2 måneder siden

    3:52 “what’s the deal with the A’s ?” Honestly I have no clue all I do know is Pixar has put “A” in their movies for years i know for sure it was in toy story 1 on a license plate

  84. Maximilian Schaak

    Maximilian Schaak

    2 måneder siden

    I always got extremely sad at 2:07 when i was watching this movie as a child

  85. Gizmo


    2 måneder siden


  86. JackHammer2KVI


    2 måneder siden

    Egos monologue has such an effect on me in a way that i cannot describe. It gives off a feel that anything can become great even if it is just your general piece of junk. Everytime i hear that monologue i end up nearly crying because of the profound message and feeling it gives. It shall forever be my favourite monoligue

  87. João Gomes

    João Gomes

    2 måneder siden

    I swear, the confit byaldi debate is the stupidest thing. Confit byaldi is a variation of ratatouille, therefore making it a ratatouille. It's like arguing a smash burger isn't technically a burger because it's ground beef prepared a slightly different way than a traditional burger. So what, it's the same dish, just made slightly different.

  88. laura


    2 måneder siden

    Please boycott Disney, they’re complicit with the Uyghur genocide

  89. MrBojangles


    2 måneder siden

    I hope the best for you and your wife,and I hope your child is heathy

  90. A YT

    A YT

    2 måneder siden

    3:14 i once said "i thank you" after someone thanked me for holding the door open for them

  91. Randy Williams

    Randy Williams

    2 måneder siden

    Sorry bruh but the Ratatouille he made was right. That's how you'd make it in a fine dining restaurant where meals come in servings not whole meals.

  92. Steph Anglim

    Steph Anglim

    2 måneder siden

    AWWWWW!!! I hope your wife has a safe and comfortable pregnancy!

  93. Anicia McDermott

    Anicia McDermott

    2 måneder siden

    I hava a pet rat

  94. Erm Yeah

    Erm Yeah

    2 måneder siden

    Seeing the Mr Incredible boxers and Bomb Voyage, I'm assuming that this could take place in the Incredibles universe... Has anyone considered that Remy is super? Maybe not super strength or invisibility but sensitive sense of taste could definitely be a "super power"

  95. 제규형


    2 måneder siden

    Yeah. The grandmother shotgun would have made me suspect my cooking-loving grandma had a shotgun hidden in her house had I lived in America. Thanks for showing what's great about an amazing video. Hope to see more!

  96. Dakota Woloschuk

    Dakota Woloschuk

    2 måneder siden

    RiP, Ian Holm and Peter O'Toole

  97. Susman Tehehe

    Susman Tehehe

    2 måneder siden

    Not saying I have watched this movie 57 times...but not saying I haven’t

  98. MarshmellowGuy


    2 måneder siden

    11:11 Oh... I thought that was a cut implying Colette was depressed at some point. Dang.

  99. Rhianna Delacour

    Rhianna Delacour

    2 måneder siden

    Congratulations for your baby ! New daddy ! I wish all the health for him/her and your wife 🥺🥰