Everything GREAT About Project Power!

Project Power! A Jaime Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt led Netflix movie. It's my first Netflix movie, so we'll see how this goes. Neither critics nor audiences really seemed to like this one, but maaaaybe there's something good in it? Here's everything right with Project Power!

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  1. riftgamer


    14 dager siden

    But if u had the power of Mantis shrimp you are literally one punch man

  2. El Hopper

    El Hopper

    Måned siden

    As someone who grew up in New Orleans and is a huge Saints/Joseph Gordon-Levitt fan. I super appreciate that he wore a Steve Gleason jersey the whole movie. Super great guy!

  3. gamer two

    gamer two

    Måned siden

    7:24 they’re also wearing the respective colors I know it’s kinda obvious, but I legit missed it when I watched it.

  4. thisisSatori


    2 måneder siden

    Watching this movie and not really expecting much or anything, I was actually positively surprised by even just the superficial social commentary. Companies being willing to sacrifice the poor/marginalized for money, police/government not only not stopping but aiding them, references to military experimentation, people being pushed into crime out of necessity. It's got a lot of aspects that are very interesting if not explored in depth. I also enjoyed the conceptualization of the powers as drugs with a high chance of killing you and the possibility to overdose on power. Also Dominique Fishback. She was great!

  5. Blah Anger

    Blah Anger

    2 måneder siden

    10:53 might be a Rag Doll/Mr Fantastic combo.

  6. Karloz Bailey

    Karloz Bailey

    2 måneder siden

    Good movie no doubt

  7. Steven Omega

    Steven Omega

    2 måneder siden

    1:36 i know u didnt say lil wayne was 2 chainz

  8. Gyeong Mi Bae

    Gyeong Mi Bae

    2 måneder siden

    When will Hollywood stop trying to pass off New Yorkers with the thickest accents as people from anywhere other than New York. Ashanti in Coach Carter, this girl, Robert DiNero in anything...

  9. Gyeong Mi Bae

    Gyeong Mi Bae

    2 måneder siden

    I only gave this movie a chance because of Jamie. Almost turned it off because of MGK. Glad I kept watching it. However that's not enough of a reason for me to watch that new Netflix tv show with him.

  10. AaroMotive Studio

    AaroMotive Studio

    3 måneder siden

    Talk about Everything Great About The Iron Giant

  11. Massid


    3 måneder siden

    Please make everything great about bolt

  12. Gabriel Toups

    Gabriel Toups

    3 måneder siden

    The cool thing is that some of the buildings that are in the movie look really similar to the ones in New Orleans because I live in Louisiana and I go to New Orleans kind of frequently lol

  13. x Riizo

    x Riizo

    3 måneder siden

    Just finished watching this movie! It's brilliant! thought I'd come here to finally watch this without spoiling anything. xD Also please do Jojo Rabbit!

  14. SentinalProductions


    3 måneder siden

    2:40 i call him fire storm

  15. Max Stevenson

    Max Stevenson

    3 måneder siden

    1. Music is only good if you listen to shitty rap and that’s all you listen to cuz that’s all this movie has. 2.the whole rap thing is cringe af idk why they throw in her dreams and aspirations of being a rapper. I guess if they are going for young high schoolers as their audience this movie could be attractive to them. 3.the girl is god awful at acting 4. The writing is kinda garbage 5. The visuals are pretty sick 6. Don’t watch this movie if you aren’t fresh outta jr high unless the visuals are enough to suck you in. Which was pretty much my case. Plus I love mgk. Still wasted 2 hours of my life tho.

  16. BobbyDuke


    3 måneder siden

    yeah and the demonrats stole it and the judges wouldn't look at a mountain of evidence, and all the main stream media broadcasts propaganda lies non stop there caught non stop but don't care they own this country the whole gang of them and they want America dead. ...that is called systemic conspiracy to overthrow a nation. All provable but when you own the judges doesn't matter. Being made slaves and some are fighting for it. they end up telling you what to believe and killing you if you don't. your probably one of the fools who voted for a deep state to own you...what kind of complete moron would do that?

  17. Matthew Saverton

    Matthew Saverton

    4 måneder siden

    please do knights tale

  18. ConArtist


    4 måneder siden

    As a fellow resident of New Orleans, I wouldn’t even be surprised if something like this actually happened irl here.

  19. Maximilian Goodwin

    Maximilian Goodwin

    4 måneder siden

    Cinema fail: at 1:35 you said 2chainz but it was lil wayne rapping, that is all

  20. L0U13 __

    L0U13 __

    4 måneder siden

    As cool as the film is I have no idea of how this makes sense, I like it tho

  21. Shannyboy2 jay

    Shannyboy2 jay

    4 måneder siden


  22. Jay B

    Jay B

    4 måneder siden

    The girls like Erie from boku no hero

  23. Gemma Totally not on yt

    Gemma Totally not on yt

    4 måneder siden

    No it is dislocating

  24. ItsMani


    4 måneder siden

    i just ate a watermelon

  25. Auron Roy

    Auron Roy

    4 måneder siden

    Ah yes, he projects his power.

  26. Rhythm Gupta

    Rhythm Gupta

    4 måneder siden

    i love this guy cause he finds all the positive aspects of a movie!!!!!!!

  27. Allgames1805


    4 måneder siden

    i like superhero movies

  28. Josh Nunya

    Josh Nunya

    4 måneder siden

    6:57 Unbreakable reference?

  29. Josh Nunya

    Josh Nunya

    4 måneder siden

    Wish I was told about this 5 months ago

  30. ghoulishly_possible


    4 måneder siden

    Yes in a way the immortal jellyfish

  31. Frog212 Why’d

    Frog212 Why’d

    4 måneder siden

    Is there going to be a sequel?

  32. Banana Spice

    Banana Spice

    4 måneder siden

    YEeah bAbY

  33. Khris G.

    Khris G.

    4 måneder siden

    So, you make "everything Great" videos of OK movies but you made an "everything Wrong" of Blade Runner 2049?! Yeah, haven't neither forgot or forgiven you for that one

  34. Unamused Goose

    Unamused Goose

    4 måneder siden

    I didn't catch the character names at the beginning, so when you kept saying Robin I thought you were referring to JGL

  35. Alan Dean

    Alan Dean

    4 måneder siden

    8000 degrees hotter than the sun lol what a load of bollocks

  36. Fabrisse ter Brugghe

    Fabrisse ter Brugghe

    4 måneder siden

    I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie. It was great for a popcorn flick.

  37. Brian Harrington

    Brian Harrington

    5 måneder siden

    i have a pistol shrimp and its true, they are very loud

  38. Bigbobaz


    5 måneder siden

    I feel like this would have worked better at a series still a solid film tho

  39. SinHurr


    5 måneder siden

    11:33 Thanks, Oatmeal!

  40. Otter


    5 måneder siden

    Usually with Netflix stuff I'm hesitant (I like Foxx I like JGL) But I ended up watching this mostly because of this review and it was incredibly solid. I know netflix doesn't have a bad record with movies/serious one of my favorites is Spectral but I also like the group of actors as they are in 13 hours as well and just mesh well together.

  41. Dare Marcelle

    Dare Marcelle

    5 måneder siden

    that was lil wayne sin yourself

  42. Garden bucket

    Garden bucket

    5 måneder siden

    Ok actually wtf is robins power

  43. Shaun Bang

    Shaun Bang

    5 måneder siden


  44. Grant Blevins

    Grant Blevins

    5 måneder siden

    Did he just say 2chainz while lil wayne was playing 💀

  45. Spencer Safflower

    Spencer Safflower

    5 måneder siden

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  46. Spencer Safflower

    Spencer Safflower

    5 måneder siden

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  47. Zahnkorwon Chiumya

    Zahnkorwon Chiumya

    5 måneder siden

    its spelt 'KANYE'

  48. Josue Silva

    Josue Silva

    5 måneder siden

    You should do that movie Push with Chris Evans. I always loved that one. It’s like this one but better

  49. Victor Walsh

    Victor Walsh

    5 måneder siden

    Can you review THE FIGHTER IN THE WIND? A great martial arts movie close to the raid,ip man, flash point.

  50. Geovana SB

    Geovana SB

    5 måneder siden

    7:23 also they look like Batman and Robin, she is wearing colored clothes just like Robin and he is wearing black clothes

  51. Brandon Taylor

    Brandon Taylor

    5 måneder siden

    That was lil wayne not 2 chainz smh

  52. Elise Erickson

    Elise Erickson

    6 måneder siden

    I was just frustrated the Newt died so early.... MGK is HOT



    6 måneder siden

    Everything GREAT About Jojo Rabbit.

  54. Antonio Padilla

    Antonio Padilla

    6 måneder siden

    My power is i can rap Me:stfu

  55. booksandatlaareawesome


    6 måneder siden

    Wtf is Katrina that you keep going on about?

  56. Princefan046


    6 måneder siden

    Some of your 'EVEYTHING'S GREAT' reviews are better than the actual movies because I can skip the long expositions

  57. Wicket the Ewok

    Wicket the Ewok

    6 måneder siden

    Even tho machine gun Kelly as a small role he’s a killer actor in Netflix movies

  58. KTSP


    6 måneder siden

    Watched it not Netflix with my sister and parents, really good

  59. Elizabeth Stephens

    Elizabeth Stephens

    6 måneder siden

    Everything Great About Soul Surfer. Everything Great About Secretariat.

  60. Thomas


    6 måneder siden

    I think this movie should have been made into a series.

  61. Garv Wadhwaney

    Garv Wadhwaney

    6 måneder siden

    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Watched it when I was 12, helped me come to terms with daydreaming and how it can be dangerous at times.

  62. Steven Scott

    Steven Scott

    7 måneder siden

    I had two problems with this one. One: the idea of "explaining" super-powers by reference to some ever-so-tenuous conceptual connection to something actual lifeforms can do has been done before, and always comes across as LESS plausible than just saying "yes, this is a universe where super-powers happen". Two: it's amazing how offputting it is that the female lead was not even slightly attractive. You'd think it would make the movie feel more realistic, but instead I had to fight the urge to change channels just so I wouldn't have to look at her anymore. And the women where I live are mostly hideous, so you'd think I'd be used to that.

  63. LiyahDempsey


    7 måneder siden

    Shouts to you for the booty call reference 👏🏽👏🏽

  64. Awkward Goat

    Awkward Goat

    7 måneder siden

    In my personal opinion, I think the Mantis Shrimp is cooler than the Pistol Shrimp. Sure the Pistol Shrimp is fast enough to create an air bubble hot enough to cook its prey, but the Mantis Shrimp can do that AND is powerful enough to punch through aquarium grade glass. Not to mention that not only are they super colorful, Mantis Shrimp also have 11 to 13 cones in their eyes, which means they see more than a dozen colors that we can't perceive as humans. Mantis Shrimp are just so cool, man-

  65. Timo van Helvoort

    Timo van Helvoort

    7 måneder siden

    Love your videos :)

  66. Timo van Helvoort

    Timo van Helvoort

    7 måneder siden

    You misspelled Kanye every time. Dude.

  67. Ed Wright

    Ed Wright

    7 måneder siden

    I kinda just watched this to find out what happened in the end because I couldn't force myself through it. Kinda glad I didn't seeing how it ends up tbh.

  68. Kim


    7 måneder siden

    This movie was unwatchable

  69. West McGee

    West McGee

    7 måneder siden

    This movie was very good. I don’t understand the tepid reaction. The effects, alone, were worth it.

  70. hitoshi inaba

    hitoshi inaba

    7 måneder siden

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  71. infamousmondo


    7 måneder siden

    kayne west

  72. hitoshi inaba

    hitoshi inaba

    7 måneder siden

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  73. Logan Lynn

    Logan Lynn

    7 måneder siden

    fuck mgk

  74. J. T. Dogzone

    J. T. Dogzone

    7 måneder siden

    2 CHAINZ ?!? bro thats Lil Wayne

  75. -Esque


    7 måneder siden

    10:35 Scotty says that you should always tell the captain you'll get it done later, so when you finish on time it always seems like a miracle. Seriously, watch TNG.

  76. Isaiah Hagans

    Isaiah Hagans

    8 måneder siden

    I hate to be that guy but you spelled Kanye as "Kayne" like 3 times

  77. Lennox Sommerville

    Lennox Sommerville

    8 måneder siden

    5:37 I pointed this out to my parents and they had no idea who it was and I barely know who it is I just recognized him

  78. Mac And Cheese

    Mac And Cheese

    8 måneder siden

    I gotta stay out of these comments, no one is ever talking about the movie, it’s always just requests

  79. Roger Trahan

    Roger Trahan

    8 måneder siden

    What a dogshit movie. Such a waste of an interesting premise and an incredible cast. What a let down.

  80. Linise Chapman

    Linise Chapman

    8 måneder siden

    At 1:38 you say 2 Chainz, isn’t that lil Wayne 😂

  81. glitch_ 13

    glitch_ 13

    8 måneder siden

    The spike guy is a power ranger haha

  82. Pawprint


    8 måneder siden

    Honestly I really liked this movie, I saw the trailer on NOnet and thought "hey, why not." And watched it, and I was actually thinking about the next few days afterward. Like he said Robin and the cop guy (I forgot his name) should definitely have a buddy cop series.

  83. Hunter Adams

    Hunter Adams

    8 måneder siden

    I live in New Orleans and this movie portrays it perfectly

  84. Raul


    8 måneder siden


  85. Sergio Marti ez

    Sergio Marti ez

    8 måneder siden

    I gana watch this in 2025

  86. justin isp

    justin isp

    8 måneder siden

    if you want to do a buddy cop movie the best is Turner and Hooch, although it is a touch sad.

  87. Global Outlaw Ent.

    Global Outlaw Ent.

    8 måneder siden

    Lil Wayne not 2 chains🤦🏽‍♂️

  88. schoolnurd


    8 måneder siden

    Nice unbreakable

  89. Andreas Oloan Sihotang

    Andreas Oloan Sihotang

    8 måneder siden

    Push...hancock...and now this...non generic brand supes movie

  90. Tornado Taylor

    Tornado Taylor

    8 måneder siden

    Everytime i see this film or hear about it i think of the webtoon power pills, by bookfangeek. Since the film has a similar idea to it and i personally feel its a rip off but its probably not.

  91. tara thelen

    tara thelen

    8 måneder siden

    You should see MGK as Tommy Lee in the dirt on Netflix he absolutely killed in that role and was really funny

    • DerekXX


      5 måneder siden


  92. S SouthMane

    S SouthMane

    8 måneder siden

    Time Traveler from 2025 here and just letting you all know Kanye won in 2024.

  93. macavalli


    8 måneder siden

    Lil Wayne 1:36 that's not 2Chainz my guy

  94. Jayku 162

    Jayku 162

    8 måneder siden

    The cg in this movie is great

  95. Marko Be wild

    Marko Be wild

    8 måneder siden

    You should do django unchained

  96. jack from the videos

    jack from the videos

    8 måneder siden

    With everything great about project power comes everything great about project responsibility

  97. Cheto 4

    Cheto 4

    8 måneder siden


  98. Cheto 4

    Cheto 4

    8 måneder siden


  99. Ryse Above

    Ryse Above

    8 måneder siden

    Anyone gonna mention about how he spelled Kanye as Kayne. No? Just me i guess.

  100. pyromaniac


    8 måneder siden

    I absolutely adore this film but one of the only things that annoyed me about this film is... I REALLY wanted Robin to take a pill because when you give a premise like the pills the thing the audience are going to be waiting for is who gets what power so it becomes an event when somebody takes one of the pills because you get that moment of "what are they going to get?!" I was just really curious about what power she had. hopefully they make a sequel I can get my answer