Everything GREAT About A Perfect Getaway!

Chris Hemsworth! Milla Jovovich! What else needs to be said? Ok the Chris Hemsworth is a bait and switch, but Timothy Olyphant! A Perfect Getaway people! Let's goooooooooooo. Here's everything right with A Perfect Getaway!

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  1. Tha Krimzon Empire

    Tha Krimzon Empire

    4 dager siden

    I love this movie so much I mean I've seen so many movies and this is literally top three of my favorites above a lot of Marvel movies because it was just so different

  2. Balockay Bumbalough

    Balockay Bumbalough

    4 dager siden

    I love this movie and you're critique on the running scene is spot on. And the twist really caught me off guard.

  3. Balockay Bumbalough

    Balockay Bumbalough

    4 dager siden

    Wait...what's wrong with the director's cut?

  4. Ash M

    Ash M

    6 dager siden

    It's an ok thriller. The fact that you have to explain how the twist makes sense, means that it doesn't really work. You shouldn't have to over think these things. But I do like seeing Chris Hemsworth pre-Thor.

  5. Katie Bearne

    Katie Bearne

    8 dager siden

    Hi can you please do a video about inside by Bo burnham

  6. Ulf Fus

    Ulf Fus

    12 dager siden

    Please do a video on jojo rabbit

  7. Jack Traynor

    Jack Traynor

    19 dager siden

    Make a video about Prince of Egypt!

  8. Paulie Luce

    Paulie Luce

    23 dager siden

    “The girl who gets buried alive in lost” I KNEW IVE SEEN HER BEFORE.

  9. Gabriel Munos

    Gabriel Munos

    26 dager siden

    Bill Tench the Gawdddd!!!!

  10. Gabriel Munos

    Gabriel Munos

    26 dager siden

    Also pls do pitch black lol

  11. Gabriel Munos

    Gabriel Munos

    26 dager siden

    Timothy Olyphant is the fucking man

  12. Gabriel Munos

    Gabriel Munos

    26 dager siden

    Just watched Now watching this. I knew they were methies seen it a mile away

  13. Sparky Boi

    Sparky Boi

    27 dager siden

    Ohhh i remember watching this movie. It was such a plot twist. It was a fucking great movie.

  14. madkittyjoey70


    27 dager siden

    So considering the severe brain injury Nick had, the girl definitely wasn't kidding when she said that Nick was (literally!) hard to kill.

  15. JonZu 47

    JonZu 47

    Måned siden

    That invincible title card 🤣🤣

  16. Not Offensive

    Not Offensive

    Måned siden

    Happy I went in blind. I love movies that you can watch and sort of play like a murder mystery game. I'm also happy I guessed right and was vindicated when the twist was revealed, always makes a movie fun when you can feel like you've won by the time the credits role lmao. Fun movie.



    Måned siden

    Do The Princess Bride!

  18. Tod Doughty

    Tod Doughty

    Måned siden

    this movie is definitely one of those movies that just gets better the first four times you watch it

  19. will york

    will york

    Måned siden

    i weissh i coulda watched this before hand, but i dont have hulu.

  20. J Bishop

    J Bishop

    Måned siden

    I took your advice…I watched the film that somehow flew under my radar. My god. Or more like “holy shit!!! What?!!”

  21. Eric Shepperd

    Eric Shepperd

    Måned siden

    Hit like if he should make an everything great episode about cabin in the woods⌛

  22. Xaos Bob

    Xaos Bob

    Måned siden

    I took your advice, went and watched the movie before coming back here. Absolutely the right call, thank you. I want to add a win for the B&W flashbacks being filmed in infrared. Adds a weird, surreal intensity that I don't know could have been as effective with a different technique.

  23. Isaiah mccoy

    Isaiah mccoy

    Måned siden

    Yo that invincible cut was perfect 😂😂

  24. piogal34


    Måned siden

    Wait. WAAAAIITT. CinemaWins is already one of my favorite channels, but now throwing in a Critical Role reference-and my fave cast member is in this movie. I'm dying :D :D :D

  25. Lauren


    Måned siden

    Rocky and "Sydney" are like more grounded versions of the Joker and Harley.

  26. Micah


    Måned siden

    I took your advice and watched this movie before continuing with the video. I wish I hadn't. The movie is decent at best, but mostly just forgettable. I wish I'd saved 70 minutes and just watched this video.

  27. Taylor Taylor

    Taylor Taylor

    Måned siden

    I miss Steve Zahn, he did a bunch of great stuff a decade ago.

  28. Will Mills

    Will Mills

    Måned siden

    I watched this like the year after it came out. Really liked it, and then never thought of it again. Thank you so much for reminding me about this movie.

  29. Games For Cykits

    Games For Cykits

    Måned siden

    Wow, cinemaswins doing aaaa horror movie?

  30. Im Functi0nal

    Im Functi0nal

    Måned siden

    hes good at this

  31. GroovyGreaser


    Måned siden

    So...Timothy Olyphant is always a win...right? Also, since you've now done Wandavision, you should DEFINITELY do Santa Clarita Diet! It is amazing.

  32. Alex Davey

    Alex Davey

    Måned siden

    Timothy Olyphant can't be an American Jedi, he's already a town marshal on Tatooine

  33. Blackbox


    Måned siden

    Also, notice when Nick knows he has no way out, he doesn't dive off the boat or lunge for Cliff, he turns away so the bullet would hit the metal plate. It wasn't a stroke of luck that he survived, he planned it. Always one step ahead.

  34. Namyks


    Måned siden

    18:38 God damn you, that got me good.

  35. Chris Foster

    Chris Foster

    Måned siden

    You deserve more subs, and much higher views! Love your work!

  36. Tom Humberstone

    Tom Humberstone

    Måned siden


  37. Overlord Dan

    Overlord Dan

    Måned siden

    Chris looks ready for his Hogan Biopic in this movie

  38. Erebus Condon

    Erebus Condon

    Måned siden

    Oh, do we have a critter?

  39. Nat young

    Nat young

    Måned siden

    Man, NOBODY talks about this movie. I'm glad it's you!

  40. Capital_Beaz47


    Måned siden

    *True Blood Stans Reunite*

  41. Cassidy Leonards

    Cassidy Leonards

    Måned siden

    Omg yes! I was saying he has a lot of Bill Paxton in True Lies energy in this movie.

  42. Bryan Gray

    Bryan Gray

    Måned siden

    Got a third of the way through before realizing I was watching the Director's cut. Hopefully this version I've rented from the Microsoft Store is the Theatrical cut :P

  43. Sha_boy_Nacho I

    Sha_boy_Nacho I

    Måned siden

    18:37 nice

  44. Burningchkn


    Måned siden

    Thank you for telling us to watch it before this because this is such a great movie

  45. zlt


    Måned siden

    seen this movie 10 years ago and completely forgot till i rewatched it last night

  46. Massid


    Måned siden

    please make everything great about bolt

  47. Track Back

    Track Back

    Måned siden

    Gvk please

  48. Mark Rober's Dad

    Mark Rober's Dad

    Måned siden

    Aaaaaah! you spoiled the movie!I was about to watch iit

  49. Tiny Valkyrie

    Tiny Valkyrie

    Måned siden

    I spent all my summers growing up in Kauai and I’ve done this hike several times. Looks like they shot a surprising amount on location. The order of the places on the hike are all scrambled up though so it’s super surreal.

  50. the BEANS

    the BEANS

    Måned siden

    Am I the only one that thought this was a criminal getaway from the beginning

  51. wittyadrian


    Måned siden

    I actually just watched this movie entirely blind, purely because you made a video about it. Loved it all the way through, they had me right up until the camera zoom-in reveal scene. Phenomenal movie!

  52. sogerc1


    Måned siden

    I started watching the theatrical cut but I got bored so I've stopped. Maybe this upload would be interesting and I'll probably find out what happened without wasting another hour...

  53. kingoffury


    Måned siden


  54. Sapphirewingthefurrycritic


    Måned siden

    Second I saw the scenery, I knew it was Hawaii. Probably Kauai.

  55. The747Guy


    Måned siden

    I wanna say thanks man, I looked up the movie, it didn't really call tome and combined with the lower imdb score i was just happy to have a new Cinemawins video, but your insistancy of warnings led me to have faith and watch it before this video and I really liked the movie, underated in my oppinion.

  56. david mckesey

    david mckesey

    Måned siden

    One my favorite guilty pleasure movie and I love the twist

  57. DaysGoBy


    Måned siden

    The scenery was a huge plus.

  58. The Pumkinnugg

    The Pumkinnugg

    Måned siden

    Please do money python and the quest for the holy Grail

  59. Lazer Fluxxy

    Lazer Fluxxy

    Måned siden

    I would suggest Wolfwalkers as to be added to the list of movies you'll review, its not as popular as most of the movies on here (mainly because it was aired on Apple TV) but it's an amazing movie.

  60. Sylvie Graystone

    Sylvie Graystone

    Måned siden

    Please do Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron because it is a beautiful film and Hans zimmers score is sublime and make me emotional every time. Xx

  61. Looking Glass Playthroughs

    Looking Glass Playthroughs

    Måned siden

    I know you don't do much for TV but considering the heavy backlash it received, you really should consider an "Everything Great About Season 8 of Game of Thrones" series. Just think about it, please.

  62. Vidit Jain

    Vidit Jain

    Måned siden

    Please do Everything Great ABout Zack Snyder's Justice League!

  63. Brayden Ivy

    Brayden Ivy

    Måned siden

    Cover knight and day

  64. Hamiet


    Måned siden

    Do fantastic mr Fox please

  65. Minar Ahmed

    Minar Ahmed

    Måned siden

    🤗Plz do Snyder's "Army of the Dead" You're gonna love that!😁

  66. Tommy


    Måned siden

    Still waiting for everything great about King Kong vs Godzilla

  67. Jacob Lopez

    Jacob Lopez

    Måned siden

    Can you watch Snow Piercer

  68. Power Pandas

    Power Pandas

    Måned siden

    Hi I’m not sure you know this… Cinema wins this message is quickly for you I just tried to watch your video everything great about the Mitchell’s versus the machines but Netflix has blocked it on grounds of copyright in the us!!! I don’t know if there is any much you can do about it… But I just wanted to let you know. Everybody please like this comment or copy it and commented so that cinema wins can see this.

  69. liz5100


    Måned siden

    Honestly I had heard more than once how terrible this movie is so when I watched it (because you doubled down on go watch it and you rarely do that so I listened) I just thought most of what you pointed out was bad writing. Ya sure the soft newly wed couple is gonna have a chat in the tent about how they think they can totally fool unkillable jedi murderer guy if they can just put on a game face, because the script is just being a thriller movie not dropping hints at all. I think hearing this was a bad movie genuinely ruined it for me. All the things I normally would have questioned and figured it out before the flash backs just came off as bad writing to me. I think watching this in 2021 was also a major problem, in 2009 I hadn't seen the thousands of bad movies I have now that included similar scenes for no reason instead of being foreshadowing like it is in this one. Before coming back to watch your video on it I gotta say I was sitting there thinking it was bad twist and everyone was right, because I missed everything for all the reasons above. None of it occurred to me at the end of the movie. I sat there and re-watched the scene where whats his face looks at the scorpion in the bottle 6 times trying to figure out what I was supposed to be getting from it, mostly because the scene had so many skips and cuts in it. That and when the camera is dropped to reveal the wrong faces.... the shot is so wide and overly dramatic I watched that three times and never once realized the faces were off in the photos. All I'm saying is the pay offs to the twists could be given room to actually breathe instead of assuming you've figured it all out now that you've seen a wedding photo.

  70. Random Commenter

    Random Commenter

    Måned siden

    Just because I know you watched it. Could you do invincible?

  71. Evaa Hallows

    Evaa Hallows

    Måned siden

    I gotta be honest here, I figured it out from the title, I just couldn't not see it as a criminal thing

  72. AnkokuEvangeline


    Måned siden

    2:32 First I heard a CR reference from Torchwood Boy, then pReview'd, now Cinema Wins. Is the wholesome side of NOnet really so small that we all watch the same things? Or has Critical Role really become SUCH a giant, despite the long hours it requires to consume? Either way, I love it.

  73. benn zhong

    benn zhong

    Måned siden

    its weird still seeing tim olyphant with hair after 47.😂😂

  74. le stabby

    le stabby

    2 måneder siden

    how have i not heard of this movie before??? i really wished i listened to your advise 😢😢

  75. Rhyana Shah

    Rhyana Shah

    2 måneder siden

    I haven’t watched this yet so I’m not going to watch the video but I also hope commenting boosts the ego of the youtube gods!

  76. Benjamin Rader

    Benjamin Rader

    2 måneder siden

    The “werewolf” mother is also the mother in iron man three

  77. Talon Saloga

    Talon Saloga

    2 måneder siden

    Is it just me or when you heard "APERFECTGETAWAY" did you immediately jump to the crime definition?

  78. steven sumner

    steven sumner

    2 måneder siden

    Thank you sir. Started watching this and cut out at 40 seconds and went and watched the whole movie and then came back and watched this. Great movie.

  79. SegulMan


    2 måneder siden

    When are you gonna do the Snydercut?

  80. Dark emerald Elite

    Dark emerald Elite

    2 måneder siden

    You guys should do home front

  81. Larry Johnson

    Larry Johnson

    2 måneder siden

    The slow zooming down and over use of fade edits was a bit dramatic. But beautiful well done twist story and I agree it all makes sense. I was angry as well that I “liked” the two killers and felt cheated for that. But it has to be done :) thanks for the great videos

  82. Petrios 78

    Petrios 78

    2 måneder siden

    Big fan. I know its dark but its so funny.... "In Bruges?!" Please

  83. Soul Ryder

    Soul Ryder

    2 måneder siden

    Please do Rango next please

  84. cheesycrust


    2 måneder siden

    Can you do Everything Great About Trolls world tour?

  85. Why We Watch

    Why We Watch

    2 måneder siden

    Please do Rockys & Creeds, and Rambos. I just binged the former this week, and it was a wild ride

  86. Bibbus 06

    Bibbus 06

    2 måneder siden

    The dad from diary of a wimpy kid is a murderer now?

  87. Annie Burke

    Annie Burke

    2 måneder siden

    Can you do everything great about Into the Wild?

  88. Jacob Anarchy

    Jacob Anarchy

    2 måneder siden

    Snyder Cut!!!

  89. Bartulbert 420

    Bartulbert 420

    2 måneder siden

    Brooo, I didn't expect the reference of...... (Incert INVINCIBLE Title Card Here)

  90. IncrediStudios LLC

    IncrediStudios LLC

    2 måneder siden

    Day 1 of asking for the EGA TOY STORY video

  91. Sophie Calderón

    Sophie Calderón

    2 måneder siden

    Please review the chronicles of narnia prince caspian! I just saw the cinemasins review and while I agreed with some of their points, I thought others were taken out of context or I just didn’t agree with them. I’d love to hear your take on it

  92. I Am Butter

    I Am Butter

    2 måneder siden

    Can we get a Everything Great About Timothy Olyphant?

  93. Dylan Shephard

    Dylan Shephard

    2 måneder siden

    Will you ever do a demon slayer video?

  94. Lil Nightwing

    Lil Nightwing

    2 måneder siden

    *Clicked video*- 'Watch the movie first" *Hmmmm tempting but nah*- 'Seriously, watch the movie' Alright, you've convinced me *Watches movie* THANK THE LORD I LISTENED, THIS IS AMAZING!!! Good lord am I happy I didn't spoil this movie. Thankyou CinemaWins!!

  95. Jomomicbumsmell


    2 måneder siden

    Imma keep asking every video you post till I get my film reviewed lol, Iron Giant, it’s my favorite animated movie (from my childhood) can’t match up to Spider-Man into the spider-verse I gotta say

  96. Rorschach 137

    Rorschach 137

    2 måneder siden

    Can u please do Bubble Boy with Jake gyllenhaal And also kung pow: enter the fist?

  97. ThatRageKidd YT

    ThatRageKidd YT

    2 måneder siden

    Please do Demon Slayer Mugen Train when you can it was an amazing movie and I think you’ll really enjoy it

  98. ThaKiller OfDeath

    ThaKiller OfDeath

    2 måneder siden

    So its been 8 month Cinemawins that we got Pirates of the Caribbean 1 where is the rest of them?

  99. MasterMode


    2 måneder siden

    Win Rango

  100. chris


    2 måneder siden

    Just finished watch this and was like damn didn't see that coming