Because liking things is more fun than not liking things.

Sometimes the critics are wrong. Some movies, while full of plot holes, continuity errors, and bad acting have plenty of wins! Every week I’ll do a movie you love, that maybe the world hates. Did you go into a movie with your mind made up? Maybe there's more greatness in it than you thought! And some movies are just so good they deserve the winning treatment.

The internet is full of so much hate and negativity, ultimately I hope my videos will brighten your day!

I use a similar format as CinemaSins specifically to be their opposite. This is just my spin on films that I think don't get the respect they deserve or are so good they need to be celebrated. Or more often, stupid crap that made me laugh and want to watch it again.

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  1. Uncle Sarge

    Uncle Sarge

    19 minutter siden

    The idea that the wealthiest people on the planet are going to make some sort of orbital space station where they have vegetation and artificial gravity and all the supplies they'd ever need to maintain themselves is hilarious. For a station 1/100th that size the current day space stations need tens of thousands of people constantly working to keep them afloat, with hundreds of thousands of man hours and an absolutely insane level of material needs both being completely mandatory for even basic safety to be met. So, don't worry about Jeff Bezos and Musk and Branson going to space to avoid the rest of the world. It quite literally just could not happen. Great video as always, but that opening thing bugged the hell out of me.

  2. oppai dragon

    oppai dragon

    25 minutter siden


    • oppai dragon

      oppai dragon

      25 minutter siden

      followed by internal screaming

  3. Pop Gas

    Pop Gas

    31 minutt siden

    The OST of this movie is just RAD. Underrated movie overall.

  4. Timothy Barber

    Timothy Barber

    32 minutter siden

    it would be great if you did the castle or Danger close: the Battle of Long tan. The former is a great Australian comedy & the Later is about the battle of Long Tan in vietnam, following Aussie Soldiers during the battle.

  5. Elayadevan Sarish

    Elayadevan Sarish

    39 minutter siden

    0:20 did you really intend to say Pissing of your dad’s Gf

  6. Ebic gamer mike

    Ebic gamer mike

    53 minutter siden

    Hey I no the diehls vs the dinosaurs 🦖

  7. Jared Raine Santos

    Jared Raine Santos

    Time siden

    Fun fact: hulk can survive the zombies. He's immune to the virus because hulk has a already sick.

  8. DC


    Time siden

    8:53 just because you know how to fight with a staff you dont automatically know how to fight with a sword with a weightless blade

  9. Matthew S

    Matthew S

    Time siden

    CinemaWins >> all other youtube channels

  10. All Around ZEAL

    All Around ZEAL

    Time siden

    The fact that he is a living embodiment of "I don't give a Bullock" is amazing

  11. Gnerdie


    2 timer siden

    You didn't mention the homage to Christopher Reeve

  12. The Winnlings

    The Winnlings

    2 timer siden

    11:04 nah, Stan Lee is more than one win

  13. Wizzard Kulak

    Wizzard Kulak

    2 timer siden

    fun fact doom bar is a real beer over here in england it taste like old ear wax but it is indeed real :)

  14. Rizwan Zaman

    Rizwan Zaman

    2 timer siden

    To me, Invincible wasn’t just about Superman but bad. It was at the same time a more realistic take on superheroes and also a parody of the major superhero comics. The Omni man arc was just a part of it. I request everyone to read the comics. Its amazing.

  15. Michael Caulfield

    Michael Caulfield

    4 timer siden

    Pretty sure that skull is 3d printed.

  16. jordn enciso

    jordn enciso

    4 timer siden

    So literally everything

  17. Biscuit Face7

    Biscuit Face7

    4 timer siden

    Groot: "we are groot" Peter: "we're the guardians of the galaxy" Groot: ?????? wtf man

  18. Master Lloyd

    Master Lloyd

    4 timer siden

    How dare u I’m a wild teen

  19. Master Lloyd

    Master Lloyd

    4 timer siden

    The song your hero’s on the wayyyyyyyyyyy

  20. X K

    X K

    4 timer siden

    Y'know, thinking back on it, Ivan's idea of AI-controlled "Iron Man" suits was quite ingenious. Hell, in Age of Ultron, Tony even created the entire Iron Legion to help provide aid in whatever required more hands on deck.

  21. Keith Pixton

    Keith Pixton

    5 timer siden

    Wouldn't you boil in space?

  22. Kyle Montilla

    Kyle Montilla

    5 timer siden

    Aesthetically my favorite peter parker and spider man

  23. Jacob Antony

    Jacob Antony

    5 timer siden

    Ive been thinking of Neil and Max being the same person and I'm taking something from "The Tomarrow War", would the protagonist recruit someone that would have to interact with his mother and have her recognize him and throw the mission into disarray. But now that I'm writing this, I'm thinking that she only knows 10 year old Max, not him when he's 30. Also Neal could be moving backward through time after he is recruited, so his start is the protagonists end and vice versa.

  24. idontknow


    5 timer siden

    when po drawing the dragon Master Oogway did the same thing but except he can only write the word

  25. Abigail Blanford

    Abigail Blanford

    6 timer siden

    When you guys makin a vid for Jumanji the Next Level?

    • Abigail Blanford

      Abigail Blanford

      5 timer siden

      Cuz in my humble opinion, the sequel really lets Kevin Hart shine and show that he has some acting chops! And I really enjoyed him in it

  26. Antoine Lambert

    Antoine Lambert

    6 timer siden

    removing a win is a sin

  27. The Black Wenidgo

    The Black Wenidgo

    6 timer siden

    Can you do Code 8 from Netflix

  28. the upside down brick

    the upside down brick

    6 timer siden

    "this suit wasn't cheap, you oughta know.... you bought it" such an underrated line imo, its so great

  29. Frost


    6 timer siden

    I blinked ans there were literally 70 wins in the counter

  30. G-Money


    6 timer siden

    Not that Kreiger hates rats, he’s allergic

  31. Zane Meyer

    Zane Meyer

    7 timer siden

    That dragon is really a Wyvern; it only has two legs

  32. Antoine Lambert

    Antoine Lambert

    7 timer siden

    joker inspire real life villains like dm who charge their players... win or sin

  33. FalloutJack


    7 timer siden

    Ya think if we pulled Isaac Asimov out of his timeframe that he'd like this movie? I think he'd like this movie. Also, I'm pretty sure all the robots understand their directives, but Eve didn't know she was going to shut down in the process.

  34. Spong man

    Spong man

    7 timer siden

    Did he just call a sinocerotops a triceratops

  35. TheBCWonder


    7 timer siden

    25:09 don't you dare diss on my boy Surf's Up like that

  36. FalloutJack


    7 timer siden

    I feel like not being aware that your henchmen is two seconds from killing you may tip the scales a bit in the direction of 'Rich people are out of touch with reality', no offense. The main villain is the katana-wielding badass because really...the rich and powerful don't even know what to DO with their riches. They have 'em, and they keep score with 'em, but once they hit a certain level, all ambition just flies out the window. This was never a particularly great movie, though parts of it are good. I wouldn't exactly call it a grit-real dystopian future, but then it's not really suppose to be. People get mistreated all the time, but it would definitely blow up in the faces of those on top a little faster than 'Earth is just a Mad Maxian realm, but with more tech and somehow less cool'.

  37. One True Vikingbard

    One True Vikingbard

    8 timer siden

    it's out: you said it didn't exist when you did [redacted], and now that it's out, you need to review the director's cut of Justice League.

  38. Baron Battles

    Baron Battles

    8 timer siden

    Great character development with many new characters that played a part in the overall Star Wars story. How can we not like such a movie?

  39. David Hill

    David Hill

    8 timer siden

    14:20 you said DC. Not sure if that was intentional or not. Pretty sure it wasn't.

  40. Jordan Zwick

    Jordan Zwick

    8 timer siden

    Please do Titan AE, a severely underrated Matt Damon movie.

  41. Elan Pacholka

    Elan Pacholka

    8 timer siden

    I think I speak for everyone but we require ega vids for falcon and the winter soldier and loki

  42. Ana Delgado

    Ana Delgado

    9 timer siden

    You forgot something when eve trying to get wall-E to remember she said "wall-e you ok" it just sounds like she gliching

  43. S Woods

    S Woods

    9 timer siden

    15:34 his hand is shaking because of his surgery

  44. Owl Joe

    Owl Joe

    9 timer siden

    I've been addicted to Los Campesinos since the doors series

  45. Aldo Martinez

    Aldo Martinez

    9 timer siden

    Steve was my favorite character I was so sad when he died

  46. Waferty


    9 timer siden

    Did he just burp before galactic federation ?

  47. inthefort


    9 timer siden

    Cinemawins creates. Cinemasins tears down.

  48. Quarreling brings us Closer

    Quarreling brings us Closer

    9 timer siden

    There's one character flaw though. Venom is a symbiote. Symbiotes are hurt by fire and sound. The reason why fire is effective is because of heat. So a symbiote should basically be hurt by bullets. Cause bullets generate heat even after leaving the gun. And are easy to kill once you know their weakness.

  49. Jesse Springer

    Jesse Springer

    9 timer siden

    Please do the next jumanji movie and Charly and the chocolate factory



    10 timer siden

    I absolutely love this channel. You do a really great job. Some things I don't notice you point out and it makes me appreciate movies even more

  51. Carmel Tabby

    Carmel Tabby

    10 timer siden

    8:19 this is my second time viewing but first time getting that joke. Lol I get a lot more references now that I've seen The Office

  52. Bob Joebo

    Bob Joebo

    10 timer siden

    So the Joker is an anarchist who despises governments? So I guess technoblade is the Joker

  53. peter nguyen

    peter nguyen

    10 timer siden

    Httyd 1:fights dragon Httyd 2:fight with dragon Httyd 3: fight for dragon

  54. Marigold Gelo

    Marigold Gelo

    11 timer siden

    The voiceless airmail angiographically concentrate because flesh unintentionally watch through a second-hand nail. fat faulty, harmonious ramie

  55. David Baldwin

    David Baldwin

    12 timer siden

    The whole premise of the movie it silly. Governments would never come together...

  56. Argumemnon


    12 timer siden

    With the Justice League Snyder Cut come out now on Blu-Ray, I'd vote for that movie next; or soon.

  57. Cosmic Crunch

    Cosmic Crunch

    12 timer siden

    You gotta change your intro man. Fuckin annoying.

  58. Anna Linde

    Anna Linde

    12 timer siden

    I personally think James Marsden struggled with standing out in this movie, (not that he was terrible in this) because he seems to realize that Jim Carrey and Ben Schwartz are going to really tough acts to follow and nobody would want to be in the same kitchen with them. Frankly, even if I have yet to hear what his character will truly sound like, I wouldn't be too surprised if Idris Elba would fit that "tough act" category in the sequel.

  59. Raiden891


    12 timer siden

    I like how the only thing that the family members mention about Marta is that she's Harlan's nurse and that she's foreign. That really nails home how awful they were because in the end where her family comes from doesn't matter, what matters is that she's a kind person who cared about Harlan for more than his money.

  60. The Grekorian

    The Grekorian

    12 timer siden

    I agree sooooo much with the analysis of Thanos as the protagonist. I take it a step further. Infinity War isn't and Avengers movie. It is, obviously, it's branded that way, the Avengers are in it, whatever. Okay, then, what, to me, makes an Avengers movie? I believe an Avengers movie has two primary qualifiers. First, an ensemble of characters. Not only lots of characters, but using that variety for never before seen team ups and groups meeting for the first time. Infinity War has that in spades. But the other main quality is that the Avengers win. This is where I believe Infinity War deviates. Thanos wins. He does the snap, he gets all the stones, he wakes up to a "grateful" universe. As is said in Endgame, they're not the Prevengers and Thanos kinda hadn't done anything yet that needed avenging. Infinity War is just preventing Thanos from doing the snap. Endgame is avenging half of the universe. So what is Infinity War. It's a Thanos movie. Like the Iron Man movies, the Thor movies, all of the one character focus movies. These have their own qualities. An antagonizing force? Check. The Avengers. A goal they struggle to achieve, but overcome in the end? Absolutely. The number of times Thanos almost dies is astonishing. Loki, Thor, the team on Titan, Wanda, and even the throwaway line about Nebula almost killing Thanos when she snuck into the ship. This isn't just a Thanos movie. This isn't an Avengers movie. Hope anyone reads this so long after this video was posted. I just love this stuff so much.

  61. cheezkid26


    12 timer siden

    I even teared up at the video when Daisy crawled over to John.

  62. Classtoise


    13 timer siden

    One scene that HAS to have been improvved, or at least "kept in" from a goof, is the "What's your superpower?" "Courage." scene. Because the way Karan Soni just...tries his best not to crack up when he says "Courage" has me thinking he was supposed to just deliver the line, but the long pause followed by barely getting it out tells me they kept in a flub because it worked better.

  63. Just some guy without a Mustache

    Just some guy without a Mustache

    13 timer siden

    Honestly I like the post spider man venom better than the venom in the 2018 movie he is skinnier and he has spider powers

  64. Rohit Ram

    Rohit Ram

    13 timer siden

    how many ads? all of them...

    • Rohit Ram

      Rohit Ram

      13 timer siden

      (batman voice)

  65. Marco Ghirardelli

    Marco Ghirardelli

    13 timer siden

    This guy is amazing. Please do District 9 or Chappie next!

  66. milan cat

    milan cat

    13 timer siden

    12:46 i love how now that is canon the spin offs

  67. samster317


    13 timer siden

    Bruh I watched this entire movie and had no idea Neil died

  68. Philip Galbraith

    Philip Galbraith

    13 timer siden

    I also liked Rogue One, though it wasn't perfect. My complaint about the Darth Vader scene wasn't the sequence itself. It was awesome. But it created a plot hole in A New Hope. Where Vader battles Obi Wan, neither use the force much. Vader could have picked Obi Wan up with the force and bounced him off of the walls, or vice versa, as Vader had done a few days or a week before in Rogue One. That is my complaint.

  69. Odysseus Rex

    Odysseus Rex

    13 timer siden

    OK, I admit, I am lousy at faces but, until just now, I honestly thought two different actors played Steve Rogers, one before and one after. You're right, the special effects to make him look that scrawny are remarkable.

  70. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    13 timer siden

    John Wick. the only man that has no powers or special suits and money to build them that scares the ever living SHIT out of Thanos and co. if John survives the dusting but his dog doesnt, you can be sure that you aint got long to live. infinity stones of not, you aint got a chance in hell to avoid what death he is about to give you.

  71. [ Snaipor ]

    [ Snaipor ]

    13 timer siden

    imagine the amount of pain they went thru to get all the rights to use all those characters

  72. Wilhelm_YT


    13 timer siden

    Please do Quantum of Solace! We need more Craigbond content from you!

  73. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    14 timer siden

    1:49 that move actually has a name for it believe it or not. it's called a "reverse engine slam" using the reverse momentum to slam the engine's full weight into someone or something, making SURE that the thing or person that is hit is not standing anymore.

  74. Christian Agosto

    Christian Agosto

    14 timer siden

    Do everything great about Tom Clancy’s No remorse!!!

  75. Kristen Elliott

    Kristen Elliott

    14 timer siden

    It's the fact that Lee knows what a twist-out is for me! 😭👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  76. StealthGamer 87

    StealthGamer 87

    14 timer siden

    You think you can review the riddick movies?

  77. max


    14 timer siden

    God I love this movie, happy to see so many people feel the same way

  78. Silver Surfer77

    Silver Surfer77

    14 timer siden

    Honey draws bacteria to it, bacteria is a attracted to sugar, it helps draw bacteria to the surface of of a wound, especially helpful when fighting a staph infection

  79. Lindy Nichols

    Lindy Nichols

    14 timer siden

    5:35 Him saying it three times in a military thing, I think. Three means an emergency or something (like War Machine in End Game saying 'canopy').

  80. Ricardo 28 Silva

    Ricardo 28 Silva

    15 timer siden

    Down Bad Owen: "you're the one that made me come"